Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Etcetera, etcetera...

Canucks won! Wooo! So worth watching that instead of starting on my hw...

Speaking of hw, I still have that project thing due tomorrow. And yet, I haven't really started it yet. I think it's because I have tons of time to do it. In my mind, at least. It's not due 'til 1pm tomorrow, meaning I have roughly 12 hours to do it and catch the bus. Wait, incl. snow, perhaps 11 hours. I don't see this taking more than 6.

You know it's bad when you automatically assume you'll pull an allnighter, especially for something in which you wouldn't have to.

If that makes any sense at all...

Anyways, yesterday's bane of homework was my blogging, so I'm gonna lay off of it for now. Instead, I shall go watch some anime. Hopefully I'll get bored soon and start doing homework then.

Until next time, I guess...


[edit 2:30am - I've just spent the past 2.5 hours trying to fix my freakin' computer. Stupid thing broke on me, had to reinstall windows to get it running. Okay, well I didn't spend all that time on the comp, I decided to watch tv while the thing was setting up, unbeknowingst to me that I had to type in things to keep it going, so it took at least twice as long as it should've.

And now I'm tired as hell, I've got a headache, and I'm pissed off. And now I'm gonna go do my project. No more jerking around, I gotta get it done. As in, now.]

[edit 4:15am - I'm flippin' screwed...I think my sloth has caught up with me, 'cause I know the mark for this project is NOT gonna be pretty. Which makes me feel bad 'cause of my partner, but whatever, I'm doing most of the work anyways...and now I'm hungry. I'm gonna take a break, even though I probably don't deserve one.]

[edit 5am - It's times like these when I wish I was in arts. Stupid artsy people, with their ability to hand things in a week late and still get marks...if I hand in my corporate report at 1:05pm, I'd get a big fat ZERO. I'm scared. More tired, but still frightened nonetheless. I just can't wait 'til this day/night/whatever's over. Oh, and yes I know I'm wasting time by blogging, but this is the only thing that's keeping me sane, calming me down. If I don't blog, I'm afraid I'll just freak out and start chucking the computer monitor across the room, or something similarly unproductive and destructive. Crap, I'm starting to ramble...]

[edit 5:30am - Now I'm just fruckin' pissed. The small part that she had to do, she did it wrong! That's just horrible...pisses me off. And to top it all off, my internet starts to be on the fritz, making me shut down everything and reboot. And, I think most of all, I'm pissed at myself that it took me this long to start, 'cause in the 2 solid hrs of work that I put into it, I've done relatively quite a bit, especially considering that I'm literally nodding off right now. If I started, say, yesterday, I would've gotten so much done instead of practically nothing, and the stuff I would've gotten done would be leagues better than the pile of crap that I'm flinging right now. But that's enough rantage at the moment.]

[edit 8:30am - Yup. At about 6, I went "screw this, I'm taking a nap." And then I took a nap. I now have about 3 hrs to finish off my project. Talk about pressure. I don't think I can handle. Man, I'm tired still...perhaps I shall go have a shower to wake myself up...]

[edit 10am - Wow. I just wrote 2 pages in like less than an hour. I could've been done this AGES ago. Stupid me and my waiting until there's a deadline bearing down my throat...oh well, I still have 2 more pages to go, with only an hour and a half left to finish it. Meaning, I still gotta get cracking!]

[edit 11:20am - Sweet apples, I'm nearly done. It's surprising how incredibly awake I feel at the moment. That nap was the smartest thing I did all day. Night. Whatever. The point is, I'm practically finished, and I don't have to leave my house 'til noon. Meaning, I gots me tons of time to finish my final paragraph. Hence, my relaxations through blogging. I mean, holy crap, I think I actually pulled a decent mark outta the pile of steaming horse manure that I started with earlier. Decent, meaning at least 70%. Good enough for my 5% thing. Only problem I have now is that I can't get a hold of Jessica, 'cause I don't know her student number. OH WAIT, I think I might have it in another assignment, whoops...this lapse of memory makes me weary. No more blogging, must finish corporate report. So, in lieu of the fact that I won't blog anymore, YEAH I'M FINISHED!!! WOOO, AND SUCH!!! Heheh...]


I was going to do homework. Well, more of a project. Actually, more of a GROUP project. That I'm the putter-together-and-hand-it-in person. So, if I don't finish it, my partner's screwed, and that'll make me feel bad. Sure, it's not due tomorrow, but I feel I should at least start my long and arduous process instead of leaving it 'til the last minute, as usual. But...

Yeah, it's 2:15am, and I practically had all day to do my work. Again, I could very well be king of procrastination, taking the title away from Gautam. Anyways, instead of going home and starting my work, I did that whole shopping thing, and when I got home, I decided to play some CivIV while listening to my new cd (AWESOMENESS), pretty much 'til 8. Then, I had dinner. Then, house was almost on, so I HAD to watch that. And that was at 9. After watching that, I seemed to be sucked into sportsnet news and watched that for nearly half an hour. Then I had a shower. Then I went online, surfed around, blogged my last post, etc. Then I was going to work.

But then I started talking on MSN. Basically, to Reuben. It was a rather interesting and involving discussion about various subjects. Like RFR. And other stuff. But yeah, I had not realized that I had talked for nearly 2 whole hours. Oh well, well worth doing that instead of work. Work = not good. Friends = good. Yup.

And technically I shouldn't be wasting my time here at quarter past 2, especially since I'm waking up in about five hours to catch an earlier bus. Or perhaps I should just stay up all night. It's not like I have...wait, tomorrow's my long class day, I need to be at least semi-alert. Nuts, bedtime at 3am for me tonight.

I really don't feel like doing work right now. So, I shall blog about something I failed to mention earlier. About snow. And the lack thereof in Richmond.

So...why is Richmond never covered in snow as often as Vancouver?! That's not fair...all that means is that richmond roads are even slower to plow 'cause they have to do it less often than in Vancouver. And I don't care about any geographical reasons, I just care about the fact that after leaving the winter wonderland that was UBC and coming back to Richmond, it's like suddenly the ice age had lifted. But in a bad way. My whole "it's the holidays!" mood was beginning to be lost, which is probably why I felt all giddy when I heard christmas/hanukka music at HMV and thus bought the cd. But yeah. If it snows in Vancouver, it should snow in Richmond. Only fair.

Hmmm...still don't feel like doing work. Therefore...

Oh man, I was gonna rant some more, but then I looked over at this stack of dvd's on top of my computer, and I realized that there's a ton of things I could be watching. For example, the Red Vs. Blue dvd's I got from Mohsin. Or the Outlaw Star anime I borrowed from UBC....

That's weird. I saw them, and I wanted to watch, but then I wrote about it, and now I don't feel like watching. And suddenly I'm incredibly tired. Perhaps I should go to bed now instead of doing homework. But first...

Sometimes I feel like I'm making an ass of myself in front of girls I find attractive. Or, if not in front of, in some sort of communicative medium. It's rather unintentional, of course, but it's still rather cringe-inducing, in the embarassing kinda way. Oh well.

And now for some of my personal dating/relational philosophy...

If you find yourself attracted to someone, but then you realize that you're unable to be yourself around them, i.e. get all unconfortable and akward etc, then here's what you do: convince yourself that they're not interested in you. If you think you have no chance with this person, you'll go "oh well" and move on, and therefore you'll start being yourself around said person. "Move on" meaning getting on with the conversation, not meaning you stop liking her.

Also, whatever you do, DON'T FIGHT YOUR FEELINGS. If you keep telling yourself that you're not attracted to someone, when in fact you actually are, then the next time you see them you'll fall HARD. And that's quite annoying. If you admit that you're going to be attracted to this person, then when you see them, you're not taken by surprise when you do find them attractive. And therefore, have a better chance of being yourself around her, etc etc.

Now, when would be the most opportune time to act on these feelings, you might ask? Well, I say it's best to wait until you see an inkling of interest, a glimmer of hope, from the object of your desire before any moves are made. This could be done in the form of joking around, which could lead into some slightly "oooh, I could like you" sarcastic kinda situations, in which you would then go "ohhh, well what does THAT mean, hmmm?" Then, going off of her reaction, act accordingly. Although, as good as this theory is, I find that in practice there are many pitfalls. For example, if the girl is hard to read, and/or if you're not a good reader, then this won't work. In that case, do whatever the heck you wanna do. I tend to revert back into a "she doesn't like me" mindset, as stated previously.

And one last thing. It's much easier to judge their feelings for you the more you associate with the person. As obvious as this sounds, it's much harder in practice. For example, if the main form of communication is through msn, or even worse blogs, then it's practically impossible to gauge a proper reading. So, if at all possible, hang out with this person. It'll only raise your chances of something more. Or, at the very least, you'll eventually find out if they're really not interested, or find out that you were never really all that interested to begin with.

Now, if any of the above sounds familiar, it's because I'm talking about YOU. Yes, YOU are who I desire. Unless you're a guy. Or family. Or really young. Or really old. Or have a boyfriend. Or are a drinky/smokey party girl. Or have a personality that I find repugnant. Then, you're not who I desire. You know, just to cover my bases, heheh...

And wow, it's 3am already. That's kinda annoying. I've procrastinated for a good 3-4 hours in front of the comp. That's dangerous. Now, I'm only gonna have 4 hrs of sleep (+bus, +nap in school if I am so inclined), and I'm gonna have to pull an allnighter for my project tomorrow. I hope Jessica doesn't mind that I didn't do anything yet...But, I will definately do it; I HAVE to.

But not tonight. I'm tired tonight. I'll be tired tomorrow night too, but tomorrow I have class, so I need sleep now more than tomorrow night. Thursday, I don't have to go to class (review session), so in theory I can do my work 'til around 11am, and that should be more than enough time to finish off the project and hand it in (by 1pm).

And that's enough rambly nonesense for tonight.

Until next time, I guess...

--> As told through the mind of the master procrastor. Nator. Procrastinator. Nuts...

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


So, I got my mom to buy me boots today. Woo! They're quite awesome.

Funny thing is, there's absolutely no place in richmond centre that has normal, plain, black boots! No place, except for payless! Therefore, not only did I get the pair of boots I wanted, but I also got it for cheap! Super awesome.

