Thursday, May 31, 2007


And that's awesome.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Wow, as it turns out, I'm Sylar. I rejigged the test, and ended up w/ Jessica... not much friggin better... so I did it one last time and ended up with Sylar AGAIN.


But yeah, I did somewhat empathize w/ Sylar a bit... that being said, I can't comprehend how he can be so oblivious of his own self. If that makes sense.

It's WAY too late right now. I don't know why I stay up late now, ESPECIALLY after friggin' ultimate... which we got smoked again today... but w/e, dropping a tier wouldn't be so bad, heh... but I digress. I'm freakin' SYLAR.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Weekend Update

First and foremost, GOOO GIANTS!!! WOOOO!!! MEMORIAL CUP CHAMPS!!! Always knew they'd come out on top in the big show, haha! And DANG, what a first period! I mean, no goals, but, holy crap! Now that was fun to watch.

Anyways, I don't really have much else to say.

...well, there is one thing.

It seems that the lack of "this is how my day went" blogs is kinda making me forget what actually happened in the past week. And man, trying to remember the past couple weeks, and coming up blank... SCARY. I mean, I tried to do a "tuesday I did this, wednesday I did this" etc etc thing, and I just couldn't do it!

I mean, the big dates I remember, but other that that, nothing. And now I always feel like I'm forgetting something important that happened in my life... well, I guess nothing TOO important, but... something noteworthy, at least.

It's as if I've devolved into life before blogging. When I truly felt like life was just floating by and I was missing everything.

[in contrast, with a blog, at least I knew exactly how I was letting my life fly by...]

But anyways, I partially blame my lack of steady connection, and partially blame my unusually-busy lifestyle nowadays for my lack of blogging. But mainly, it's the laziness.

...although I've been told that I no longer need to "lay everything out there for the world to see." Which is, I guess, a good thing.

And I'll just leave it at that.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I went home early today, left around lunchtime. Wasn't feeling too hot. Hope I don't get in trouble about it tomorrow...

I also realized that I prefer not to have responsibility. I've gotta work on this more, ESPECIALLY for this summer. I can't be afraid to call in freaking clients...

Anywhoo, I took a 3hr nap this afternoon, then my uncle came to give the table/chairs, then went out to Bistrot Bistro, near my place. GOOD FOOD, and Alan finally came along to a fancy dinner. Haha, awesomeness.


Sometimes, I can be one jealous bastard. I mean, I know how not to show it, but deep down, I'm still rather insecure. I mean, it seems like I have nothing to worry about, but still... jealous bastard.

[[other stuff edited out... sometimes things need not be said.]]


Midnight sleeping, once again, probably not a good thing... gotta be alert for the phonings tomorrow! Stupid mental hurdles...

Hey, speaking of mental hurdles... kinda seeing some parallels here... haha...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Ultimate was TOUGH. I wasn't feeling right for some reason. Or reasonS. And the busride home was kinda depressing. And took too long. Once I was at home though, I kinda chilled out. Being able to get onto internet was nice. And relaxing.

Also, is it bad to get a bruise on your knee, the inner concave side, for no reason?? Because I got one from ultimate today... and it's kinda making me all limpy...

It's 10pm, and I haven't really eaten. Or showered. etc etc. I HAVE to sleep before 11pm. So no more blog.

Monday, May 21, 2007


This is my 792nd post on this blog. I thought for sure I'd brake the 800 mark a month ago. But, if you haven't noticed, my blogging has become uncharacteristically sporadic recently.

It's not that I haven't had stuff to write, it's more that I've been too lazy. And, when it's NOT due to laziness, my stupid internet connection gets all non-existant. So I kinda gave up on blogging these past few weeks. I really need to buy myself a steady connection...

The long weekend was nice. Hanging out w/ various friends, going out to a celebratory-job-getting dinner tomorrow night, pretty nice.

Also, I've got relatively long and shaggy hair. I like the feel of the long hair. But everytime I let it grow out, I completely forget that I look SOOO much better with short hair. I recently watched a vid of me, which was right after a haircut... SOOO much nicer looking. So yeah, now I really want a haircut. Especially before tomorrow night. So yeah, will definitely get it cut before then, assuming I can find a place that's open on Victoria day... I'm guessing mall...

...I'm not up for the usual ranty stuff at the moment. But yeah, today was a good day. Yesterday was a good day. Tomorrow shall follow suit, I'm certain.

Until next time, I guess...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Do I Have Ass-Burgers??

Okay, but no seriously though, do I have Asperger's?

[p.s. - this was one of the things I forgot to blog about, as per that previous post...]

Monday, May 14, 2007

It's "Late", but not really

It's 10:30pm. I've gotta get up in, oh, seven hours.

