Monday, November 07, 2005

Strange Disease

A little sexual frustration
Combined with lack of motivation
And a loss of concentration
I got a strange disease...

Okay, besides the sexual frustration part, that's basically how I'm feelin' right now. Although, I've heard that people who are sexually frustrated don't really know how frustrated they really are, so ya never know...

On another note, Prozzak is awesome. Well, their first album was, at least...perhaps I shall put it up on my other blog...

Speaking of my other blog, I haven't been updating in quite some time, and the songs already there don't seem to be working anymore, which sucks. Once I get some time off of school, I'll do something about it...

...BWAHAHA, okay, so I'm not really swamped w/ schoolwork, I'm just really lazy. With a lack of motivation. As stated above.

So, what's the point of this post? Well, I just found myself with a complete and utter lack of motivation to do anything, even play video games, which really says something right there.

[edit - Looking back, I guess this lack of motivation was due to me going to hapkido for the first time in weeks, combined w/ the fact that I just found out the canucks lost, combined w/ the fact that I pushed a wrong button and dropped a player I didn't wanna drop...disheartening news + tired = lack of motivation. In theory.]

Prozzak's Hot Show is absolutely one of the best cd's ever. To me at least. I mean, the songs are amazing, they're hilarious to boot, and the whole cd's about a story of Simon's relational romp around the world, only to realize that the girl of his dreams was back at home, the one that got sad, and quite the finishing touch at the end of the cd...that last song's definately my favourite of the bunch, even if it is slow and a tad depressing...

So, that being said, I believe I shall pull a Reuben, and sign off:

Is it really over
Seems that we've grown older
and time has beat us
seems I've forgotten who to be
you took the better part of me
my heart, my soul, my sweetest memories
you're my identity

Boxes line our hallway
where laughter used to be
empty house surrounds me
and echos our history
I wrack my brain
to find a way
to bring us back to yesterday
my love, my life, my childhood fantasy
still everything to me
my Anna-Lisa

Looking out this window
almost seeing
you pull in the driveway
and kiss me so casually
if I knew then
what I know now
I would have changed your mind somehow
my hopes, my dreams, my future family
that's what you took from me
my Anna-Lisa...


Blogger McAnerin said...

Prozzak IS awesome.

Word: ernigma, like enigma! Sweet...

7:34 a.m.  
Blogger Rohbit said...

For me, Prozzak gets annoying fast. However, on first listen it's not so bad.

10:00 p.m.  

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