Also, before I got the boots, my mom went into HMV and ended up buying an american idol best/worst/bonus dvd thing ('cause she's obsessed with Carrie Underwood). Now, at HMV, I heard this christmas cd thing playing in the background. In fact, I found that it was quite nice sounding. Then, after some closer inspection, I realized that it was the Barenaked Ladies singing those songs. So I was all, "Holy crap, BNL has a christmas cd?? That's awesome!" And, seeing that I was in a holidays-are-here type of mood because of the snow, I once again made an impulsive purchase and bought that cd, finally using my HMV gift certificate I got on my birthday. Heheheh...

And let me tell you, that is an AWESOME cd! I'm quite fond of the "Do they know it's christmas" feed-the-world song cover, as well as the Elf's lament song with Michael Búble, and (surprisingly enough) I'm finding that their best song is about Hannukka... Hanukka... Hann... however you spell it. Best cd I bought in a while. Well, since my last cd purchase. Which was the BNL Everything to Everyone CD. Which was also incredibly incredibly awesome.


Oh, and as per the comments in my last post, yeah dredging through the snow at UBC is quite annoying, especially since the pathways to the busses are filled with 6 inch puddles. Or, at least it seems that deep. Hence, my purchasing of boots. Still pretty to look at though...

Wooo, snow and such, in November!!! So much for global warming and the like.

Until next time, I guess...

Wow, pretty...

UBC is beautiful in the snow...

It's really coming down now too...pretty....

As the computer was starting up, I was staring outside from the lab window, and I did what I've always done since I was a child: look up. And no, it's not 'cause I'm short, it's cause I just love looking up to the sky when it's snowing. It's just so peaceful and beautiful and wonderfully serene. Makes me think of happy times.

That, and if you stare long enough, you start to feel like you're in an elevator. Hehehe...

I love the snow...

However, there are some consessions that I need to make in order to fully enjoy this snow without any drawbacks:

1) Shoes! I needs me some non-soakable shoes, or more preferably boots, so that my feet don't freeze in the snow. These sneakers just aren't cutting it. Especially in UBC, where NOTHING is cleared, and I had to dredge my way through piles of slush. Not pleasant.

2) Gloves! Man, my hands were freakin' cold! Funny thing was, when I went to Old Navy, I was originally going to buy me a pair, but then decided on the l.s.-shirt/sweaters instead, thinking that it'll still be alright in November. Boy, was I wrong; it's cold!

3) Pants! Or, to be more specific, some sort of warming agent for my legs. Because right now, alls I got to wear are baggy khakis and blue jeans, both of which are not great at keeping in the warmth. Plus, I ain'ts got me any long underwears, so I could probably go that route as well.

4) Toque! I needs some head warmth! Sure, I got my big ski jacket on, and it does have a nice hood, but it isn't terribly warming. And I like toques. I haven't worn a proper toque since gr. 10 ski trip. Well, if you don't count that toque-on-cap phase I had at BCIT. But that's another story...

And yeah, that seems to be it. Meaning....SHOPPING SPREE!!!

...if only I had the cash. Oh well, I'll try to mooch when I get home today. Shouldn't be too difficult, just tell my mom "my feet were soaked today! I was so cold! My toes were getting numb!" "Oh my goodness Justin, you can't be doing that every day!" "Yeah I know mom, I need to buy some waterproof boots..." "Yeah, go buy some right now! Goodness, my little boy's walking around in the snow getting his feet wet..." simple, in theory...

Oh, and another note - TAKE AN EARLIER BUS. I took the 9 o'clock bus, as usual. I had a 10 o'clock class. I got to school at 10:30. You do the math.

Although that was quite a nice little nap I had on the bus...coast mountain busses are so comfy...

Hehe, looked outside again...izzo pretty...

Until next time, I guess...

Monday, November 28, 2005

I Love Me The White Stuff

As stated above, I love me the white stuff.

And by white stuff, I mean SNOW!


And in November, no less. That is remarkably awesome.

Also, this reminds me of an old Gap commercial that I found to be quite entertaining. It kinda goes like this:

Jingle bells, ji-jingle bells...
Ji-jing, ji-jingl,

Or something like that. Kinda hard to put into words, but it was quite awesome. It was way back when I was in gr. 8, winter '97 I believe...quite the jingle. Heheh.


Oh man, and I remember another oldie! It was a motorolla commercial, came out around the same time, kinda went like this:


Or something to that effect...I remember enjoying that one quite a bit. Made me wanna buy a flip phone, heheheh.

Anyways, that's enough reminiscing, time for me to have a post-hapkido hot relaxing shower. Niiiiiiiice......

Until next time, I guess...


My dad has to be the most tactless person in the world.

This morning, while eating my breakfast, he walks into the kitchen...

"Hey Justin, you're really gaining some weight now, aren't you? Maybe you SHOULD go to Hapkido tonight."


At least he's no longer all proud of his "husky boy"...I mean, jeez...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

More of the Same

Woke up fairly late today, although at least I finished off my online quiz early...

I was gonna watch the grey cup game, but since there's no Lions, my heart just wasn't in it, so I decided to play CivIV again. Until six. Then I went to watch the canucks. But lo and behold, the football game wasn't over yet. So I was torn. "Grey cup, hockey, grey cup, hockey...I'll stick with hockey."

***11 seconds later***

"And it's a goal by Colorado, 11 seconds in!!!"
"Crap, I guess it's football, heheh..."

So I finished watching the football game, flipping back to hockey now and again (until I realized that everytime I flipped back, Colorado scored again. Stupid road canucks...), but yeah, that was quite a Grey Cup finish. Highly entertaining, that last little bit.

So anyways, I finished watching another disappointing Canucks road game. Then, seeing that my sis needed the family comp, I decided play more CivIV. Except my sister's comp was running incredibly slow again. So as my comp restarted, I had a shower. And now I'm blogging.

Holy crap this post is boring. I guess I blog how I feel then. Meaning: I'm bored.

I still have a bunch of little homeworks to finish up. I think I'll play some Civ.

Until next time, I guess...

Long, LONG, Fairly Useless Day

As stated above, it truly was a long and fairly useless day.

Morning was church, which was nice (played drums again up front). Except, I woke up at 10:45, when we were supposed to be at church (in vancouver) by 11. Not good, esp. since I was up front. So, naturally, I Mohsin'd it up and drove like a maniac, and we ended up getting there right in the nick of time, i.e. about 20 seconds before they were gonna start off w/ the first song. Sweetness.

Anyways, after that, we went to visit the new baby (my 2nd cousin, I believe), but it wasn't terribly exciting as the baby was just born a few days ago and therefore isn't doing much. But cute Kaely nonetheless. [Wow, name "Kaely" sure looks funny...pronounced "kaylee"].

By the time we got home, it was time for HNIC, but that quickly bored me (stupid toronto, boringness), therefore I played some CivIV. Until canucks played. Then I watched canucks. Stupid loosing game, canucks are way better than that. So, I then played more CivIV.

And now it's 3am. Well, closer to 3:30, actually. Which sucks, 'cause I was actually hoping to sleep relatively early tonight (as in, by midnight) so I could watch the Grey Cup, Canucks game, and still have time for hw. Oh well, I guess hw will have to wait once again.

It's a wonder how I get by in school at all.

Until next time, I guess...

Thursday, November 24, 2005

More HW??

I'm supposed to find an article, and do a summary speech on it (i.e. no cue cards or nothin') for about a minute and a half. This speech will be video taped, and played back to me, for my own learning experience.

I should probably do all this before tomorrow, the day of the speech. But, you know, why....

Besides, I usually wing 'em anyways, and end up fairly good, and it's worth roughly 3% of a 1 credit class, so it's not too meaningful. Plus, I gots a whole hour and a half tomorrow to figure something out. And, if all else fails, I'll just bullcrap my way through the minute and a half. Strange thing is, bullcrapping is encouraged in this communications course, just as long as you're speaking properly (as oral presentation is the point of the class).

So, the point of all this, I'm going to bed.


But not quite yet, I don't think.

I feel like I have a need to rant, but I seem to have a lack of rantage...

Therefore, lets do some brainstorming. Norming. Performing. Theatre. Phantom. Spirit. Mana. RPG. Fantasy. Sword. Cleaver. Beaver. 50's. White picket fences...

Gah, I might as well rant about what I usually rant about, the (lack of) women in my life. As I think about it, it doesn't seem like a GF is in the cards for me at the moment. Even if the opportunity presented itself, I fear that my ability of being a good bf are quite lacking. But that's neither here nor there, for I still need to have a gf to begin with. This stunning lack of potentials that I've been mulling in has been quite annoying. There were a few beacons of light, but to me they were just false hopes.

For example. There are a few girls I know, who seem absolutely perfect for me, in every aspect I can muster. Be it beauty, brains, my ability to hold a conversation w/ them, religiosity, etc., they seem like a perfect match.

But that's the problem. They're perfect. I don't feel like I deserve perfection. Thus, I make excuses as to why I don't go for 'em, and/or always assume that such a perfect girl would never go for such an imperfect guy as myself.

I could elaborate some more, but that's just depressing, and nobody likes depression.

Hmmm...I actually kinda felt kinda depressed right now, but for no particular reason. I mean, canucks won, I had a good dinner, I played CivIV, I'm skipping my homework, what's there to be depressed about? Besides all that "zero potentials" stuff, the only concrete thing I can think of is the fact that I'm rather tired. As in, I've only had less than 3 hrs of sleep. I think I'm rather moody at the moment. And yet, I really don't wanna go to bed.

And hence my extended blogginess. <--is that even a word??


Heheh, perfect band for me to listen to right now: Dogwood. Punk band. A nice balance of depressing and uplifting. At the very least, it's got some energy to it. Heheh.

Anyways, I'm really grasping as straws right now. There's nothing to blog about. Therefore, I shall leave now.

Until next time, I guess...

[p.s. - WTH??? What a load of nonsense. I just reread everything I wrote, and it's pretty much utter crap. So, why bother posting utter crap, you might ask? Because this is how I felt at the moment. Therefore, I don't have a good reason. Oh well. I'm tired. Sleep now.]


