Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I studied / crammed my butt off today. From 10am to 6:30pm, with a 30min lunchbreak around 3:15. And I guess it worked, 'cause I just had the exam, and I freakin' ACED it! WOOOOOO!!! and such. Hopefully I won't get my test back and see a 70, as getting a 70 on a test I thought I aced is rather disheartening. But yeah, AWESOMENESS.

Now I get to relax for a bit...or perhaps not. Tomorrow go to Hapkido, thursday go to practice, friday go to church for concert / praise team practice, Sat. is church then Interphase at night, sunday's study, and monday's another midterm. Yipes...

Speaking of studing, the absolute best place to study is in Koerner library. On "level 6", as the elevator voice says. By the windows overlooking the main library. It's so pretty, and quiet, and peaceful, plus you have so much room for your stuff...yeah, studied there all day today. Wow, 8 hrs there, I guess.

I'm so tired.

Which reminds me, I didn't have a pre-exam coffee today. My adrenaline kept me going throughout the test. Makes me think that yesterdays misgivings were due to the caffeine jitteriness, making me not able to concentrate, as my adrenaline is enough for tests. Gautam's right, people who drink coffee to stay awake are whatever he called them, I forget...

Misgivings...? Is that a word...? Out of context...? No idea... ramble ramble...

Until next time, I guess...

Monday, February 27, 2006


I freakin' FAILED that stupid midterm. Or at least I would have if it weren't for the following:

1) We got an extra 10 minutes at the end. At the end of the alloted time, I had only finished about 3/4 of the exam (fairly poorly I might add), while completely skipping a 21 mark question. So basically, I was able to do a 25 minute question within 10 minutes. Yipes...

2) Everyone else had the exact same problem. HURRAY FOR SCALING!!! I mean, dang, I swear the class average is gonna be hovering around 50%. And for a commerce course where averages are usually in the 70's, that means crazy scaling. CRAAAAAZY!
--> This is assumed. Definately hope this is a friggin' proper assumption.

So, basically, this was the hardest test I have ever taken in my entire life. Bar none. No amount of studying would've been able to help me out. The concepts were simple, but the applications were rediculously hard.

For example, you're given a bunch of info, and you find the daily overhead rate. Okay, not too bad. But in the exam, you had to calculate the daily overhead rate of a female (1 of 2) liposuction (1 of 3) patient. And the info given was WAY more complicated than previous questions we've done. Information overload. GAH!!!

Basically, failure is quite a big possibility for me. But I'm glad we got the 10 minutes, and I'm friggin glad we got the scaling. Hurray for me...

Now it's time to study for finance. I can't rely on either of the above for this exam. I'm sure the average'll be around 70, and I'm sure that people will complete it on time / early. And here I am, having only have done 2/6 problem sets. I'm screwed, once again...

Until next time, I guess...

...and a Midterm

This morning was nice. Breakfast w/ Reuben, Mai, Sheena, Colleen @ pendulum, which I never knew existed. Ended up missing morning classes, which I didn't mind at all. Walked around and did stuff, esp. around asian studies / international building / japanese gardens / "longhouse". Last one especially since we seemed to have kinda barged in on a buffet thing, heheh...Also, Sheena + Mai = beautiful music. Even if it's apparently the same songs from years ago. Heheh...

Anyways, yeah, spent the past about 4 hrs studying for my midterm tonight, Managerial Accounting, COMM 294. Rediculously hard... well, tricky, to be exact. Doing the practice midterms, it seems like everything on there has some sort of trick to figure out. For example, the question says that pigs are kept for 24 months before slaughter, while chickens are 12 months. That means that yearly costs, such as feed, are doubled when calculating the contribution margin per animal. I'm sure you guys have no idea what I said, but meh. Basically, I'll have to rely on my quick wits to get me through this exam. Yipes...

It doesn't help that the midterm basically has 3 questions, meaning that if I mess up right in the beginning of a 45 mark question, I'm basically screwed. And marks are basically 45/45/10 as far as questions on the exam go. So, I'm kinda freaked out about the midterm. I'm guessing anywhere from 30% to 70% for me. Only 70% because I suck at the "explain why job costing would be better than activity based costing" questions. So, yeah. I'm screwed.

And no, if I fail, it won't be because I spent the morning hanging out w/ everyone; I'd fail because I didn't study for this test at all during the past 2 months. No, wait, I mean, I didn't study for this class at all. Since it started. 2 months ago. Yeah. Makes more sense. Or not. Uh-oh, brain = scrambled right now. Quick wits my butt...

I miss hanging out... 'twas pretty...

Three hours 'til oblivion. I'm just glad it's only 35% of my mark...

Until next time, I guess...

Lazy Sunday

Today was a good yet semi-unproductive day. Unproductive in that I hardly got as much studying as I wanted to. Semi in the fact that I now know how to take better films/pictures/etc, in theory. But UBC w/ Reuben was rather enjoyable.

