Thursday, November 24, 2005

Whoa, deja vu, deja vu, deja vu...

Heheh, well, today was another big "relaxing" day...

Reuben also commented in Shar's car about my procrastinatory ways, and the fact that I could perhaps be the king of such ways. I guess when I'm lazier than Gautam, that's really saying something. Heheh...

Well, the ironic thing is, I've got homework due tomorrow, and it's 12:36am, and I have had a week to start it but didn't.

Yeah, I said it. This is so totally ironic. IRONY. I am SO using it correctly.

Anyways, back to my homework...yeah, it really isn't all that terrible. Although, this week's homework IS longer, "but I'm being nice and giving you an extra day to hand it in." Great deal of good that did me, eh?

No matter. It's not like it's a month-long assignment. I honestly don't see myself staying up much later than 4am. Which is relatively pretty good. Besides, if I DO stay up that late, that's alright, 'cause it's usually about that time when the adrenaline kicks into overdrive and I'm the most focus and do my best work.

Which is why I'm not worried. And still blogging. :-)

Sooo...what's my homework about tonight, you might be wondering? Well, it's my COMM 290 class, "Quantitative Analysis" (or something of that sort), which is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Right now, we're doing a bunch of probability questions. It's not really terribly difficult, just long and arduous and annoying. Especially since half of these things need to use the comp. Oh well.

I seem to be using the phrase "oh well" quite a bit now. I guess it's just evidence to the fact that I just stopped caring. Honestly, I think I should take a year off and just do nothing but work, most preferrably in an office setting. I'd get an apartment, earn a cool $30k, spend all my free time hanging out, playing video games, cooking, and (most importantly) WORKING OUT. I swear, living at home makes me so "word for being lazy" --> sedentary. Or maybe that's just another of my many excuses for me not doing what I want me to do.

Nuts, I'm already into my lack of vocabulary stage of the night. Time to hit the books.

Until next time, I guess...

[edit, 2:46am - Well, first and formost, YES REUBEN THIS IS AN UPDATE! Better than starting up a game on my "break", heheh...but anyways, the point I wanted to make is this: the homework I'm doing now is rediculously easy, and I could've done the first part earlier today in about an hour. But I was lazy all day and didn't bother. Not that it really matters, I'm actually having a blast (relatively speaking). Just sitting back, doing some easy calculations, listening to the two best Jimmy Eat World songs (Sweetness and A Praise Chorus), things are good...and yes, I am a fan of Jimmy Eat World! Whoop-de-freakin'-do! I would've said something earlier, but I didn't wanna get into a big discussion, one in which I could never be so persuasive as to bring you guys into the JEWish light. Heheheh, funny acronym...but I digress. I better get back to finishing my easy-as-heck assignment, that I didn't even really start 'til about an hour ago.]

[edit, 5am - I'm finally finished. It was long, arduous, annoying, and rediculously easy. I could've easily done it in the many hours of "relaxing" that I've had over the past week. I mean, I was kinda tired and taking my time, and I still finished within a relatively short amount of time. I truly believe that I may be the king of slacking. You could even call me the Slaking. And yes, that's a name of a pokemon. Woop-woop-woop-woop (Reuben style!).

Yeah, I'm relatively estatic right now, however I do feel like I should go to bed and have a quick 3+ hr nap. Then, I'll get to school, hand in my assignment, go to class, hopefully not fall asleep again like I did on tuesday, sleep another couple of hours in the library (but not David Lam, 'cause that's WAY too noisy around lunchtime), and then start working on my other homeworks that are due. Like, for example, my Accounting homework that should really be a piece of cake. Or perhaps my OB feedback e-mails, also quite quick and easy. Or, perhaps more urgently, prepare my Summary speech for Friday, which I will be video taped, then I'd watch myself on this tape and get evaluated. I should at least prepare for that. However, this is all in theory. lol.]


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