There's a HUGE rainbow outside...a full-fledged, fully arching, double rainbow! It's quite nice...quite a view to look at while walking home in the liquid sunshine. And I do mean liquid sunshine, it's so sunny and wet...

Yeah. I impulsively bought a few long-sleeved shirts today at Old Navy in the mall, while waiting for the 404. They're nice, but did I need to spend the money? Probably not. Oh well. I felt like buying something, heheh...

Until next time, I guess...

Whoa, deja vu, deja vu, deja vu...

Heheh, well, today was another big "relaxing" day...

Reuben also commented in Shar's car about my procrastinatory ways, and the fact that I could perhaps be the king of such ways. I guess when I'm lazier than Gautam, that's really saying something. Heheh...

Well, the ironic thing is, I've got homework due tomorrow, and it's 12:36am, and I have had a week to start it but didn't.

Yeah, I said it. This is so totally ironic. IRONY. I am SO using it correctly.

Anyways, back to my homework...yeah, it really isn't all that terrible. Although, this week's homework IS longer, "but I'm being nice and giving you an extra day to hand it in." Great deal of good that did me, eh?

No matter. It's not like it's a month-long assignment. I honestly don't see myself staying up much later than 4am. Which is relatively pretty good. Besides, if I DO stay up that late, that's alright, 'cause it's usually about that time when the adrenaline kicks into overdrive and I'm the most focus and do my best work.

Which is why I'm not worried. And still blogging. :-)

Sooo...what's my homework about tonight, you might be wondering? Well, it's my COMM 290 class, "Quantitative Analysis" (or something of that sort), which is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Right now, we're doing a bunch of probability questions. It's not really terribly difficult, just long and arduous and annoying. Especially since half of these things need to use the comp. Oh well.

I seem to be using the phrase "oh well" quite a bit now. I guess it's just evidence to the fact that I just stopped caring. Honestly, I think I should take a year off and just do nothing but work, most preferrably in an office setting. I'd get an apartment, earn a cool $30k, spend all my free time hanging out, playing video games, cooking, and (most importantly) WORKING OUT. I swear, living at home makes me so "word for being lazy" --> sedentary. Or maybe that's just another of my many excuses for me not doing what I want me to do.

Nuts, I'm already into my lack of vocabulary stage of the night. Time to hit the books.

Until next time, I guess...

[edit, 2:46am - Well, first and formost, YES REUBEN THIS IS AN UPDATE! Better than starting up a game on my "break", heheh...but anyways, the point I wanted to make is this: the homework I'm doing now is rediculously easy, and I could've done the first part earlier today in about an hour. But I was lazy all day and didn't bother. Not that it really matters, I'm actually having a blast (relatively speaking). Just sitting back, doing some easy calculations, listening to the two best Jimmy Eat World songs (Sweetness and A Praise Chorus), things are good...and yes, I am a fan of Jimmy Eat World! Whoop-de-freakin'-do! I would've said something earlier, but I didn't wanna get into a big discussion, one in which I could never be so persuasive as to bring you guys into the JEWish light. Heheheh, funny acronym...but I digress. I better get back to finishing my easy-as-heck assignment, that I didn't even really start 'til about an hour ago.]

[edit, 5am - I'm finally finished. It was long, arduous, annoying, and rediculously easy. I could've easily done it in the many hours of "relaxing" that I've had over the past week. I mean, I was kinda tired and taking my time, and I still finished within a relatively short amount of time. I truly believe that I may be the king of slacking. You could even call me the Slaking. And yes, that's a name of a pokemon. Woop-woop-woop-woop (Reuben style!).

Yeah, I'm relatively estatic right now, however I do feel like I should go to bed and have a quick 3+ hr nap. Then, I'll get to school, hand in my assignment, go to class, hopefully not fall asleep again like I did on tuesday, sleep another couple of hours in the library (but not David Lam, 'cause that's WAY too noisy around lunchtime), and then start working on my other homeworks that are due. Like, for example, my Accounting homework that should really be a piece of cake. Or perhaps my OB feedback e-mails, also quite quick and easy. Or, perhaps more urgently, prepare my Summary speech for Friday, which I will be video taped, then I'd watch myself on this tape and get evaluated. I should at least prepare for that. However, this is all in theory. lol.]

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I was gonna post last night, but fell asleep.

It was more like "wooo, canucks won! Yeeeaaahhhhhhhh....zzzzzz...."

As it turned out, I didn't sleep in all that time, a good 36+ hrs (at least). Well, unless you count the 5 mins on the busride to school, or the 20mins that I fell asleep in class, or the 10 mins I fell asleep on the 480 home (which was right at the end, thus me missing my stop and going all the way to park, heheh...). But yeah, no sleep.

But I slept last night. Kinda strange, 'cause I got up at 6 on my own (a good 8 hr rest), but I was all "what the heck? I'm gonna go back to sleep...screw you biological clock!" So I went back to sleep and woke up about an hour ago.

Then I tinkered with my hockey pool a bit. Stupid Cole on DTD making me drop him when he played last night and got two assists...but whatever...

Anyways, I'm off to school. Just wanted to get this outta the way, heheh...

Until next time, I guess...

Monday, November 21, 2005

SCREWED!!! (sounds eerily familiar...)

Well, as I expected, I haven't gotten started on my assignment tonight, and it's already 11:30pm. The whole "last years is online" has lulled me into a false sense of security. I don't believe I'll be sleeping tonight...SUCKS.

You know what also sucks? Realizing that your friend wasn't really a friend at all. More like an acquaintance. As in, has another crowd to hang out with, doesn't talk much to me anymore. You know what sucks even worse? I believe I've done that to another. Now, I'm a bastard, it's true, if the things he did to me was what I did to you. I'm a bastard it's true...yeah, and I guess it's true. "Sucks to be you." I know, I know..."Sucks to be you." I know it's true...

Heheh, that's enough prozzak for one night...arrrrgh, esp. on a night like tonight...

I know I really gotta step it up and get started on my homework. And yet, I feel horribly unwilling to start on my homework. Even though I know that I need every single minute that I can to finish this incredibly long and arduous assignment. So, since I feel the need to blog, while knowing that I must do homework, I shall now try to kill two birds with one stone.

Considering that I finished roughly 4 (well,, 2.5) questions, and there are quite a few left, I'd say that at least 5 hours are needed to complete them all. Last years assignment already taken into consideration. Therefore, I should be done the questions by 5am. Now, this assignment also forces me to type up all of my work, so I'm assuming that that'll take at least another 2 hrs, therefore I should be done and printed by 7am. Thus leaving me with a good 45 mins of sleep. Hurrah.

Well, stupid's not midnight yet, thus I don't feel like I'm obligated to start for another 10 minutes. Therefore, time for another rant...

My goodness, whenever I'm at home I feel so completely unmotivated. I ended up watching tv when I got home. Well, not exactly true. I waited for about 15 mins for dinner to be ready, while in the meantime watching tv. Then, I continued to watch tv while eating. And you know, I just had to finish the show, even if it was 7th Heaven (my goodness Ruthie's a cutie now; still too young, but a cutie nonetheless).

At this point it was 9pm. And lo and behold, the freakin' episode of Smallville that I missed last thursday was on! I couldn't freakin' NOT watch this, I'd be WAY too distracted if I tried to study! So yeah, I watched that for an hour, although I realized that I much preferred downloading the new episodes, with no commercials, and the ability to ff/rew, and the lack of everyone around me talking loudly on irrelevant matters. But yeah, it was already 10pm by then.

So after that, I decided to go have a shower. 30 mins later, I finished cleaning up. Then, I wanted to go straight onto the comp, by Shaylene was using it for her own homework. So I decided to watch some more tv: a news item on internet pedophiles luring canadian girls since the legal age of consent is 14 in Canada. Now, that's just icky. Also, I don't believe that this was good for my "every girl is a Potential" mind of mine, 'cause I didn't need to know that it's legal to be with 14 yr olds. I seriously don't need to have the idea that it could potentially work out if I started liking a 14 year old. That's just not right. In a split second, I had a "I could date a 14 yr old, be a good bf for 4 years, then get married, and have kids, etc etc" fantasy, and then I felt incredibly dirty.

Also, it turns out that the norm around the world for legal age of consent is 16. I also agree with this norm, hence my "as long as they're 16, then it's okay to like." Honestly, there is a HUGE difference in maturity from 14 to 16. Emotional maturity is where it's at.

Now, just to clear something up, I still don't think it's right to have premarital sex. For a number of reasons. Number one, however, would probably be the fact that it'll take away from the joy of marriage. I want to have the most fulfilling marriage possible, with 2.5 kids running around, supportive wife that loves and cares etc...the whole white picket fence experience. The simple fact that people who have premarital sex are more likely to have an unfulfilling sex life in marriage, and thus reducing the joy of marriage, is enough to deter me from any random meanderings. In theory. I also believe that this is directly responsible for the rise in divorces. Anyone notice the exponential rise in divorce rates after the so-called sexual revolution??

Man, I think I could go on about this, but I do gotta get my freakin' work done....and holy crap, it's already 12:30. I'm a horrible time manager. I'm (here it comes) SCREWED!!!

Until next time, I guess...

[Edit, 4am - Well, I've been making some headway. Still gots tons ahead of me to do. Oh well. Anyways, I've just made a keen observation of myself: when I'm half asleep, nostalgia brings about a feeling of euphoria. I was kinda down while doing the assignment, so I started listening to old cartoon themes, especially the mellower ones like Teddy Ruxpin, and that perked me right up. Hehe.]

[Edit, 5:15am - SWEET NOOKIE!!! The questions aren't weighted the same, so that means the 3 questions I have left are shorter and should be finished relatively quickly! Yeah, I might actually be able to get some sleep! HURRAH!!! -->(perhaps I should've used a less sexually connotative word than "nookie" to express my elation...oh well)]

[Edit, 8am - Disregard previous statement. I'm still all scrambly, and I gotta leave in like an hour...SUCKS.]

[Edit, 8:30am - Holy crap, I just got some other peoples answers, and they're different...freakin' different...I'm time to change them now though...oh well, I'll get what I deserve I guess...]

[Edit, 8:45am - Well, I'm finished. And yes, the "more than one meaning" is intentional. I can't seem to be word gooding right now. I are not a english majoring.]