Didn't leave 'til later, library, then UBC, studied a bit, bussed to church, video workshop, missed bus, went to oakridge to wait, walked to the rooftop parking lot by accident, got picked up, went to Minervas to eat (met Chad & Anna), back to UBC, studied a bit, realized I'm completely screwed for midterms, decided to get to UBC early anyways, ride home, reminiscing about nostalgia, shower, computer, hour and a half of wasted time.

I should be sleeping right now. But I'm not.

Vroom is my favourite band of all time. Too bad they broke up a while ago. Also, too bad that I don't live in Virginia to see the reuinion last summer. Just thought I'd throw it out, heheh...

Until next time, I guess...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Happy Birthday

First things first, Happy Birthday Jake. And others. Yay!

Morning = good. Church = awesome. Also, afterwards with Krystle and Valen and Alan, very cool. Even when snowing. Yup. And bussing back to Richmond = adventure. A good adventure.

Party at Jakes = cool. Good times and such. Went for walk around 10:30ish. It was nice. Some asked why walk. I'll explain, somewhat.

Allergies. Specifically, cats. I believe. Not as bad as Andrew's though. But yeah, kinda felt suffocated, esp. after five hours. Not breathing = unsociable Justin. Didn't wanna be a downer. Nobody noticed, so I was correct in my assumptions. Including other assumptions not previously mentioned.

Caught up with Wobbly Jake, w/ Angela and Kevin. Went to Buck. Realized very quickly I didn't feel like sitting around in a smoky bar. Smoke + lungs = no breathing. Again. And hence I was feeling rather down, because of my lack of sociability. Sorry guys. Didn't wanna be a downer, again. So I went for another walk.

I guess it's kinda obvious that this is merely one reason of many, but it's true nonetheless. Other reasons are either stupid, trivial, or private. Lets just say that I'm an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Or is it the other way around. Whatever.

Unsociable Justin = Downer Justin. Didn't wanna ruin the evening. But I'm sure this was implied above.

That being said, Happy Birthday!

Until next time, I guess...

--> As told through the mind of an introverted extrovert.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Beautiful Day

Today was an awesome day. Although I didn't get any studying done. Oh well...

[Edit - I realize that, at least for this post, I'm reverting back to my "this is how my day went" mentality; again, so I don't forget the awesome day. So, in other words, BORING. Perhaps. Or maybe not. Read on if you dare...]

First off, met up w/ Kyle, Jamieson, and Andrew in the Commerce lounge, not before a bit of horseplay w/ the calling of the cel and the me not noticing that they were right to my left, heheh. Awesome stuff. Also saw a bit of the game. Go Finland! Then went to SUB, saw Bernard for a bit, and hung out in the eating area for a bit more. Then, with Kyle & Jamieson heading off to class, Andrew and I decided to go for a walk.

We ended up going down that road towards Spanish banks (East Mall? Westbrook?). And let me tell you, especially on a nice sunny day like today, it was AWESOME. Lots of big grassy areas I had no previous knowledge thereof. So we went down, ended up at the beach area, which today had a really awesome view of everything, especially of the snowcapped mountains; one in particular looked especially powdery and awesome.

As it was 3:30 by this time, and was planning on meeting up w/ Kyle at 4, Andrew was at a crossroads: continue walking through beautiful Vancouver, or walk back uphill towards UBC. He decided on the former. Heheh. I thought that the bus on 4th was just up ahead, so we just kept walking. And walking. And walking. Alls the way to Jericho park. In hindsight, that was a LONG walk, hehe... but, nonetheless, Vancouver was BEAUTIFUL today! As in, spectacularly gorgeous. Quite nice.

We then took the 4 on 4th back to UBC, met up w/ Mark & friends for a bit, but decided that hanging out in Koerner Pub being all cramped while not being able to hold a conversation w/ people we don't know would be slightly awkward, so we ended up kinda bailing on Mark. Sorry man. But yeah, bussing home time ensued. Actually, on the 41st, we met up w/ Reuben & his friend Paul (who was rather quiet, much like I would've been in his situation actually). So yeah, talked a bit on the bus and such. Awesomeness.

I mean, today was awesome just for reasons like that: completely unexpected outbursts of socialization. I was planning on just sitting all hunched up over my books today, but instead, awesomeness ensued. So cool! I remember, around noonish, after a bit of comp (incl. my last post), and after a slice of pizza, I was all kinda bummed and didn't feel like studying as it was so nice out. So I headed over to the commerce lounge, and BAM! FRIENDS!!! More awesome than I can think of.

BUT WAIT! My day has not yet been completed, as tonight I ended up going to Church (as per usual, well, sort of). So after everyone got off on Granville, I continued to bus down to my church. And it wasn't exactly per usual, as I left before the next day praise team practice started.