I stay up b/c I talk to people. Well, more specifically, person...


I had a lot of misc. random things I wanted to remember to blog, but I've forgotten most of 'em. I'm sure most of you are silently pumping your fist in joy. Heheh.


I can't figure out if the new comment on my Jumper vid is a joke or not. So, in lieu of any concrete evidence, I'll just assume that it's a slight exaggeration. lol... but yeah, youtube is AWESOME.

Jann Arden?!

OMG, Jann Arden pulled a SHAR!

Oddly enough, apparently this happened because she ate MORE.

Truckstop turkey dinners at midnight, as your only meal for the day... probably not a good idea, heheh...


Tigers just won in overtime... b'OH....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's "Late"

I need to learn to force myself to sleep.

Saturday night, I was GOING to sleep, but then I started to play videogames. Then it became 7am.

I was going to sleep NOW, but then, I thought I'd check e-mail, etc...

But enough of this. I'm working my 9-5 now [well, tech, 8-4], so none of this childish foolishness. Blogging will no longer be one of the reasons I stay up so late.

Especially when there are so many other reasons to stay up...

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I'd talk about work, but 1) it's confidential (SERIOUSLY), and 2) NO TIME!!

Instead, I'll just ramble about the crazy next few days.

Friday, work, then skytrain/bus home, then straight to church, practice reader's theatre/skit, help w/ children's church prep, practice praise team (drums?), practice friggin' VIOLIN for last-minute concert Winston asked me to be in [WHY CAN'T I SAY NO?!?], bus back, GET AS MUCH SLEEP AS POSSIBLE.

Wake up early, get to church early to help out w/ mother's day waffle breakfast thing. Praise team. Reader's theatre/skit. Childrens church (perhaps not...). Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, have enough time to bus back to my place before bussing to surrey... hmmm... probably not back to my apartment... so, bus from church to surrey church, do friggin' VIOLIN SOLO, which I haven't even done in, like, SIX YEARS. And I'm sure something I'm forgetting to be done on Saturday night. CRAP, why can't I remember...

Then sunday = mother's day. GOTTA FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO...

Anyways... one thing's for sure:


I'm going to bed.

[p.s. - Valen, tomorrow @ church, remind me to find music to play for Winston's concert thing!]

[Edit - forgot to mention, thanks for the bday wishes everyone! Went back to family home last night, was nice!]

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Today was CRAZY.

I woke up to a call from the co-op office, saying that I have the job for sure, and that they were told my security clearance passed already and the CRA wants me to work tomorrow! WOW, what a wakeup call...

[also, it took the other co-op student a month and a half before cleared, but took me only a DAY! Haha, is my life that boring??]

A few minutes later, I got a call from the CRA confirming this, and that I was to come in for work tomorrow! WOW...

Now, finally getting a co-op job is AWESOME. However, there are a few reasons it kinda sucks to work so quickly. First off, it's my BIRTHDAY, lol. No lazing about all day, no going home to delicious Charissa-made strawberry cake, etc etc. Also, I was planning on having two weeks of vacation! All the plans of "relaxation", GONE! Haha...

Good definitely outweighs the sucks though, for sure...

Anyways, continuing the day, I was planning on going directly to broadway/cambie to get those danged cleats for the game tonight. But then my uncle phones me right as I get out of the shower, says he's 2mins away and wants to take me to lunch... I'm thinking, man cutting it close for time, but w/e, food is food... so we end up eating at Cafe de Fruits, crazy awesome french bistro thing on 7th, near granville. I had salmon. With POUTINE. hahaha...

Anyways, walked up to broadway, took the 99 to gaiaultimate. But when I finally get there, I realize they're in the middle of a freaking renovation, or a move, or SOMETHING. So no cleat buying in that store...

It was getting rather late, i.e. 3pm-ish, and I was worried about being late for ultimate (which starts at 6pm, but we were supposed to come early and orient w/ new teammates, etc etc). So yeah, point is, it was getting late. So I decided to skytrain it to metrotown, haha...

So I wander around metrotown, remembering why I dislike shopping so, and this one perfect pair of cleats from sportchek is not in my size! DAMMIT! So I wander around more, and finally settle on a pair of ugly red too-small pair of cleats from Athlete's world. I got a deal, so no biggie. Oh, but I did get suckered into buying and extra pack of socks. Stupid me...

Anyways, it's still late, but I realize I might as well buy the collar-shirt needed for my job (as I only have one, with my suit, and I haven't washed it in like two months...), so yeah. I walk into one suit store, ask for ANYTHING in my size. He says sorry, and directs me to the International Clothiers, or something. But yeah, turns out, I'm the same size as a really big kid! 18/20, hahaha... but yeah, I FINALLY FOUND MY SIZE!! SWEEEET! Now I can just order cheapo clothes online, heh...