Holy Doodle!

My goodness, it turns out that last year's econ assignment's online, and that assignment's practically exactly the same! I mean, they're just about exactly the same questions, except the numbers are different.

Hurrah! I'm saved!!! SAVED!!!

Oh well...this realization has made me feel somewhat lethargic, especially here at school. It's not like I can print stuff out or whatever...I'm thinking I'll just go home soon.


The fog at UBC is quite a sight. It's also slightly creepy, especially in underlit areas, like the pathway between Main Library and Buchanan. But awesome nonetheless. Yeah, I know many others have blogged about the fog, but meh...


Hockey pool is going rather nicely. I ended up losing last week, but I brought myself up to a 4-5 loss, so I'm still 2nd in the pool. Recent transactions as of late are dropping Kobasew for Zednik (somebody dropped Zednik?? Heheh...), as well as dropping Erik Cole (whose DTD) for Justin Williams. This is actually kinda funny, since I already have Jason Williams in my pool. So, basically, I have two J. Williams in my pool, LOL.


I ended up watching two episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond in the CG Lounge in Angus while eating my lunch/dinner. I'm surprised how incredibly awesome that show it is, for I never really watched it all that much. First episode is where the wife gets a DUI and goes to jail because she took a nap in her car since she drank too much because of her mother in law and was waiting for Ray to pick her up. Quite hilarious, esp. when the mother in law came to the hearing to reinstate her license. Second episode even more funny, it was about a luggage that nobody wanted to move.

I haven't sufficiently captured the awesomeness of those episodes. Oh well.


Here I am, wasting my time once again, instead of doing some much-needed horribly long homework. Just 'cause I have last years, it doesn't mean it's gonna be a walk in the park. I seriously gotta get started on this. Therefore, time to go home!

Until next time, I guess...

Kinda Screwed (again)

Yeah, my assignment's a pain in the donkey.

My last econ assignment was 6 or 7 questions long, and it took me all freakin' night to do it.

My current econ assignment has 11 questions.

I did my best to answer last night, but man, I'm still screwed...

What makes it worse is that I'm still fairly sore from floor hockey, esp. my quads, esp. after walking up and down flights of stairs here at Angus. Definately no Hapkido for me tonight...

But oh well. I won't go home until I finish 90% of my assignment. Then, I get to go home and retype everything, and hopefully be able to get at least 4 hrs of sleep. That seems like quite a bit, actually.

Here's hoping for the best.

Now, I'm off to class...

Until next time, I guess...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

HOCKEY!!! etc.

Hockey was AWESOME. And I'm not just talking about the canucks.

I went to the floor hockey thing in Burnaby again, and this time, I brought Reuben along for the ride! Heheh, it was actually incredibly awesome, even if tons of people didn't make it. And I wasn't in net! Woo! At first, we were playing 3-on-3, with Me and Reuben and Larry on our team, against Eddie, James (?) and Sheena (?). And DANG that was some awesome hockey! I mean, I actually scored 2 goals! Not only that, 2 NICE goals! Hahaha! Then, some other people came, we went 4-on-4, and Reuben and I got split up. Then, I started to SUCK. At least, offensively. No more goals, heheh. But man, AWESOMENESS. Even if I was fairly winded most of the time, as well as the fact that I'm quite sore now, heheh...

Anyways, everyone should come for next next week! It shall be quite the riot!

On another note, Mark blogged about my old videogame posting a while back, and it got me to thinking...I completely forgot about mentioning the awesomeness of shareware games! One in particular, Raptor (an old Raiden-style shooter, that's like raiden, except you get money during a level, and after the level you could upgrade your plane. AWESOME, rpg elements niiice). I actually played this recently, i.e. w/in the past couple years, and lo and behold, it ended up being WAY too easy. Within an hour, I bought the ultimate weapon, and beat the last boss handily. Oh well, it was quite a fun hour...

Also of note, I HAVE to mention One Must Fall: 2097. Quite possibly the BEST shareware game of all freakin' time!!! OMF's a computer fighting game, and the only fighting game that's actually any good on the comp. You fight robots. AWESOME. But sooo much more than that, 'cause you're the pilot of your robot, and when you win a fight, you get money, which you can then spend to upgrade your robot, as well as getting training for yourself (the pilot)! Also amazing, is that if you save up your money, you can actually trade in your robot for an even cooler one! AWESOME!!! Man, I've spent soo many hours on that game, with my old Gravis Gamepad, and at Donald's and Erik's place goodness, good times indeed.

And man, OMF's freeware now! Except, when I tried to play it, the rounds only last 2 seconds 'cause everything superspeed. Stupid faster computers. Plus, only early 90's sound cards are compatable, therefore the awesome thunderbolt-to-theme-music went from "BLARGM!!! DA- DANANA- DA-DA-DA... DA-DA- DANANA- DA-DA-DA" to "bbbbllllaarrrmmm! DA *cxxrrrcxx* daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." I was soooo ticked, 'cause that theme music ranked right up there in one of the best all time...

Soooo, anyone know how to fix this??

Oh, btw, the all-time best theme music ever - Clayfighters! That's right, original Clayfighters, best music EVER! Just way too hilarious...

*Normal Music*
*tap tap tap*
*everyone stops but the tuba*
*BRUM BRUM BRUM BRUM....brum.....*
"Alright then, from the top!"
"Clayfighters, Clay-Clayfighters, c'mon fight them if you dare"
"Clayfighters, Clay-Clayfighters, c'mon fight them they don't care!"

HAHAHA, so awesome...

Well, that was a nice trip down memory lane. Now, I must go and start on my rediculously long and difficult Econ assignment. Can't crap my way outta that one. I needs ta learn for finals, and junk...

Until next time, I guess...

"Your guy needs to score more goals"


"And Salo just missed the net!"

"Aw man, Shaylene, your guy needs to score more goals..."

"And Salo winds up again..."


"...and SCORES!!!"

"Well Justin, I guess it's alright to make predictions if we're not against the Av's..."

--> It's actually getting quite unnerving, heheh...

Happy B-day and the like!

But first...

25 hours, 46 minutes, and 32 separate sessions later, I'm finally finished my first map of CivIV. HOLY CRAP THAT TOOK FOREVER! But awesomeness, nonetheless. And I'm onto my next map. Heheh...

Anyways, after this final Civ playing, I went to Boston Pizza for some birthday dinnerings. [Happy early birthdays to both Rob and Reuben!] And yeah, BP was awesome. Quite awesome, in fact. Dinner good, seeing (nearly) everyone was good, etc etc.

Then, a bunch of us decided to go to Mark's place and watch a video. More specifically, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Now, that was one helluvan awesome move. I mean, that move had everything! Definately one of the tops ever. Although, I'm sure that my watching it w/ a whole bunch of friends certainly raised the rating quite a bit. Wouldn't be too sure if I'd've liked it if I watched alone. But that's neither here nor there.

So, the point of all this? Friends are awesome! I seriously gotta hang out more often, at the very least to keep me sane. Especially after watching that movie, lol...

Oh, and one final thing. The Zone 91.3 is the BEST station out there! I mean, on the way to Boston Pizza, they played NOFX - Linoleum. I'll say it again: they played frickin' LINOLEUM! AWESOME!!! Singing along to the top of my lungs, indeed. Plus, on the way home from Mark's place, they played this awesomely different "song", which was really just a rant to music, and it was completely awesome as well! --> Just looked it up on their website, and the song's Lazyboy - Underwear Goes Inside the Pants. I must remember to download one of these days.

So yeah, awesome time indeed. Tomorrow is waking up for canucks, perhaps starting my assignment (holy crap I so gotta do this), then it's off to some floor hockey @ deer lake! Anyone else who wants to come along, gimme a call before the end of the canucks game!

And yeah, that's about it...

Until next time, I guess...

Thursday, November 17, 2005


I am fruckin' SCREWED. No, I am BEYOND screwed.

I have a freakin' paper due tomorrow, and I wasted the day away on CivIV and Canucks. WTF, canucks were playing tonight?! I had to watch 'em, stupid losingers.

Point is, it needs HOURS of research, and is based primarily on said research, and what happens?! STUPID VPN CONNECTION DIDN'T WORK!!! HOLY FREAKIN' TURD FLINGIN' CRAP!!!

So I freaked out for more than a little bit, as in completely hysterical. I mean, w/o research, you can't freakin' do a research report, now can ya? Contemplated just not doing it, losing 20% off of a 1 credit course, but I just couldn't let myself do that...

So, after I calmed down slightly, I was able to talk my dad into using his account, which oddly WAS able to connect to ubc. Keeps freakin' screwing around w/ the computer, I swear...I needs my own...anyways, the point is, I'm now able to research.

And yet I'm still feeling quite hysterical. And why?? BECAUSE IT'S GONNA TAKE WAY TO FREAKIN' LONG TO DO ANY OF THIS!!! GAAAHHHHH!!!

As I stated above, I'm freaking screwed. I was gonna do it wed. night, but hockey messed that one up. Then, tonight, but again stupid canucks had to have another game that I didn't know about 'til nearly halfway through the first, so of course I had to freakin' watch that. Now, I'm freaking out about not having enough time to do the stupid freakin' report.

So, why bother blogging then?? Because I'm freakin' hysterical, and I need to freakin' calm myself down! But it obviously isn't working!!! GAAHHHH!!!

I'm pissed off on so many levels...I'm especially pissed off at myself, for again I had TONS of time to do it, at least start research etc, but nooooooo, I had to wait until last minute to freakin start. That really pisses me off. Especially since I might actually fail something for once.

Fail fail fail fail fail...etc.

Did I mention that I only had about 4 hrs sleep last night? So 4+3+2 = NOT ENOUGH SLEEP FOR AN ALLNIGHTER.

I'm screwed. SCREWED. SCREWED!!!


I need to calm down. I'm gonna go check my hockey pool.

Until next time, I guess...


Edit, midnight - I'm THIS close to quitting. Just giving up. Don't hand it in. Zip. Zero. Etc. I just calculated it, and overall, if I end up w/ 50% in this 1 credit course, my total GPA @ graduation would drop less than half a percentage. So, conservatively, if I end up with a 76.8% average @ UBC, not doing this assignment will make me drop down to 76.4%. I can live with that...