Instead, there was a practice of the big concert thing we're doing this summer, which is going to be a rediculously big and awesome production thing. EVERYONE'S INVITED! Yup. So yeah, ran through "One Way", and our different parts in that song. Especially for recording, which we're going to be doing, and not only using that recording as a backtrack to make a fuller sound during the production, but also to sell at the concert! So that was rather nice. Also ran through "As the Deer" a bit, a more contemporary version. "Don't use Thee!" "But I like using Thee, it sounds TRADITIONAL!!! Hahaha!"

And also of incredible note, we also had a mini vocal lesson! More precisely, I learned that the reason why rock singers have that edgy voice is the fact that they heavily use their glottal voice (as compared to their aspiration voice). Also, it is pretty much exactly the same as the classical, operatic voice in terms of methodology, with the only difference being the style.

We also practiced using our glottal voices. I LEARNED HOW TO HAVE AN EDGIER VOICE!!! That's so freaking amazing. I learned to have an edgier voice in the span of 10 minutes. So cool! And perhaps now I won't be all really quiet when I sing anymore. Bonus!

So yeah, alls in all, I had a pretty freakin' amazing day today; everything from hanging out, to awesome walking, to edgier voice. Sweet freakin' goodness, I feel awesome. And tired. Oh so very tired...

Until next time, I guess...

--> As told through a mind. My mind, to be exact.


Reminder: Download free trial of Gametap.

Even w/o Nintendo (I'm assuming b/c of Revolution), looks SO AWESOME! Willy Beamish, Heroes I-IV, Space Quest, etc... NIIIIICE.

***Edit, 2 mins later***

BAAAHHHHH!!! Only in the US?! What a load of horse manure...
Boooooooooooo... stupid States with their awesome nostalgic gaming experiences...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

40 Mins to Disas...AWESOMENESS?!?

Finished studying for my Stats midterm. Which is less than 40 mins away. I love how I don't have to do my usual 30min pre-test "memorize the formula" cramming session, since the test is open book open notes. Hehe.

Plus, if the past midterms are any indication, I can practically GUARANTEE at least an 80%. However, this is dependant on 2 variables:

1) Me not freaking out when something looks unfamiliar; I'd spend an exhorbant amout of time on the question, then run out of time in the end.

2) Not making stupid mistakes; Stupid, little, FRIGGIN mistakes that drop me down a letter grade.

But yeah, sweetness, and such! And I still have 5 minutes until my "must wait outside the room to grab the best seat for the midterm" phase begins... I'll peruse other peoples blogs, perhaps...

Heheh, oh man, this is an AWESOME feeling, being prepared for a test... it could be the double espresso and 7 packs of sugar talking, but DANG I'm feelin' good...

Until next time, I guess...


My goodness, that one one of the easiest tests I've ever taken. FRICKIN' EH!!! This is the absolute essence of Awesomeness I'm feelin' right now. As Sam would say, I raped that test! RRRAAAAAAPPED!!!

[Hmmm, nobody who reads my blog knew Sam, since nobody went to McNair... in that case, Raped = Aced, just to clarify things. Heheh...]

Now, that being said, if I don't get over 90%, I will be horribly disappointed. But remember, I've already taken Stats before, and I did well in Stats before too, so 90% isn't reaching or anything...

But whatever, I frickin' ACED that test! AWESOMENESS!!!

Until next time, I guess...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Questionable Lyricism

Up and down day. Morning, nearly late for class. Then, I skip class and Canada loses. But hanging out w/ the guys was nice. Then I get to my Stats class, review thing,

Okay, so mostly down, but whatever. And yes, I should be studying for my Stats midterm tomorrow, but I wanna share a story in the morning.

You see, as I got in the car, warming up the engine, waiting for my sister, I decided to turn on the radio. It was on Z, too lazy to change. Then, a song comes up:

Some say love is just for sinners
I believe it is not true
Cause when I was really sinning love came down and gave me You
Told me how to get there
So I plan my escape
I ran through the garden
But I tripped on the gate
But I tripped on the gate

I was like, whoa, it's like, a christian song on Z, that isn't Switchfoot/Creed/etc. And as I continued listening, I was just shocked:

What are you doing to me
I'm so into you
Isn't it easy to see
I'm falling for you
Yeah you
Yeah you

...wait a second, I know this song! It's that freakin' weirdo from Canadian Idol! Wait, does that mean Hedley's a christian band?? Uhhh...I don't think so??

Then my sister comes in, starts listening to it too, and points out that it could be having one of those double-meaning lyrics that most popularized christian-esque songs seem to have. [i.e., "All Over You", about being gay, or about Jesus? Or both?]

But yeah, questionable lyrics nonetheless. After a quick scan of several other Hedley lyrics, I found more examples of similar questionable lyrics. But then I realized that I'm trying to look for them, meaning I'm probably reading too much into nothing. As I usually tend to do. Oh well...

Anyways, I believe I've spent far too much time procrastinating as it is. I'm going to bed.

Until next time, I guess...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


"Sedin then muttered an expletive, and walked away from reporters."

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! That's hilarious!!!

Whoops, late...

Whoops, two minutes late for class... now I HAVE to watch the game... hehe...

