Friday, April 25, 2008

Another exam...

...tomorrow. Technically today, I guess...

I'm coming into the exam with 84%. The final's worth 35% of my grade.


To get 70, my minimum desired grade, alls I need is to pass.'s superlate and I just don't care that I (practically) haven't studied yet.

I think my priorities are just not right at the moment.

Supercalifragicramfest starts tomorrow!

I wanna hang out with you guys more often.

And gals too, I guess... although "guys" to me is gender neutral.


Friendship? Friendship?!?!


Woo I'm bonkers...



time for sleep

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ain't No Reason not to use a piano!

This makes me wanna learn to play the piano :)


Exam went okay, messed up as I expected, but hopefully passed.

Other exam Friday, not terribly worried. Will study all thursday friday.

Monday exam too. 4 pages of cheat sheet available. No sweat.

It's, like, summertime already... at least, it feels that way, heheh.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Procrastinationatoriosity, HO!

Me again.

Not studying. Again.

The class average going into the exam is about 90%. This tells you how FRICKIN' SCARY this exam is. Esp. since the teacher doesn't know how to teach... NEVER TAKE WILLIAM TAN.

Scary final. 180 marks. I'm coming in w/ a 95% avg though, so alls I need is 10% on the final, i.e. 18 marks, to pass the course. This should be a breeze.

To get 70%, my minimum sucks-but-okay threshhold nowadays, alls I need is to pass the final, i.e. get 90 marks. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

To get 80%, alls I need is about 67%, i.e. 120 marks. There is laughter in my veins how ridiculous this will be to attain.


I don't know why I spend waste my time doing those above calculations. I guess it calms me, knowing I'll be alright if I fail my final. Ruana gets kinda pissed off though that I don't just hunker down and study study study, lol... Robert also finds it kinda weird...

But really, is it THAT weird??

doi... o.O

Jeepers Creepers

Where'd you get those peepers?


I should focus more on my exam. I fear that I'm going to fail my final. Although, it doesn't help that I need just about a meagre 10% on the final to pass the course, and if I pass the final I'd end up with my desired grade. So yeah, makes me not want to study etc.

p.s. no this isn't just me being a dink again, the teacher rigged the course so that practically everyone coming into the exam has a 90% average. Heheh, yup. So basically, everything now is just gravy...


I feel incredibly stupid nowadays, making ridiculous errors that I never would've made before. Simple ones too, like forgetting that #9 faces 3 rd and not Lansdowne. Yeah, I'm an idiot...


To bring up an oldie, I seem to have lost "the fear".

I have NOT, however, lost my procrastinationatoriosity.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Heheh, Emo Kids...

Putrid Gooooo!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dave Nonis FIRED?!?


Kirby is not amused.

...I know, a little late, but w/e. I saw the emoticon and had to use it! lol.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


HOLY CRAP, I am overflowing with nostalgic bliss!!!

Really hit me around 2:47, the fishes are the coolest!


I need to focus on school.... dag nabbit...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sportsnet Pool Time!

Group: "The Nitsgroup"
Password: "nitsgroup"

Hope to see you guys there, more the merrier and what not!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


What're your guys' predictions? Who is most likely to end up in the finals? What would be best for the league? What would be the most fun to watch? etc etc...??

In the finals: San Jose vs. Montreal --> Stanley Cup Champs: The Sharks!
Conf. Finalists: Detroit and Pittsburgh

Best for the league: Detroit vs. NY (duh)

Most fun to watch: Colorado vs. Washington. Run & Gun!! [well, not really, but w/e!]