Jeez, it's these kinda realizations that'll land me in a freakin' trailer park one day. I'll just stop caring..."hey, if I live on welfare, I'd get X amount of money a year. I can live with that...". I'm such a bum.

Heheh, just thought of something, just go along w/ everything, pretending that I did hand it in, then get pissed off that I didn't get it back, therefore me having ample time to do it. Although there is that whole "" thing, but I can always say that I forgot. But that'll involve lying, and cheating, and not only is that completely against my morals, but if I'm caught, I can pretty much kiss ever becoming a CA/CGA/CMA goodbye...untrustworthy accountants were the downfall of Enron Worldcom etc, they're no longer in high demand.

But I'm rambling...

So, there ya go. I'm not gonna do my assignment. Just not worth it. I'm still kinda pissed, but man, I actually feel kinda relieved. Hurray for overrationalizations and such! Hurray for overly type-B attitudes! Hurray for procrastination leading to repudiation!

Actually, I feel kinda pissed off. Hopefully, tomorrow everyone will give me looks of horror and disgust, thus making me feel bad for what I did. Which would want me to work harder, and thus raise my marks to make up for this. Man, I gotta study harder for my test. And I gotta do my homework with greater due diligence.

Man, I need my agenda. I blame my procrastination on the lack of structured information of my schedule. I miss my agenda so much. I actually feel like buying one, for the first time since grade 8, when on the first day of school my awesomely beautiful 5-Star agenda was stolen. But that just brings up bad memories...

Bad memories, like the ones I'm starting to have towards UBC. Since september, I've increasingly raised my opinion of BCIT's commerce program over UBC's commerce program immensly. UBC is just infinitely inferior to BCIT's awesomeness. To be more exact, it's efficiency in knowledge-teaching. It just felt so much more formal over there. UBC's more like drinky drinky fun time than an actual learning institution. Or perhaps I'm just bitter over my lack of interest.

I think that when I start using phrases like "drinky drinky fun time", it's time for me to go to sleep.

Therefore, sleep time.


Edit, 1am - Yeah, didn't end up sleeping just yet. Thought of something, figured I might as well blog it down.

So, what if an interviewer asked me why I didn't do this assignment?? (incredibly unlikely, but just follow me on this one...)

"So, Justin, you seem to have good marks, so why is your business communications class grade so much lower than the rest of your grades?"

"Well, you see sir, it's all about balance. The reason I came to UBC instead of continuing on in BCIT was to make sure that I had some more life experience. The week an assignment worth 20% was due, I had a few choices: to either hang out with my friends and actually have a life, or to do my assignment. I worked it out, and my assignment was actually worth less than 0.2% of my final GPA. So, having a life vs. 0.2%...??? It's a no brainer. Besides, I've already taken a more encompassing course at BCIT, so I already knew how to do that assignment. So I wasn't really missing anything for not doing it."

And they'll understand, and they'll realize that I'm a perfect candidate, and they'll hire me on the spot. Or something like that.

...okay, so I just wanted to put down some more rationalizations before I went to bed. It's just that these rationales are so much better than my earlier ones. Or, at least more clearly defined.

Don't get me wrong, I still feel pretty bad about it, but I'm just trying to mitigate as much of my pissy-offy-ness as possible.

Again with the nonsensicals. Therefore, again with the sleep time.


Unngh, my stomach...I'll never eat at that place again. All that grease-laden, fat-filled, deep-fried food is NOT sitting well...

That being said, had a great time. Canucks won, good friends, blues/funk band...quite nice. Still not a big fan of the whole casino thing. At all.

Oh, on another completely random note, I believe I have invented the ultimate movie experience: Horror Movies in 3-D!!! I mean, holy crap, if the Ring was in 3-D?! I'd've had a freakin' heart attack! AWESOME!!!

Speaking of heart attacks, I seem to have had some chest pains recently. Plus, I've had them in the past. I'm assuming they're athesmetic in origin, but I'm still slightly paranoid that I've been having mild heart attacks...

Anyways, yeah, I was supposed to get started on my paper due on friday, but it's quite late, and I don't feel up to doing any work (as per the gatronomic reason above). I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 4. I'm guessing I won't be back home 'til 6. Also, I don't think I'll feel up to doing anything after the dentist, at least for a while. Therefore, I'm thinking another near-allnighter is in order. That sucks...

Also, combined with freakin' enormous and difficult Econ assignment due tuesday, along with stupid "feedback" e-mail writings, plus 290 homework on thursday, combined with the week after that's hw/assignments/"group" projects...then the week after that's finals...seems rediculously busy all of a sudden. I see myself doing some CRAZY all-nighters in the next 2 weeks.

That being said, I really wanna play some CivIV right now. At nearly 1am. While feeling ill. With only 3 hrs of sleep. With a paper due friday. However, I am pretty tired though...

Until next time, I guess...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

No More Group Project!!!

WOOOO!!! I'm finally finished my freakin' group project! Yeah! Stupid OB, heheh...

Well, as it turns out, I think we did AWESOME in our presentation. Although I think our total mark will suffer from the lack of information / book stuff. Plus I think our written's a little weak in explaining. Oh well. Anything over 62%'s a bonus IMO.

All this with only 3 hrs of sleep. W/O the need for caffeine. I don't know why, but I believe my body's being tuned to this lack of sleep, 'cause the only day I felt sleepy was when I had 7 hrs of sleep. Perhaps this is why I feel so lazy on the weekends, I end up getting 8 hrs of sleep...something to think about.

Oh well. I'm not going to go to Hapkido tonight, since I didn't bring my gear to school, and no time for home then hapkido. Plus, the canucks are playing tonight. I haven't watched a game in FOREVER! (Well...forever meaning since their last game...heh...)

I'm in class right now. I should get to work.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Brief Intermission

So here I am at home, busily working away at my presentation...



Okay, so, maybe not so busily...

But, in the meantime, here's a list of a couple songs that I've recently come to enjoy quite profusely. You know, just off the top of my head...
  • Spin Doctors - Two Princes
  • Gin Blossoms - Follow You Down
  • Third Eye Blind - Jumper
  • Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta
  • Jimmy Eat World - A Praise Chorus
  • Switchfoot - Adding to the Noise/Gone/Innocence Again
  • Our Lady Peace - Is Anybody Home?
  • Sister Hazel - All For You
  • Juliana Theory - If I Told You This Was Killing Me, Would You Stop
  • Vroom - I Can't Stand Another Minute Here
Perhaps one day I shall explicate....[lol, didn't mean for it to be that long, oops]

Also, I've been thinking, these are awesome songs...
To sing...
Don't you think?

Just saying, heheheh...

So...Time to get back to work! Until next time, I guess...

[edit, almost 4am - Man, it's been quite the rollercoaster, but I'm finally finished and comfortable with my part of the presentation. Not only that, but I actually feel really good about it! Yeah, I'm gonna be awesome! Boo ya! and such...hmmm, it seems that I've already caught my 2nd/3rd wind, nuts...sleep now! 3-4 hrs of sleep + double shot of espresso should be good enough, eh?? lol...]

Stupid non-working computer...

The stupid comp in Lam library doesn't work right, doesn't start up ppt., thus making me unable to work on my group project. That's due tomorrow. And I still have my own part to write up. And memorize. And present. TOMORROW.

I dunna like presenting w/o knowing exactly what I need to present on. Nor do I like having to write something up last minute for said presentation. Nor do I like being the last one in my group to present, and thus have the most important part of the entire group presentation. So, basically, I'm screwed, and I'm pretty much screwing everyone in my group. This not only makes me feel horrible, but also drops my mark down in the

But at least I get to wear a suit to school tomorrow. I like wearing suits. Makes me feel pretty. I mean handsome. And stuff...

But enough about my school troubles, and onto some hockey. Or, more precisely, my hockey pool. I have Gonchar, Rucinsky, and Kovalev. All are hurt. Thus, some maneuvering is to be done. Oh, I'm also wanted to trade Kariya for Ryan Smyth, as their points are relatively the same, but Kariya's a freakin' minus player, while Smyth isn't. Booo ya and stuff. Also wanted to trade Comrie for Havlat, just 'cause I got too many centres, and need wingers, as per injuries.

Anyways, my dad's picking me up, since my mom's getting off work around this time (7pm), so at least I don't have to bus it home. Hopefully, I'll be home quicker to boot.

Until next time, I guess...

Past Midnight

Well, today's basically been group project work day.

I'm surprised how awake I feel, I mean w/ only 2+ hrs of sleep...but I know I'm just running on adrenaline again, as my brain is practically mush.

I did some q's for my online quiz, and after a couple "incorrect"s (which should've been gimmie quesitons), I decided to quit it. Also, I pretty much finished my ppt, although it could be much more polished. And I need to add some stuff at the end. But my brain's too fried to do anything of value.

Has anyone noticed that whenever you're tired and want to go to sleep, but you still have work to do, everything takes sooo much longer to do, and thus making you say up even later? Quite annoying...

GAH!!! I forgot to put transitions in my freakin' slide presentaiton! What the freakin' heck...oh well, gotta at least do that, should only take a few mins...stupid me...


Alright, done now...but it's 12:30am. That's not good, I need sleep, esp. this week. I gots presentations galore (which restfulness is quite an asset), a paper due on friday (which sucks 'cause thurs. I gots a dentist appointment, eating away at my cramming time), and some other things I can't remember at the moment because my mind's turned to mush. And stuff.

Until next time, I guess...

Monday, November 14, 2005


I could've been asleep far earlier than 5:12. But here I am.

Ended up being kinda unfocused, but upon surfing the net, I believe I've found a gem:

The Life of Larry

Short Animation by Seth McFarlane, as a student at the Rhode Island School of Design. Seth Mc-Freakin-Farlane. Just watch it. It's awesome.

Oh, and I don't believe I've mentioned the proposal from Jamieson. To sing in a band. AWESOME!!!

Yeah. Awesome, indeed. I'm running on adrenaline. I got school in 4 hrs. I gotta catch a bus in 3.

Time for sleep.

Stupid Lack of an Agenda...

It seems that I've forgotten to do an accounting assignment, which is due tomorrow.