Monday, February 20, 2006

Incredibly Annoying Things

Incredibly Annoying Thing #1:
--> It turns out that the due date for my stats assignment was moved to friday. I stayed up for nothing. But hey, at least I'm done. Still incredibly annoying though...

Incredibly Annoying Thing #2:
--> I caught my 2nd wind (or 5th wind, or whatever) during a boring stats class which I already learned the stuff for this morning while doing my assignment that wasn't due today, probably because it wasn't taught yet. Stupid everything. But yeah, being unable to sleep when you really want to is incredibly annoying, ESPECIALLY when total sleep in the past 2 days = zero.

Incredibly Annoying Thing #3:
--> Finished classes, but unable to go home due to the car being parked on 41st and me being too tired to drive it and my sister having class until 6. So here I am, basically stuck on the comp for an hour and a half. Or, I could always bus to the car and sit and listen to music...or perhaps sleep, heh... Or, I could also stay

Incredibly Annoying Thing #4:
--> Being rediculously wide awake during the class where I wanted to sleep, then getting incredibly tired right when I got on the comp to read online articles for my COMM 392 course. Although, I never seem to be too tired to read gamefaqs about games I have. Such as Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, which I started to play yesterday after I got home from biking and wanted to rest on a bed instead of sitting on uncomfortable chairs in front of either computer as well as not having anything interesting to watch on tv. Wait, what was I talking about again? Oh right, I like to read about games. Yup.

Incredibly Annoying Thing #5:
--> Realizing that my organization of the post has been for naught, for I still ended up rambling on about random boring things. I swear, there was a period in the past month where my blog was actually not completely tiresome.

And with that I shall end this post. Sounds vaguely similar Gautam's signature ending, hehe...

Until next time, I guess...


I was gonna edit again, but hey, it's a new day, and I'm at school.

Yeah, I stayed up all night. Stats homework was all, yeah easy! Then it was all, yeah, I'm taking too long on these easy questions. Then it was all, holy crap what's going on. And then it was all holy crap it's time to get to school...

But oh well. Heheh.

I ended up drinking a cola at about the last time I edited (or rather, finishing the one I sipped on at around 2/3ish). I liken that to a car, that's running on empty, that is suddenly injected with NOS. That can't be good.

Went to two classes already, still semi-coherent. Which was good, 'cause they were good classes today. Relg was a guest speaker talking about Bonhauffer and the Nazi holocaust and martyrdom and stuff. Incredibly interesting, especially the discussion near the end. Psych was also pretty cool, spent most of the class on one slide, about prejudice and discrimination and blank-isms (i.e. racism), and talked about a whole bunch of examples. Like this one student has a 6' white blue-eyed blonde-haired friend who's last name is Faris (or something like that, sounds like Ferris?), which turns out to be a very common name in the Middle East, and he always seems to be stopped by "random checks" and stuff. Pretty interesting stuff.

I still have a couple more classes to go to, although I am rather hungry (as I've forgone breakfast and morning shower for homework time), and obviously rather tired, as seen in the rambly style of the above paragraph. Actually, come to think of it, I haven't even slept after I went biking, although it seems like ages away by this point. Heh...

I should probably put my head down and rest somewheres in the library, but instead I ramble on on my blog. As per the usual. Well, the usual meaning I'm spending my hour break in front of the computer, that is.

I'd like to get into co-op. That'd be pretty cool. Hopefully find a firm within Richmond, doubly cool. Although when I found out that there's gonna be $800 in co-op fees, I was somewhat dejected. I mean, there goes my first paycheque. Although, apparently the range in pay is $2000 - $3200, avg. of $2261 or something like that, which sounds quite nice. Then again, I'm guessing that's gross, so it'll go down to normal amounts post-taxes.

Speaking of money, I wanna have a job. Preferably something in the $10 range. With nice hours (i.e. no friday night, saturday). So, if any one of yous out there working in some sort of warehouse or factory job finds an opening, gimme a call and what not. Then again, I'm sure you working people wouldn't still be reading my blog at this point.

Which reminds me, it seems that my blog has gone back to This. Heheh...

That's because I'm all rambly and somewhat incoherent at the moment. And falling quickly. Perhaps caffeine and carrot cake wasn't the best 5am breakfast. Mmmm, breakfast, sounds like food. You know what, I think I'm gonna go buy myself a taco. Nature's sandwich. HAHAHA, Mark is hilarious.

Any taco stands around UBC? Preferably, around Angus/Koerner? No? Oh well...

Man, no sleep + hunger is really draining on a person. Heh...

Until next time, I guess...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Co-op Application

So yeah, I finally decided to start doing my co-op application. I started at about 8pm, perhaps a little earlier than that. I've basically spent the last two hours compiling all my past post-secondary marks onto one big excel file, then converted that file to pdf ('cause that's only what they accept online). Needless to say, I'm incredibly annoyed at the moment.

And now comes the actual hard part: rewriting my frickin' resume and making a freakin' cover letter. Stupid, stupid, procrastinatory Justin...

