Sunday, November 20, 2005

HOCKEY!!! etc.

Hockey was AWESOME. And I'm not just talking about the canucks.

I went to the floor hockey thing in Burnaby again, and this time, I brought Reuben along for the ride! Heheh, it was actually incredibly awesome, even if tons of people didn't make it. And I wasn't in net! Woo! At first, we were playing 3-on-3, with Me and Reuben and Larry on our team, against Eddie, James (?) and Sheena (?). And DANG that was some awesome hockey! I mean, I actually scored 2 goals! Not only that, 2 NICE goals! Hahaha! Then, some other people came, we went 4-on-4, and Reuben and I got split up. Then, I started to SUCK. At least, offensively. No more goals, heheh. But man, AWESOMENESS. Even if I was fairly winded most of the time, as well as the fact that I'm quite sore now, heheh...

Anyways, everyone should come for next next week! It shall be quite the riot!

On another note, Mark blogged about my old videogame posting a while back, and it got me to thinking...I completely forgot about mentioning the awesomeness of shareware games! One in particular, Raptor (an old Raiden-style shooter, that's like raiden, except you get money during a level, and after the level you could upgrade your plane. AWESOME, rpg elements niiice). I actually played this recently, i.e. w/in the past couple years, and lo and behold, it ended up being WAY too easy. Within an hour, I bought the ultimate weapon, and beat the last boss handily. Oh well, it was quite a fun hour...

Also of note, I HAVE to mention One Must Fall: 2097. Quite possibly the BEST shareware game of all freakin' time!!! OMF's a computer fighting game, and the only fighting game that's actually any good on the comp. You fight robots. AWESOME. But sooo much more than that, 'cause you're the pilot of your robot, and when you win a fight, you get money, which you can then spend to upgrade your robot, as well as getting training for yourself (the pilot)! Also amazing, is that if you save up your money, you can actually trade in your robot for an even cooler one! AWESOME!!! Man, I've spent soo many hours on that game, with my old Gravis Gamepad, and at Donald's and Erik's place goodness, good times indeed.

And man, OMF's freeware now! Except, when I tried to play it, the rounds only last 2 seconds 'cause everything superspeed. Stupid faster computers. Plus, only early 90's sound cards are compatable, therefore the awesome thunderbolt-to-theme-music went from "BLARGM!!! DA- DANANA- DA-DA-DA... DA-DA- DANANA- DA-DA-DA" to "bbbbllllaarrrmmm! DA *cxxrrrcxx* daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." I was soooo ticked, 'cause that theme music ranked right up there in one of the best all time...

Soooo, anyone know how to fix this??

Oh, btw, the all-time best theme music ever - Clayfighters! That's right, original Clayfighters, best music EVER! Just way too hilarious...

*Normal Music*
*tap tap tap*
*everyone stops but the tuba*
*BRUM BRUM BRUM BRUM....brum.....*
"Alright then, from the top!"
"Clayfighters, Clay-Clayfighters, c'mon fight them if you dare"
"Clayfighters, Clay-Clayfighters, c'mon fight them they don't care!"

HAHAHA, so awesome...

Well, that was a nice trip down memory lane. Now, I must go and start on my rediculously long and difficult Econ assignment. Can't crap my way outta that one. I needs ta learn for finals, and junk...

Until next time, I guess...


Blogger Rohbit said...

Heheh, I played Raptor religiously at one point. Best intro/death images ever!

ALso, one must fall?
Kyle and I used to play that on his comp, and it was awesome!

11:18 p.m.  
Blogger bj_nitsuj said...

Sweetness, a fellow shareware-er!

2:20 p.m.  

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