I forgot because I lost my freakin' agenda.

I'm also kinda pissed off.

This is due to my complete and utter lack of doing anything productive over the past 5 days. I mean, I could've done it all thursday, but I didn't. I could've done it all friday, but I didn't. I could've done it last night, but I didn't. I could've done it earlier today, but I didn't.

And now it's nearly 12:30am, and I've got this homework along w/ that friggin' ppt presentation for my group project in OB.

I'm such a lazy ass. Also, it doesn't help that my complete lack of social involvement over the past week made me kinda depressed. Thus making me feel insecure about everything. Me in particular. Whatever that means...

And here I am, blogging away, instead of doing my homework. As usual.

It's times like these that make me wish I was working, 'cause that seems better than homework.

Stupid homework.


In other news, did anyone remember that Duke Nukem is the name of the radiation bad guy on Captain Planet?!? I mean, I watched one late at night this weekend, and that guy was it it, then it showed Gaia saying, "Planeteers, Duke Nukem is stealing the cesium from the hospital's radiation machines," and I was all, "WHAT THE HELL?! Duke Nukem?! That's hilarious!!!"

Hilarious, indeed...

Until next time, I guess...

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Days like today make me wonder what my life would be like in the complete absence of video games.

I'm guessing it'd be for the better.

Until next time, I guess...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Again, and such.

Well, for the umpteenth year in a row, I've slept in and missed the rememberance day minute of silence. I actually kinda wanted to watch it this year, esp. after the "a pittance of time" movie shown in my quantitative analysis class. But whatcha gonna do.

Today was one big lazy day, waking up around 1, playing civIV intermittently throughout the day, dinner, then to church to help out, then back home. Yadda yadda yadda...

Oh, and this just occurred to me. From Panzer General to Heroes of Might and Magic to Civilization, turn-based strategy games are definately the best video game genre out there, by far. At least, to me it is.

Although I do enjoy Diablo quite a bit, and Warcraft etc. had it's moments.

Hmmm, I feel like delving into my history of computer/video games...

1984-1989: Playing a whole bunch of OLD games on my dad's columbia, like Firehouse Rescue, and Joshua's learning tree, the original SimCity, this old beat-em-up game, Operation Cleansweep or something, and even old Sierra games like Black Cauldron and Kings Quest. Yes, all before the age of 5.

1989-1993: The joys of Nintendo. When I went to elementary school at Ferris, all my friends had Nintendo, and thus I always went over and played said video game system. This included my absolute favourite game on the Nintendo, TMNT 3. Up up down down left right left right a b a b select select start,, I remember buying a strategy guide book thing on the scholastic book orders, and I read that for hours and hours...I eventually got my own NES from my cousin who never played it anymore (since he had SNES now), and thus started my video game renting phase of my life. I went through oh so many video games...

1993-1996: My uncle bought me an SNES, which was incredibly awesome...I think I tried to tell him that I was buying SimEarth, and that it'd be educational, hahaha...but anyways, my rentals continued, incl. Widget (which I thought was AWESOME) and Street Fighter II. Man, street fighter was awesome. It was about this time that I started buying Gamepro religiously (oct. '93, I think, to about '96), and when I read about SFII, I couldn't wait to rent it. And it didn't disappoint. Although, I couldn't really do all that much, hence my favourite characters were Blanka and Chun Li, heheh...also of note were other incredible gaming moments, such as Donkey Kong Country (which I played 'til 3am on the Christmas I got it), Power Rangers: the Movie (which I bought in California), and Super Mario RPG (which I beat in 2 days, 24hrs total. Then again, and again, and again, and again...). I remember always going over to Donald's and Erik's place to play video games...and watch wrestling PPV's, but that's another story...good times, indeed...

1989-1995: All throughout this time, I still played computer games, except they were mostly demo games from PC Gamer. Such awesomeness from these demos...oh, other things of note are comp. games like Willy Beamish & Sea Quest (or something) on my old 386. Then, in '95 I think, we bought a Pentium 90 (a 586! wow!), and my gaming repetoir expanded, including this 7-disc thing with awesome games like Lenny's Music Tunes. My sisters and I loved that, I remember going to future shop at midnight in my pajamas w/ my dad to buy Windows 95, but then it was too busy so we went to computer city across the street instead, which was way less crowded and way more friendly and only a few dollars more expensive. Shame they went under...I think my dad bought Panzer General, and I remember loving that game, just the different armies to buy, the strategy involved...anyways, back to magazine demos, one demo immediately caught my eye, enough for me to wanna buy...

1995-2000: The first "real" comp game I ever got (at least, something I actually wanted for myself) was Warcraft II, because the demo was just so flippin' awesome. And yes, that game was awesome. However, I sucked. Horribly. Thus, cheat codes were used. And ruined the game for me. Oddly enough, my dad bought CivII at the same time for himself, and I started playing that, much much more so than Warcraft...oh, also of note, I never really got into the whole N64 craze. Never did like the controller, a bit too weird. Although, this did not deter me from going over to Erik's place and play WCW games for hours, oh no...

Anyways, my dad continued buying game mags. w/ demos, and another incredible game caught my eye once again: HEROES OF MIGHT AND MAGIC II. Holy crap, this is the best game ever. I mean, I remember sundays, waking up early, listening to RickDees, playing my Heroes II demo for hours and hours and hours...honestly, these were the best memories of my entire life. Everything was just so peaceful and happy and awesome. Sad, I know, but what can I say. Heroes II is the best game ever. Now, I don't remember when I actually got the game (perhaps christmas '96?), but I know that I did, and I played it for hours and hours...I absolutely loved that game. But, for all the awesomeness that was this game, there was another that took me away...

My dad still bought demo mags, and there was another demo, a final demo, that really caught my eye: DIABLO. Incredible game, even the manual was enthralling. I just loved that universe, and the click click exp. instant gratification was uber-addicting. I played the demo for quite a while, and I believe in summer '97 I ended up getting the game. Thus, I played this throughout gr. 8. Also of note, I played this game so much so that I kept playing it on a school night past 12:30 (quite late at the time!), in which my dad wanted me to go to sleep, but I didn't since I couldn't save 'til I was in town, but I died and had to go back to get my awesome gear (no elite speak for me!), but my dad wouldn't let me, but I pressed on, and my dad restarted the computer. GAH! I was so pissed off. And thus, I was grounded from Diablo for a month. Although, I did manage to sneak in a few hours here and there when my dad was asleep...

Anyways, this went on for a while, and I think I went back to Heroes intermittently, but by the time school started again, Gr. 9, there was another videogame phenomenon: Pokémon. Now, this was an awesome awesome game, all marketing gimicks aside. I think on my official game, I played close to 300hrs. But the main reason for this was the fact that Erik and Donald and Kris and Rob, along with just about everyone else, bought this game. I had to keep up! Everyday, it was a "where are u now? Did you beat --- ? Did you catch a --- ?" Oh man, my social network was based on this game, I swear...having thirty lvl100 pokemon is quite an achievement, but not as much as an achievement as Erik's 10 Mewtwos! Crazy guy, bought red & blue, kept restarting and beating the game in 5 hrs for a new mewtwo...oh, I bought Red, btw, while most of my friends bought, something that also came along w/ the pokemon craze: the odd realization that not everybody played video games. Kinda blew me away, talkin' to so many people who never liked nor really played video games...kind of an aside, really...

Anyways, there were other games that filled in the gaps afterwards, mostly including SNES/GBC emulators (esp. near the end of the P90's life, when everything turned to crap). Man, hours spent on Pokemon G/S/Cardgame on GB, Ogre Battle on SNES, etc etc...another thing to note was that I always went over to Shane's place around this time to play Heroes III, which came out, but my comp couldn't handle it (sadly enough). So, needless to say, I was over at Shane's quite a bit. Which drove my mom nuts, because of Shane's cat, and my athesmetic allergy to such a creature. But well worth it, for the Heroes as well as the N64 games...

2000-2002: Now, my P90 finally crapped out completely, and we bought a new computer, one we still use today (P3 800) albeit w/ a bunch of upgrades. Now, I don't remember playing all that many new games (since I believe I either watched tv or hung out w/ friends more often, but perhaps that's just me thinking the best), although one game I do remember buying, quite vividly: Civilization III. Man, that game was awesome back in 2001. I played that for quite some time. Then, I stopped. This time definately because of hanging out w/ friends. Or, to be more exact, going to NightShift w/ Haig. And thus entered my more socially-focused phase of my life, incl. a gf/band/etc. Looking back, definately not the best of times...Although, my newfound social life did not limit me to all video gaming, for I did end up buying Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (which barely worked on my comp), as well as a GBA w/ Golden Sun near finals. Although, that game (and pkmn red) did end up getting taken by my sister's ex, who "borrowed" them about a week before my sis broke up w/ him...stupid guy...but anyways....

2002-2004: Off to BCIT! And thus, much less time for games, since I was at BCIT for most of the day, or if I wasn't at school, I was doing stuff w/ people (at least 'til around march of 1st year). And thus, the GBA I bought near the end of gr. 12 was definately paying off dividends, w/ the new pokemon game especially. Another 100+ hrs of playing, although w/o friends to compare and trade with, it just wasn't the same. Oh, other GBA games I picked up were Advance Wars 2 and Mario/Luigi Superstar Saga (AWESOME!). Internet games started taking hold, esp. CurveBall and Defend Your Castle (among others). Oh, and there was an arcade at school, although I barely played 'cause I didn't wanna waste 5 bucks when I could just play my GBA or net games.

Summer '03/'04: Now, another big thing to note was the fact that during the summers of BCIT, I believe I became clinically depressed. Although at the time, I felt like I was loving every minute of it. I basically stayed awake playing computer games 'til the sun came up. More specifically, I played CivIII mostly (while listening to Vroom) and when the sun came up, I watched Arthur and Adventures of Lois and Clark in the morning. Then slept 'til 2/3. Then did the same thing again. Looking back, I guess in '03 it was because I wasn't over my brakeup (esp. since I still hung out w/ her 'til mid-summer, while she was falling further and further into drinky/piercy/smokiness...but that's another story...). Therefore, I listened to "emo" while playing video games, the most comforting form of recreation I know. I mean, I got all super nostalgic and felt like a kid again, playing video games, listening to music, etc...