Did I mention that I also have a Stats assignment due tomorrow, which I also haven't started yet?? And did I also mention that I am still kinda tired from my earlier outdoor excursions?

I am so screwed it's not funny...

Then again, it could be worse... at least I'm not in EECE...

Until next time, I guess...

[Edit - AARRRGH!!! Why must it be 2am?! Why am I not finished my co-op application?! Why do I continue to procrastinate in every manner possible?! Why must the special guest speaker for my relg. class be in tomorrow's class, where I'm for sure either gonna be late, absent, or incredibly groggy?! And why oh why didn't I freaking do my stupid stats assignment in the past 2 weeks it was assigned?!?!?!]

[Edit, 3am - Stupid cover letter, being too wordy, making me have to redo it... I blame this on rediculous university english, which is utterly impractical in a business context. Also, notice how I've gotten past my anger stage and onto my "I'm rediculously tired and want to get it over with even though I know I'm gonna have to stay up for at least 3 hours longer" stage.]

[Edit, 3:12am - GAAAHHHHHH!!! Stupid not realizing that I was writing in 12pt font, when cover letters require 10pt! Oh well, I guess efficient writing is a good thing anyways, heheh... hmmm, perhaps I'm back in my angry mode...]

[Edit, 4:30am - Finally finished my friggin' co-op application. That took waaaaay too long. I still have to do my stupid stats assignment. I kinda like my cover letter, actually. Perhaps I'll post it tomorrow. If I remember.]

[Edit, 5:20am - Well, I haven't started my stats assignment yet. Instead I decided to print out notes for my classes tomorrow, but I caught myself before I started to print out the buttload of pages of previous stats midterms. Oh, I also went to find my old stats notes from BCIT, which I believe was semi-productive. I'm hoping my stats assignment'll only take a few hours, then I'll be able to get about 2hrs of sleep. Wait, scratch that, 1 hr of sleep. But I doubt even that. Actually, now I'm hoping to just be finished before 9. That leaves me with about 3 and a half hours. HOLY CRAP THAT'S NOT ENOUGH TIME. Especially in my sleep deprived state. But, whatcha gonna do 'cept try your hardest. Etc. Also, time for some cola, or perhaps a nice warm tea. But tea takes to long. So cola it is. But cola is cold. ARGH I'M RAMBLING. I'm getting off the computer.]


Rode my bike to Andrew's place this afternoon. It was fun. We biked for a bit, caught a bit of the game (stupid Canadians!), and super smashed it up. Although, I haven't ridden in a while, and my legs were all wobbly for a bit. And it was slightly chilly. And I did end up losing my stupid friggin' sunglasses which fell out of my not-zipped-enough pocket, which really ticked me off. Those were relatively expensive. But meh, whatcha gonna do.

But anyways, the biking was frickin' AMAZING. I love biking, it's so nice. Especially in the summer, but even now it's quite awesome. I'm quite exhausted right now, as I haven't exerted much energy over the past couple months, so that was good too. Except I now feel like sitting down and resting instead of doing any necessary things towards my future success. Yeah.

I'm tired and fairly happy. Not bad for 3:30pm. Heheh. Even if skating was cancelled...

Until next time, I guess...

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Well, it turns out that I have a Stats midterm on thursday. Of next week. Whoops...

Although, it is kinda nice how my midterms are all spread out-like. I shouldn't complain.

It's 7pm, and I'm tired and sleepy. I hate that time when it's too late to take a nap, yet too early to go to bed.

Self-Reminder, Things To Do: 1)Stats assignment, 2)Co-op application. Both are rediculously important. And yet, I still watch the downloaded Smallville episode I missed rather than start up work. Whoops...

Until next time, I guess...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Up and Down

This is how my week basically went:

AWESOME, complacent, non-existant, AWESOME, complacent, AWESOME, incredibly slothful, pretty cool, then back to complacent.

All I got done over this time is one friggin' problem set, the easiest one in the class I have the least trouble in. Yup. I'm screwed. Therefore...

Things I Need To Do:
  1. Finish my Stats homework assignment.
  2. Finish and submit my application for Co-op.
  3. Start on my Relg. paper.
  4. Hmmm...

Actually, the rest of the things I have to do are just general studying, and since I don't have midterms next week I feel rather complacent about doing them. These seem to be the most pressing, as the first two are due within a couple days, and the third point being the only paper I have to do all year (plus it'll be interesting).

Whoops, it seems that I have an assignment due in my Managerial Accounting class too, although I'm not too certain when that one's done. Should probably finish up that one too.

Heheh, I kinda feel like pulling an allnighter, just to get myself in the mood to study. Actually, no, that probably won't be possible, as tomorrow I have church, and the day after is early-ish skating, and the day after that is school.

HOLY CRAP THE DAY AFTER THAT IS SCHOOL! What a waste of a week...

Wait, waste is too strong of a word... perhaps, under-utilized? That doesn't sound right either... but the point is, I did not use this week to its full potential. I blame video games. Actually, one game in particular: CivIV.