First things first, 1st Round Predictions:


(1) Detroit vs. (8) Nashville
Detroit's gonna whoop Nashville. Hasek gets hurt. So does a non-D. Doesn't matter though, Detroit still whoops 'em.
Prediction: Red Wings in five

(2) San Jose vs. (7) Calgary
Calgary is gonna get stomped! San Jose is just too good now. This will be surprisingly low-scoring, and both Thornton and Iginla will be shut down.
Prediction: Sharks in five

(3) Minnesota vs. (6) Colorado
This one'll be fun. Surprisingly the highest-scoring round in the league, due to Gaborik's heroics and Colorado's meshing together. It'll be close, but Colorado works some magic with Sakic and Forsberg. Someone gets hurt for the playoffs from one of the Wild's rent-a-goon.
Prediction: Colorado in seven

(4) Anaheim vs. (5) Dallas
Brad Richards surprises, but it won't be enough. Too much crazy D on Anaheim for Dallas to score through. The loss of Halpern is surprising.
Prediction: Ducks in six


(1) Montreal vs. (8) Boston
Canadiens pwn Boston. End of story.
Prediction: Canadiens in four, SWEEP!

(2) Pittsburgh vs. (7) Ottawa
Ottawa goes crazy defensive and stuns everyone to a 3-1 start. Malkin gets medieval and fights Emery. Not only does he win the fight, he scores like 12 goals in that game. Its the turnaround the Penguins needed, and the youngin' team starts their uber-chemistry! Some weird no-name guys becomes a star for some reason or another.
Prediction: Penguins in seven.

(3) Washington vs. (6) Philadelphia
Philly smacks around Washington and win a couple off the bat. Ovechkin gets pissed and takes out Briere (like he almost did last time). Ovechkin gets the superstar treatment, and they run the table, winning 4 straight.
Prediction: Capitals in six

(4) New Jersey vs. (5) New York Rangers
Psh, who cares. Jersey sucks, Rangers suck more, nobody likes Jersey, everyone hates Rangers. For the league's sake, let the Rangers freakin' win!
Prediction: Rangers in six

And there you have it, my playoff predictions! Off the top of my head to boot.

Now that was a fun non-productive use of my precious homework time, heheh.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Internet's Out, AGAIN

Stupid Telus internet, isn't working again. Not having reliable internet SUCKS.

Especially when you have an online quiz due at noon the next day, and you haven't done it yet, and you don't have a ton of time to do it tomorrow afternoon either... bah, stupid everything.

Hopefully it's just a busted connection on their end and will work again soon. Hopefully it's NOT like last time, when the guy had to come in and what not. I checked what the guy did in the phonebox thing downstairs, and everything seems to be in order, so hopefully...

[Edit - is working! whoop!]


Today was fun.

I need to skip classes more often to go off gallivanting, lol.

I also need to buy me some sweet sweet board games. So much fun, heheh.



Lost my hockey pool too.

The world is going all fiddle faddle foo!!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

State of shock

The game isn't over yet, there's like 4 mins left in the 2nd, but HOLY CRAP I'm on pins and needles. When Edmonton scored, my heart nearly stopped. I mean, if we lose tonight, WE'RE DONE. And that'll suck immensly. Especially since stupid hole-y Roloson is suddenly playing all sawchuck on our ass... we should've scored several times already... bah....

I'll update this again later.


HOLY CRAP THEY FINALLY SCORED!!! Only, what, 8 minutes left to salvage the season??? Oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man....

[later still]


[even later still]

AWW HENRIK, WTF!?!? SERIOUSLY!!! ..........


Danged Larashied, why did you have to say it all depressingly...... sounding all choked and .... man...

Canucks... I'm ... ...speechless.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Realizations, but not so much...

I just realized that I finished the final problem set for my symbolic logic course. Wow.

...considering that it is the most enjoyable class I've had in quite a while, and that I always look forward to writing these problem sets, I'm rather depressed.

... ... ....or maybe I'm depressed because I have to write a psuedo-paper for tomorrow, and
I've got maybe one page out of a bajillion, and I'm supertired, and I'm kinda pissed because once again I'm practically doing a frickin allnighter when I thought I'd never have to do again since I'd never do a paper again which apparently I am doing right now because I'm tired and I want sleep and no I need to finish paper and without oh wait I'm hungry and lacking punctuation and I have to stop blogging...

I wanna sleep...