Now, in '04, I started off all gung-ho about finding a job, after graduating from BCIT, but then I was tired from my final grueling year, and thus for a week I played Fire Emblem on my GBA emulator (loved the save/reload feature, plus I was cheap). Well, a week turned into a month or so, and thus I fell back into old habits, sleeping in 'til whenever, waking up whenever...up until we had to move outta the house! Then, my video gaming turned to playing my cousins' N64 at my new place, back when the floors were still plywood, the rooms were not painted, there was absolutely no furniture, etc etc...heheh, pokemon stadium etc is quite fun when playing w/ others...nostalgia, I guess...

2004-2005+: Kwantlen! Definately not much videogame time, hanging out at kwantlen most nights. So, between hanging out w/ friends and what not, very little gaming. Although, I do remember buying Pokemon LeafGreen near the end of summer solely for the fact of playing at kwantlen, as I have bought the prev. pokemon for BCIT, hahaha...oh, and I do believe I bought some other GBA games, incl. FFI&II, although I don't believe I ever finished it...

Summer of '05 was mostly work and hanging out, and any time on the comp was mostly spent on msn or blogging. Little gaming, indeed...although, I did end up buying Fire Emblem II. Fun game, played it a bunch, but again I don't believe I finished it...

Now, I have my CivIV addiction. Kinda. 'Cause my sis won't let me play 'til 3am. Or else I probably would stay up that late. Good thing, I guess...oh, and although I got into the Heroes V beta, the comp barely runs it, and thus I'm not able to play multiplayer with any luck. I gave up trying once I got CivIV, heheh...

And that's basically my video game history. Although, I do believe I'm forgetting a bunch of other games and moments, as well as not emphasizing the earlier video game stages of my life. Perhaps because earlier, I was much more integrated in non-secluded activities (looking back, perhaps not). Or perhaps because I got rambly near the end. And oh man, did I ever get rambly...I mean, it's like 2 hrs after I started, and I gotta get up early tomorrow...oh well, I did wake up around 1...

So, who out there actually read all that, hmmm? Heheh, not a lot, if any...all for posterity, I, it's quite calming writing down my history...etc etc ramble ramble...

Until next time, I guess...

Thursday, November 10, 2005


"Cloutier's backup for Auld? Heheh, watch him let in 4 goals on 3 shots...or, something to that effect, lol..."

***4 goals later***



I lost my agenda.

Besides that, it's been a so-so day. Although, I was able to get home early and play CivIV for a few hours. Fun stuff. Although, more ram is desperately needed, and I'm to cheap to contribute myself. Oh well.

Oh, and Erik Cole was on a tear in Carolina after I picked him up in my pool. Woo and such. I'm still getting whupped though...good thing lemieux was -4 today, givin' me a chance to climb back, heheh...

I'm tired. And not in the rambly kinda way.

I should study more.

Until next time, I guess...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This Sucks

You know what sucks?
Being sore. From Hapkido. And knowing that you'll probably won't make it to Wednesday's class.

You know what sucks worse?
Forgetting your friggin' textbook cd at home, which is necessary to complete the homework you wanted to do at school, because stupid SolverTable isn't working right at home, which is also necessary to complete the homework. Meaning you have to stay up friggin' late to complete the stupid friggin' homework you could've done in the 4 hrs of waiting 'til your group meeting to do a half-completed homework assignment because your stupid excel addin doesn't freakin work!

You know what sucks even worse that that?
When you realize that all that the cd was needed for was $1/$2/$2/$1. Thus, all you had to do was ask someone and you would've been able to do it at friggin' school, thus actually being able to complete the friggin homework assignment properly!

*And by "you" I really mean me*

This sucks...

However, as a plus, I got back my guy I accidentily dropped yesterday in my hockey pool, which is kinda nice...however, it's kinda negated by the fact that I'm being whooped. Stupid Hemsky sucking right when I added him...I mean, -4 in 2 nights? This sucks...

Until next time, I guess...

[Edit - You know what doesn't suck? The feeling you get after you finally finish your homework. Although, this is also slightly negated by the fact that it's nearly 4am and I'm tired and hungry, and yet still wanna play CivIV, and yet again do not have the time nor the availability to use my sister's comp. Which also sucks...]

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Comics etc

Hahaha, today's Dinosaur Comic (Nov. 8) is freakin' hilarious! There's a guest comic today, and he basically mimiced everything from the actual one! "Mind those lego models" "Thanks for the tip" "Whoah, there's another!" I mean, their arms are all up like the dinosaurs, plus even the legs in the last panel is freakin' turned in like the actual comic! HILARIOUS!!!

Okay, well, for me it was, anyway...heheh...

And now for something completely different:

I've found that people are comprised into three main groups.

First, there's the intellectual group who use big words and fancy language skills to better describe their thought pattern, a la Andrew.

Secondly, there is the opposite of this group, who use small words and foul language often, due to their inability to comprehend or use said fancy language, a la the wannabe-gangster type.

Then, there is the middle group, who don't fully understand said fancy language, but try to use it anyways to appear intellectual.

I see myself as part of the latter. How egregiously onerus of me.

Until next time, I guess...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Strange Disease

A little sexual frustration
Combined with lack of motivation
And a loss of concentration
I got a strange disease...

Okay, besides the sexual frustration part, that's basically how I'm feelin' right now. Although, I've heard that people who are sexually frustrated don't really know how frustrated they really are, so ya never know...

On another note, Prozzak is awesome. Well, their first album was, at least...perhaps I shall put it up on my other blog...

Speaking of my other blog, I haven't been updating in quite some time, and the songs already there don't seem to be working anymore, which sucks. Once I get some time off of school, I'll do something about it...

...BWAHAHA, okay, so I'm not really swamped w/ schoolwork, I'm just really lazy. With a lack of motivation. As stated above.

So, what's the point of this post? Well, I just found myself with a complete and utter lack of motivation to do anything, even play video games, which really says something right there.

[edit - Looking back, I guess this lack of motivation was due to me going to hapkido for the first time in weeks, combined w/ the fact that I just found out the canucks lost, combined w/ the fact that I pushed a wrong button and dropped a player I didn't wanna drop...disheartening news + tired = lack of motivation. In theory.]

Prozzak's Hot Show is absolutely one of the best cd's ever. To me at least. I mean, the songs are amazing, they're hilarious to boot, and the whole cd's about a story of Simon's relational romp around the world, only to realize that the girl of his dreams was back at home, the one that got sad, and quite the finishing touch at the end of the cd...that last song's definately my favourite of the bunch, even if it is slow and a tad depressing...

So, that being said, I believe I shall pull a Reuben, and sign off:

Is it really over
Seems that we've grown older
and time has beat us
seems I've forgotten who to be
you took the better part of me
my heart, my soul, my sweetest memories
you're my identity

Boxes line our hallway
where laughter used to be
empty house surrounds me
and echos our history
I wrack my brain
to find a way
to bring us back to yesterday
my love, my life, my childhood fantasy
still everything to me
my Anna-Lisa

Looking out this window
almost seeing
you pull in the driveway
and kiss me so casually
if I knew then
what I know now
I would have changed your mind somehow
my hopes, my dreams, my future family
that's what you took from me
my Anna-Lisa...

Sunday, November 06, 2005


So, back from playing floor hockey.

I was in net.

Needless to say, I wasn't a very good goalie. I mean sure, I could blame the fact that the helmet was too small, the hockey pants were too big, the glove didn't fit right, and most importantly the fact that my skinny rubber pads kept coming loose, meaning I couldn't drop into butterfly lest they slip all the way around the back of my leg, or...wait, what was I saying again? Oh, right, the fact that despite all these equipment excuses, I'd still probably be a bad goalie. In theory.

But besides that, hockey was AWESOME! Man, I remember back when I was at BCIT, I'd just walk straight to Deer Lake School for like 10 mins, and play floor hockey...good times, good times...

Oh, and btw, we're probably gonna play again in a couple weeks, so if anyone's interested, you could come along too.

Until next time, I guess...

Shadow of the Freakin' Warrior!!!

Holy crap, Shadow of the Warrior is such an awesome game! Like, CRAZY AWESOME!!! I mean, it's even better than Orc Siege!

Yeah, I have CivIV to play, but since my sis wouldn't let me play on her comp, I had to resort to other measures. And hence I found this remarkable flash game. I mean, it's so incredibly addictive that even when my sis was off the comp, I continued playing this game! INCONCIEVABLE!!!

And so this day of comp games has finished. Time to go off to burnaby for a couple hours of floor hockey! Oh yeah, just like the good ol' days!

Until next time, I guess...

Saturday, November 05, 2005

New NHL, my ass...

I mean honestly, what the hell was that crap... I thought 1-0 losses were gone now...I mean, 6-0, I can live with, but not 1-0...

Yeah, fights were good, but they're not a substitute for goals in terms of entertainment...


My sister's birthday yesterday, didn't have time to blog. Because of CivIV, heheh...I think I've been playing too much of that game, even if I have yet to finish my first game yet...I swear, I always take too long reading up on everything...

But anyways, yesterday dinner was nice, even if I didn't really talk that much to many people there. But nice nonetheless. Plus, the presents I gave my sis was good (or so she said, heheh). Bought some ferrero roches (instead of cheap halloween candy as I originally intended), a 1kg bag of chocolate chips (b/c I kept eating her old ones, heheheh, it was a funny gift), as well as a shower radio she asked for. All from wal-mart, for fairly cheap, heheh.

Tonight my sisters and I spent around 7 hrs at church helping out for tomorrow, the "youth" sabbath thing, where we're doing the whole program pretty much. Meaning, rehearsing the plays, practice w/ the music (incl. me on the freakin' drums again, heheh), as well as the girls w/ there hula dancing to a worship song.

Now, as response from last blog, my family left for merritt this morning, so that whole ordeal has blown over. It's just kinda annoying when you get a letter from your neighbors posted on your door, heh...

But yeah, I believe I'm playing WAY too much CivIV. As in, I went home to play it for about an hour instead of staying at school, doing my hw, bussing directly to church. Which would've been very much easier. But I decided to go home and play instead. CivAnon, I need, indeed...