Now I'm all depressed. Nothing a little CivIV wont fix...

And thus the cycle begins again... Until next time, I guess...

--> As told through the mind of an introverted-due-to-laziness extrovert.

[Edit, 30 seconds later: What am I doing?? It's BEAUTIFUL outside! I'm gonna take a friggin' walk! Oh right, it's cold...yipes, dilemma...]

[Edit #2: Well, it wasn't cold outside at all! It was nice and cool and breezy, and above all, BEAUTIFUL! Not a cloud in the sky! Funny this is, this was the first time I've walked down the Shell Road trail behind my house since I've moved. Heheh, I really gotta do this more often... Actually, the only reason I came back relatively quickly was that it was afterschool time, and walking with a bunch of adolescents just seems weird. Heheh.]

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Good Idea, Bad Idea

Good Idea: Forcing myself to get off the comp and go to bed, even if it's at 2:30am.

Bad Idea: Waking up at 4am to try and watch the game, then falling asleep for 2 hrs, waking up to find that Canada is winning 6-2, then watching enough to see Thornton get a goal, then falling back asleep, then waking up again only to find that Canada has won.

Good Idea: Going to practice with everyone there for the first time and sounding crazy awesome.

Bad Idea: Coming home only to sit around, watch tv, and stuff my face with cinnamon sugar bagel chips and valentines day chocolate.

Good Idea: Having the motivation to get my butt off the couch.

Bad Idea: Getting up only to blog instead of doing work, then checking up on the olympics (we have a gold??), then playing some CivIV.

Hmmm...haven't done that last bad idea yet. Although I know I'm going to. Even if it is a bad idea. Oh well, it's reading break, and I don't have any midterms next week, so it's all good.
Hmmm...I believe I still have one more pair to write about:

Good Idea: Getting to bed by midnight.

Bad Idea: Watching the game while in bed until 2am, thus maintaining my horrible sleep schedule.

Until next time, I guess...


Good Idea: Deciding not to watch the game at midnight.

Bad Idea: Deciding instead to continue playing CivIV 'til 4:30am, then fiddling with my hockey pool for another hour.

Hanging Out Is Awesome

I am always amazed at how awesome just hanging out is. 'Cause hanging out is awesome. Even if the day becomes academically unproductive, heheh...

Oh, and as a side note, Reuben mentioned how my posts used to be like, THIS, and now, they're like this...perhaps my blog self really IS maturing, heheheh...

Until next time, I guess...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Day...!

Yeah, not really celebrating it fully, for obvious reasons.

But no fear, geeks are here! But not just any geeks, Geeks In Love!


Until next time, I guess...



Freakishly addictive game. It's actually kinda stupid and tedius, but it encompasses everything I like in a video game. Basically, treadmilling. Oh how I like my numbers, in ever increasing amounts. Hurray for near-instant gratification. Etc etc, and such.

Until next time, I guess...

Monday, February 13, 2006

250 Unread, 800+ Read

After well over 2 hrs, I finally finished sorting through all my e-mail I've accumulated over the past year and a half. Now, I thought that was a lot, until I heard from Andrew that he deleted 700+ unread e-mails today. Yipes. Heheh.

Until next time, I guess...

[p.s. - Johari Window!]

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Johari Window

Got this from Vicky's blog:

Johari Window

Please do this! Then get your own! It's cooler than being cool!

I'm pretty sure that most people will choose one or two same words that I didn't pick. And who knows, maybe you'll all be surprised by my choices (and me with yours!). Ice cold, indeed.

Aw man, now I feel like making a Quiz. Maybe next time. Hehe...

Until next time, I guess...

Awesome Day

Church in morning, 3hr nap in afternoon, and hangings out in evening. Mostly with the hangings out. AWESOME.


- Skating for the first time in probably 4+ years.
- Hanging out w/ Reuben & Andrew, in general.
- Watching a movie, but spending most of the time talking about (mostly) random stuff.
- Watching Andrew and Tom get into a "fight", more of a brotherly wrestling test of strength and shame. Ended in a draw, but man it was hilariously long! And it was all regular wrestling/shoving etc. up until Andrew started with the facewashing, then Tom started with the bareback slapping, then Andrew got pissed and started doing some kidney punching, etc etc...HILARIOUS! [p.s., it's not like anyone got hurt, nor did they really hate each other, so I found it awesome and hilarious. Yup!]

Great night. I like hanging out, it's quite fun. Now, I must pull a Reuben and study for most of the study break. Heheh. Did I mention it's 4am right now?

Until next time, I guess...

[Edit - This article makes me realize that my generation was the perfect time to grow up, what with the best cartoons ever, the height of the videogame revolution, etc etc. Sweeeeet.]

[Edit 1 - Awesome news, even if I'm a little late in finding it out: EVIL DEAD 4!!!]

Friday, February 10, 2006

I Wonder...

Hmmm, I wonder...