Anyways, I skytrain back, it's superlate, get back to my apartment by almost-six, meet my sister who gives me pants from home plus other things (incl. bday presents, nice!), and got a ride to UBC, where ultimate was to be played.

And dang, although it was sunny, it was FREAKING WINDY AS HELL! Not only was it hard to play, but I didn't bring enough clothes to keep me warm on the sideline! So I was superchilled the entire time... and what makes it worse, is that cold air makes my asthma worse, AND I FORGOT MY FRIGGIN INHALER. So it was quite the struggle. Also, I'm starting to take a liking to my ugly too-small cleats. Perhaps one day, I shall even grow fond of 'em.

We lost both games, but they were relatively close, so no worries. But yeah, WAS COLD AS HELL out there. And yes, I understand that doesn't make sense, haha.

Anyways, bussed back to my place, but decided I was rather hungry, and that I might as well buy some milk for cereal tomorrow. Then, of course, it turns into buying groceries for the next two weeks or so. Hah.

And then I went home, everyone's here (Mohsin/Alan), almost two hours pass, and I'm still blogging instead of sleeping. I have to wake up in, oh, six hours. I still havent showered, heh...

So yeah, stop blog NOW.

Today was truly inconceivable. However, it IS conceivable that these boring posts will soon die down in frequency and length. For SURE, I don't wanna be the guy who writes about what he did at work. Especially since it could possibly be illegal for me to do so, lol...

...okay, so yeah, blog stops NOW now...

Internal Audit Assistant

Got a job at the CRA now... pending security clearance.

Went to Surrey today to sign the papers. Hopefully job starting in a few weeks.

Afterwards, wandered downtown looking for gaiaultimate, to buy cleats. Turns out it's 345 BROADWAY, not 345 CAMBIE... stupid memory lapses...

Then back to apartment, lacked the internet connection. So cooked meals, prepped future meals, played videogames, played other videogames (rom of FFV, lol), watched Walk The Line (btw, HORRIBLE movie! I have no respect for JR Cash now). And yeah, checked again, and WOOT internet! So check blogs, e-mails, msn w/ people, etc etc...

Tomorrow = buy cleats, meet w/ co-op people, first ultimate game of the season! Breaking in new cleats in a game though... yipes...


As an aside, I'm somewhat paranoid about some things. Voice(s) of reason tell me I shouldn't worry about it, but I still do. Don't wanna be steppin' on no toes now...


In other news, I now have new evidence proving my theory of lack of sleep = drunkenness. As it turns out, my bravery increases dramatically with each passing hour of the night. Perhaps this is a reason why I always stayed up instead of sleeping right away like I know I should... but yeah, lol... it's like non-liquid confidence... lol, it's hilarious in my head...


2am is not a good look for me...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Week of WOW

And I don't mean the MMORPG! *snort*

But first things first, major props to those who came to Cafe Night! Hope you guys had a great time! You guys MADE the evening! Whoop!

Anyways, so yeah, don't wanna bore you guys, and the week of no-blog kinda made me not wanna go off into my usual ranty detail... so, here's the summary:

Sat - Church, Krystle's shindig @ Urban Thai

Sun - ...Canucks? Oh yeah, and HEROES. TV show, haha...

Mon - LAST EXAM. Out w/ uncle. Back to Richmond.

Tues - Videogames? More Heroes? Mostly a blur... oh yeah, CANUCKS...

Wed - Steveston, hangout w/ Ruana.

Thurs - Canucks @ Krystle's... sucks to lose... oh well, next season... well, next season most likely the same (cap issues, naslund, etc), but 08/09, THE CUP!

Fri - Slept in, played Heroes V all afternoon, didn't buy cleats as planned, didn't do anything as planned... then went to church to help setup for cafenight. OHH, and oddly enough, got a call from CRA in surrey, saying they want me to sign papers, talking as if I already have the freakin' job! And, no interview?!? lol...

Sat - Church, Bill Bossert talks (post-modern church talks), CAFE NIGHT!

Sun - Today, another Bill Bossert talk, GOOD, now blog...

All in all, of what I can remember, AWESOME week. Lackings of school was nice.

I need more sleep... talk of mine is not of the understandable sort... [and no, I'm not trying to sound idiotic, this is the actual sentence than ran through my head, lol...]

[Edit - Oh yeah, somewhere this week, I found gunecologist's youtube channel... plays rock music, but with nothing but his HANDS, lol...

Here's a little something for Andrew:

And a little something for Reuben:

that one was my personal favourite, lol

Some other handfarting medleys include Iron Maiden, Beatles, Benny Hill theme... hilarious AND awesome!]