Until next time, I guess...

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Holy freakin' crap, my family's here...

As in, from my dad's side...

Lets just say that it usually isn't a good thing. Like, the fact that certain specific beverages are now in in the household, for example.

However, this time doesn't seem too bad. No extenutating circumstances (if that's the right phrase) which would make it bad. Like, money or [blankety blank] trouble. Plus, they're leaving in the morning, so we know it's a short term thing.

My family, they're uber-canadians right there; grew up in Gibsons, a logging town up in the sunshine coast, gots thick Canadian accents (if there is such a thing). My grandma's here, along with my Uncle Dean (who I've never EVER seen/talked too before tonight...more of a recluse that man), as well as my Uncle Bernie. Yeah...

Well now, my Uncle Bernie's playing my guitar. My goodness, he's remarkably good. He's been playing for 15 yrs, he says, but haven't gotten anywhere record deal wise. Talked w/ him for a bit, and even though he seemed slightly [blankety blank], he seemed good this time. Happy mood. I guess that's what travelling through the american northlands etc does to ya. Also talked about other things, made me realize that he could've really been something. For example, he was a green belt in Karate? Never knew...seems amazingly similar, actually...

It just makes me realize where I came from, how different everything is for me compared to how it could've been. I mean, for all my father's qualms, at least he was smart enough to settle down w/ a good wife. Well, there's much more to it than that, apparently, but why explain the details. I'm not sure if I know all the details myself...

Also, reaffirmed my own convictions, why I choose to do (or not do) what I do. If that made any sense at all.

Man, listening to my uncle's song. As in, the one he wrote. Holy crap, am I ever liking it. I just gained a newfound appreciation for my uncle. I mean, like RIGHT THIS SECOND. Awesome.

Makes me feel like I can try to do it myself. Actually, hearing my uncle, I could hear myself singing the same thing, except w/ my voice and my own "style" (if I even have one yet). My goodness, I'm having a real hankering to get back into this music business.

But enough ramblings, I've still gots work to do. And sleep.

Oh gawd, right when I was gonna post, my uncle bernie comes in and talked again, rambling on about was quite unnerving when he tried to tape an american dollar to a can, a special american can, then wrapped it up in a paper so nobody would find out...and people wonder why I never [blankety blank]. Talked about how he used to babysit me when he was 19...

But I'm so freakin' tired now. Somehow, all of this is kinda draining.


Holy crap, my family talks forever...I see where my dad gets it from...

But man, my grandma started talkin' to me, got all morbid and junk, kept repeating again and again to go see my grandpa, "curtains are coming" and stuff..."my ex-husband, took care of me" etc etc...he can't even play pool now, apparently...snooker champ in his day.

Also kept saying how good lookin etc I am, all that other grandmothery stuff (I guess). Although, I don't believe I've ever heard her speak without a slur.

Then my uncle came back in and talked up a storm again, left, gradma talked again, and again, then uncle came back, again and's nearly 2am right now. Holy crap.

But man, talkin' w/ my grandma...I think this is the longest I've ever spoken w/ her. EVER. And she kept talking about how we should visit my grandpa...I should go over one weekend, watch Montreal on HNIC or something, talk to him and stuff...

But yeah, my family, that's who they are....again, a main reason why I do (or not do) the things I do. I think I've said that already. I must be tired or something.

Kinda depressing, as a whole...turns out my uncle wasn't the best of sorts...then he kept going on about how nurturing family this, arguing family that, could've been somebody, all that schpiel or what not...

And grandma, kept talking about stuff, how my grandpa keeps talking about us like we're his life's achievement or, I'm really feeling the need to go talk w/ my grandpa. I love my grandpa. Before, because he seemed much more like my personality, kinda diminuitive, doesn't talk all too much, at least b/c my dad keeps talkin', but whatever. Point is, he apparently talks about us all the time or something. I wanna have a chance to go talk to him, and I mean actually go and talk w/o my dad hovering over engulfing the entire conversation.

Although, he always seems to not know what to say, and akward silences are ample, but that just makes me realize that I'm a lot like him. And stuff.

But yeah, my family. Whenever they come over, they always seem to work things around. Esp. with the [blankety blank]. I don't even know why I do that [blankety blank] stuff, I'm pretty sure everyone knows what that means by now.

And wow, I've been rambling on and on. Except, it doesn't feel like that to me, because to me it's just been listening to family, then typing a bit, then another hour talking, then typing a bit, etc etc...but now I'm just rambling on. They were being loud, keeping up my sister (who has an 8 o'clock class tomorrow, btw), so my dad basically kicked them outta the comp room,

Just another reason for me to try and succeed. Kareshi Kanojo, no kidding...


Yet another talking w/ my uncle. It's not like I'd ask him to stop, although I probably should. Talked about my uncle dean for a bit, how he doesn't drink/smoke, really quiet, collects old coins, heheh...he seems to be the most normal guy of 'em all, if it weren't for the reclusiveness (among other things). I think I'd've liked him the most outta my uncles/aunt. I see where I get my "introvert"edness from, 'cause everyone else seems to demonstrate my extroversional heritage.

Although I could've probably lived without the "hide the [blankety blank] from grandma" fiasco.

Crap. It has fallen back to what it always falls back on. I'm surprised my sister hasn't woken up yet. Quite loud right now, quarter after 2am...This is why my mom doesn't like it when they come over to visit. Same here, most of the time. I'm glad my mom's working right now, or I think it'd probably be an ever bigger fiasco.

But why am I telling you guys all this junk anyways. This stuff is kinda personal, I guess. But, my typing seems to realize my surreality at the moment. I don't know, I guess I've always tried to hide (or whatever) this side of everything. I could write some examples, i.e. azn pride phase in gr. 10, but I'm too tired to think of any at the moment.

Yelling isn't good, no matter where it is. Inside, everyone wakes up. Outside, neighbors get to hear. Lose/lose situation.

Okay, holy freakin' crap, this has been the complete dissolusion of everything I have previously said about my family way up there. It has fallen completely back to the ways of old. Except, it seems somehow worse right now. Perhaps because I'm awake to hear everything. Or perhaps everything really IS worse. All a matter of perspective I guess.

Nope, I'm guessing really is worse. My sister woke up. We never woke up before.

But enough of this rambling on about whatever. Time to get off the comp. What happens next, I don't know. Hopefully, sleep. Probably, Ima gonna hafta fix everything. Heheh, wishful thinking of the tired man.

HOLY FREAKIN CRAP. My sister's in everything now. I'm getting off the comp.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I'm The Biggest Slacker I Know

I've had TONS of time to do my homework.

It's due tomorrow.

It's almost 3am.

Perhaps I should start...


[edit, nearly 3:30am - This just in: I hate microsoft. Especially microsoft office. Especially Excel. Especially the asinine ways in which addins are not able to function properly in the version of excel that I run on my computer. Especially when said addin is entirely necessary for the completion of my homework. How sucky. All I can do now is plug everything in manually, write down the answers, and hope for the best. Stupid everything...]

[edit, 4:30am - Finished the hw, except I ended up putting in the numbers manually, which was much more than just a pain in the ass...but, it's over now. Yippie and such adulations. Hmm, I don't think adulation is the correct usage of diction. Oh well. That's what I get for having to stay up late enough to catch Andrew before he goes off for work. That's pretty freakin' late.]

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


The last few days've been a blur.

Sunday, finally got CivIV installed, played that for hours. Monday as well. Also today. Yes, instead of much homework.

Right, monday was halloween, wasn't it? Well, I decided to skip Hapkido practice because the kimchee bowl I ate for lunch wasn't sitting well, plus I don't think too many people'd be there halloween night, plus I wanted to play more CivIV. Walked home around 6ish though, after a crazy long busride passing firetrucks and bangs and what not. Walking home I didn't see all that many trick or treaters, although there were groups. I'm assuming the rush came around 5.

Sooo...what else did I do....besides CivIV, nothing much. Except I did have the realization that I've got tons and tons of homework/studying to do and that I can't slack off after my midterms, which was kind of a letdown. Ironically, this letdown made me wanna play CivIV even more, which is what I did. Today, I played for over 3 hours instead of homework.

Oh, and I watched some of this season's Smallville on my sister's comp (downloaded). Quite awesome, except for the halloween episode (last thursday), it was about "vampires", with the lead vamp being Buffy Saunders *cough*, not to mention they have James Marsders as a Professor now *cough*SPIKE*cough*, and they did unabashedly used the phrase "slayed Buffy the vampire", which I found quite annoying, heheh...

Oh, but the Aquaman episode was awesome:

Aquaman - "Yeah Clark, we should make a Junior Lifeguard Association or something."
Superman - "I don't know, I don't think I'm quite ready for the JLA just yet."


Anyways, point is, CivIV is a crazy awesome game. No, CRAZY AWESOME!!! This this is just as addicting, if not moreso, then the previous games. Plus, since it runs relatively slow on my sister's comp, thus loading games takes quite a long time, I rarely use my "save then reload" uber-cheapo tactics anymore, and MAN I'm loving it!

Although, I'm still rather sucking at the game at the moment. Playing at the "AI slightly stupid" setting, right below normal AI, and yet it seems like I'm not doing as well as I thought I should be doing...and this is after getting 2 free settlers in the first 2 turns! Gah...I swear, I completely neglect my military/unit building and focus entirely on infrastructure...not the smartest thing to do in this game, oh no...

My goodness, you guys must think I'm a dork right now. Well, except for all yous Civ fanboys out there, heh...

But yeah, time for me to get some actual work done. For once.

OH, before I go, I got another midterm back; it was my Econ test. And, all things considered, I actually did remarkably well! I ended up w/ 76.5% (w/o scaling), which is completely more awesome than what I thought I'd get. Funny thing is, I rocked the long-answer questions, but in the T/F section, I got lower than average. And NO, this isn't some chincy t/f thing, there were like calculations and theories and junk. But whatever, I'm not complaining, heheh...

[edit - Oh right, I forgot to mention something awesome...guess who's #1 in my hockey pool? ME!!! Also, guess who's #2? MY KID SISTER!!! Heheh, I guess awesomeness runs in the family or something, heheh...]

Until next time, I guess...