If a guy is attracted to tomboys, i.e. butch girls, does that make him kinda gay??

Until next time, I guess...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dr. McNinja

Haha, have you guys read Dr. McNinja? Surprisingly hilarious.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

All Cut

So, after much deliberation, I finally got a haircut. I was considering waiting 'til next week, once again, but then a bird crapped on my head right before I got on the 480 to Richmond, so after I wiped off the excess I realized it was a sign, a sign to chop the mop. So yeah, bird crapped on my head, had to wait 'til richmond centre, washed it out, then got my haircut. Then went to staples and bought a binder. Then went to Kwantlen, but nobody was there. Except for Cindy, but she wasn't at the chill spot, so that doesn't count. Then I went home, had dinner, and listened to the canucks lose on the radio. Stupid Blues are 3-0, and friggin Sanford's possibly injured, which sucks 'cause he's in my hockey pool.

Not bad for a day that started cool then awful then lackadaisical then back to awful then alright then back to lackadaisical. Heheh, hurray for dictionary.com.

Surprisingly, I have nothing more to add, boring or not. I guess I'm just not in the blogging mood.

Until next time, I guess...


Well the ambulance came, so that's good. Perhaps it was too early to leave the hospital.

I wish I'd be more able to talk to him, though. I never know what to say.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"It's Just Another Wasted Day"

Yeah. Woke up at 6, studied for 4 hrs, took my test, died a little inside, skipped classes and went home, wasted craploads of time doing absolutely nothing (well, reading webcomics to be exact), watched the hockey game (rather entertaining actually), sportsnet and other random tv shows, and now it's 12:30am.

Guess who has an assignment due tomorrow who hasn't started it yet who also has a class at 8:30am? That's right, ME!!! ...

It's just another wasted day. A boring life in a boring town, with the same old crowd. WHOA-OH-OH!! Heheh, going off on a Less Than Jake tangent right there...

I shouldn't've skipped class today. Or, rather I shouldn't've gone on the comp and wasted the day away and instead do what I was all psyched up to do on the busride home, and that was to work out / swim. Went online to check the swim schedule, but that lead to webcomic non-goodness. Whoops. Therefore, no working out, and therefore fallen back to laze. Heheh. Oh well, I was kinda burned out from the exam today. Excuses excuses, I know...

Anyways, no more blogging for me. Time for work. Or, rather, other forms of procrastination, THEN homework. Heheh...

Until next time, I guess...

[edit, 2:12am - Seems I've hit a wall in my homework. This wall is basically "explain the numbers" kinda thing. I'm not really tired, per se, more like lazy to actually do it. Which is bad, 'cause it is quite late, and I would rather be done sooner than later. Oh well, this bit of blogging should quench my procrastinatory thirst. Also, I'm finding my growing dependence of caffeine rather unnerving. I mean, it may not be much, but morning tea + evening cola = beginning of bad habbits. Therefore, for rest of week(s), no more caffeine. Yeah!! (well, maybe tomorrow, if only for early morning class...but hopefully not!) And now, back to work!]

[edit, 10 mins later - Yeah, I lied. Kind of. This "wall" isn't due to laziness, it's due to lack of understanding. I have no clue what the question's asking for. Oh well, I guess I'd rather admit to sloth than to unintelligence. Anyways, I'm considering putting down a "no change is necessary, assuming all cost drivers are a good measure of..." etc etc, a generalized nothing's-wrong answer, hopefully pulling a couple extra marks outta my butt...and yes, butt is much funnier to say than donkey...]

[edit, 3:30am - Finally finished, half an hour later than I wanted. No matter, it's done, so I don't care. I really hit my stride about half an hour ago, caffeine fully kicking in. Unfortunately, I'm actually kinda wide awake right now, heheh. But, I need sleep, so I shall go sleep now...gnite everybody! (...and by everybody, I mean the people who are actually awake at this time and will read this before daybreak, i.e. only myself, i.e meaning I'm talking to myself, indirectly. Hehehe...)]

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Hours until test: 12 hrs

Hours of previous study: 0 hrs

Hours of study needed to get a good mark: 6 hrs

Plan of action:

- Study 2 hrs before bed (1am)

-Sleep for 4 hrs (5am)

-Study for 4 hrs (9am)

-Get to School, 1 hour (10am)

-Go to class / pre-test cramming, 1 hour (11am)

-Time for midterm!!!

Surprisingly, this doesn't seem all that bad. However, it is dependent upon many assumptions. Assuming 6 hrs is enough cram time. Assuming 4 hrs is enough sleep time. Assuming I'll be able to focus and study in allotted time. Assuming I'll be able to sleep at 1am (still caffeinated from Jake's party). Assuming I won't be stupid and waste craploads of time on either videogames / television. Oh well, here goes nothing.

Until next time, I guess...

[edit, midnight - Yup, already an hour behind schedule. I've also forgotten to schedule a few things, such as taking a shower and eating and such. Whoops. Therefore, new assumption: time needed to study = 4 hrs. LOL.]

