Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This Sucks

You know what sucks?
Being sore. From Hapkido. And knowing that you'll probably won't make it to Wednesday's class.

You know what sucks worse?
Forgetting your friggin' textbook cd at home, which is necessary to complete the homework you wanted to do at school, because stupid SolverTable isn't working right at home, which is also necessary to complete the homework. Meaning you have to stay up friggin' late to complete the stupid friggin' homework you could've done in the 4 hrs of waiting 'til your group meeting to do a half-completed homework assignment because your stupid excel addin doesn't freakin work!

You know what sucks even worse that that?
When you realize that all that the cd was needed for was $1/$2/$2/$1. Thus, all you had to do was ask someone and you would've been able to do it at friggin' school, thus actually being able to complete the friggin homework assignment properly!

*And by "you" I really mean me*

This sucks...

However, as a plus, I got back my guy I accidentily dropped yesterday in my hockey pool, which is kinda nice...however, it's kinda negated by the fact that I'm being whooped. Stupid Hemsky sucking right when I added him...I mean, -4 in 2 nights? This sucks...

Until next time, I guess...

[Edit - You know what doesn't suck? The feeling you get after you finally finish your homework. Although, this is also slightly negated by the fact that it's nearly 4am and I'm tired and hungry, and yet still wanna play CivIV, and yet again do not have the time nor the availability to use my sister's comp. Which also sucks...]


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