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Yet Again

Yet another schooling gripe. Stupid assignments being due. Although, I've decided to forgo doing the stats assignment, as they only take the top 5 (of 6) assignments anyways, and considering it didn't look like this would be receiving a good mark to begin with...so yeah. One down, another to go.

The "another" seems easy enough, write a resume and cover letter. But, it's eleven frickin' thirty at night, and I'm sick and tired. [not meaning the expression]. And sleepy. I'm very very sleepy. Perhaps I shall go make myself some tea.

I was going to do work at school today, but after waking up at 6, 3 hrs of class, & 2 hrs of copying notes of classes I've missed, I just didn't have the drive. So, I decided to go home. However, after taking 2 hrs of getting home by bus, I was quite exhausted (as I couldn't sleep on the bus).

Although, I did end up seeing Irfan on the bus to richmond, so that was cool. Irfan's an awesome guy, knew him since I was in gr. 4. And he somehow knows Reuben, and apparently Colleen and Mai too, heheh...small world.

But yeah. Complete lack of any motivation today. Fairly disconcerting, really. It's not like I don't wanna do work, it's just that I can't bring myself to start. Hence me blogging. Hence me downloading + watching last weeks episode of smallville by 7pm so I could watch this week's smallville at 8pm, followed by watching Beauty and the Geek afterwards, then having a shower, then watching tv, then surfin' the net, then realizing it's 11:30 thus deciding to open up a word document, only to start blogging. Heheh. Ramble ramble.

I'm soo freaking tired. Perhaps I shall go make myself a hot cup of tea. Perhaps I shall force myself into actually doing some work. Or perhaps I shall spend the next half hour reading blogs.

**30 mins have elapsed**

Yup. Reading of blogs won out. I'm horrible...

Until next time, I guess...

[edit, 4am - I'm so friggin' stupid! Here I am, spent 3 hrs doing my resume, and I now realize it doesn't have to be exactly about me at freakin' all! It's just a freakin' assignment! And I still have to do a freakin' cover letter! Gah...]

[edit, 6:25am - My goodness, finally done. Could've done so much freakin' better. This time I'm more annoyed than usual, as this means I'm going to have to change around my resume once again before I hand it into the co-op thingy. Surprisingly though, I still don't feel all that tired. Wait, strike that, time for bed...]

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Yeah, tomorrow's gonna be FUN.

I'm going to bed...

I Give Up

Tried to do my stats, but I just gotta go home. I'm so incredibly screwed. Unless I do my work at home.

Oh well...


I've been doing this one stupid problem on my stats assignment, which requires excel, which requires me to be in the computer lab. However, the reason why I'm taking so long isn't because I don't understand the problem, it's because there's a whole bunch of people being incredibly loud and annoying. This computer lab is located within the LIBRARY.


I said it once, and I'll say it again, David Lam library SUCKS. Too noisy.

(btw, I'm too lazy to get up and shush, and I need the commerce comps for the excel functions, and I'm too self-conscious to stick in earplugs)

I want to be finished now. But I'm not. Stupid everything, gotta finish this crap by tonight.

I'm hungry again...spent all my monay...I wanna go home...

Until next time, I guess...

[edit, 10 mins later - Looks like they cleared everybody out of the lab, heheheh. Stupid loud annoying people. However, they sound like they're leaving, meaning I'll be alone in the comp lab. WOO HOO!!! Time to study now...]

Forced to School

Still sick, and still at school. I just wanna go home. Plus, I don't see how good the next few lectures'll be, as I feel slightly out of it...plus, the notes are online...

Or so I thought, but I checked yesterday, and the notes for 392 haven't been posted! WHAA?? This worries me, so I'll ask in my next class.

I kinda wanna skip stats after 392, but I learn math 10x better in class than out...then again, I've already taken stats...but, I must do my stats homework, and perhaps there's some hints for the assignment today...

Argh, stupid assignment due friday! As well as my 299 assignment! Stupid sickness making me feel tired and lazy...even moreso than usual! Plus, I wanna finish most of it tonight, so tomorrow I can focus on the band thing and not worry about assignments.

Gah, speaking of worry, I'm semi-freaking out about my Psyc midterm on monday, there's tons and tons of stuff to remember, and it's worth 40%, and I haven't started studying AT ALL, and I probably wont tonight or tomorrow, and this sunday's the freaking SUPERBOWL, so my usual sunday cramming isn't going to happen I'd assume, which means I got friday afterschool for about 4 hrs, saturday night for probably another 4 hours (HAHAHA, me study sat night, I know I'm not...), and, finally, however much time is left sunday night when I get home. Oh man, and I also have to frickin' read practically 7 chapters! Holy freakin' crappy goodness! ...yeah, not cool.

Oh well, class for today, I'll go to both. Then probably finish up my stat assignment afterwards at school too.

Wait a sec, when's my next 294 assignment due?? Crud crud crud...

Until next time, I guess...