Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Holy frack you guys, I mute the 1040 stream, before the game starts, to listen to a 1min youtube vid, and CARTER FREAKING SCORES?!?!

That's way beyond uncool...

edit - also uncool, losing to columbus. boo... I mean, yay, another point, but, boo...


Yesterday the sickness returned. Went to bed at 8. And 9. And 11. And 2. And 3:30. And woke up at 7:30. Strange thing is, like yesterday, I'm feeling completely okay again. How odd.

I need to catch up on my studies. So far, I haven't read ANYTHING in both MIS and Law classes. MIS is a joke, but Law... you can't just not read the book. That's dangerous. Oh, plus I have to study like mad for Tax, which is my next class coming up in 2 hours, of which I have yet to study for. That is not the class to get behind on...

But enough about schoolings.

I think I enjoy playing the guitar too much. I mean, I'm not even very good at it, nor am I doing anything to really improve my abilities. It's just, find tabs, play song, learn song, repeat. If it sounds good enough, it's good enough. And then I play for hours. Complete and utter waste of time.

On the plus side, I haven't played videogames since the break. And I'm not missing it at all. Although, I would eventually like to finish the campaigns for Heroes V. And, perhaps buy the expansion pack. Eventually.

This has got to be one of the funniest "Word" segments I've seen.


It seems that I forgot to publish the post. It's, like, an hour since I stopped typing. Whoops...

...goodness. And another half an hour goes by.

It's pretty much time for class, and I have yet to open my books. WHY DO I NEVER STUDY?!?!


Forgot to mention, bought subway today, and actually got something different for once. I got turkey breast, with like actual vegetables, and honey mustard / sweet onion sauce. I daresay that it's even MORE delicious than my usual meatball. And I'm sure like 10x healthier to boot. Heheh.

I'm starting to spend too much money eating out. I needs to start cooking my meals!


I wasted too much time on hockey pool again.

Nearly as much as this stupid blog.

I stop now.

Monday, January 29, 2007


In class, kind of. Teacher hasn't come back yet, b/c we had early feedback forms.

I'm sleepy right now. I woke up at 7ish and couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up at 7:30, drove to my place (to drop off stuff) at 8:30, guitar'd it up for a few minutes, then bussed to ubc.

I went to be at arournd 2am. Stupid A&E special on knights and armour...

But besides the sleepiness, I'm feelin' fine. Must've been one of those 24hr things. I think it's cause I finished the older of two open salsa jars on saturday, but Charissa disagrees. I have no reason to disagree with the soon-to-be dietitian.

Teacher here now. I type notes not blog.


Friedman vs. Arrow. Man, I'd be sooo into this class discussion if I wasn't so damn sleepy.

...and, you know, actually read the req'd readings. Stupid me.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Better, But Worse

Better: I found that staying up 'til 4/5 am isn't the best for your mental health. Good night's rest, and things ain't half bad. But yeah, insomnia not good? Who'da thunkit...

Worse: Woke up to a bad case of... well... lets just say that I'm taking pepto bismol. That's been quite the annoyance all day. So, technically, I'm kinda sick. But, weird thing is, other than that I'm feelin' perfectly fine. Kinda sucks though, made me not wanna really go out. Still in Richmond, school tomorrow. So yeah, not the greatest way to end the weekend.

But alls in alls, not a bad day. Watched 4 episodes of Joan of Arcadia with my sisters (my GOODNESS Adam is such a DINK!), watched some eastern-time fox cartoons (i.e., familyguy etc), watched the hockey game (Luongo's a BEAST!), and a whole lot of "relaxing" afterwards. I did also end up watching a very cool episode of Mythbusters.

What I didn't do this weekend was study. Oh, how it feels like the old days... well, of like, last year. Yeah.

I'm gonna sleep now.


Wasting Away

Stayed another night in Richmond. Waste of my last free Saturday night in the foreseeable future.

Ended up watching Kingdom of Heaven at 10ish. Such a BAD movie. Or, to be more precise, an hour and a half of complete garbage and a two towers-esque siege scene that was half-decent. Not worth having to endure the horror of the actual movie though. I mean, there was quite the lack of character development. But enough of this.

Tomorrow I hope to be more social. Although, I know I should be much more worried about my schoolings.

Emo emo bs bs, stuff I took down.

I'm wasting away. 'Nuff said.


People ask me why I didn't like Little Miss Sunshine.

...okay, nobody's asked me that. I'm pretty sure nobody even knows that I didn't like it. But that's because I try not to talk about it.

Perhaps this isn't the best medium to explain why.

I stop now.

Friday, January 26, 2007


Time for some more inspirational youtube vids:


Yeah, kinda awkward to watch at first, but when he smiled... damn. That's amazing.


OH YEAH!!! I keep forgetting, here's a vid of me and Joey singing at Café Night!


More vids of me singing BNL songs will be put up in the near future. Just for the heads up.

[[edit 2]]

Real-life vigilante samurai! COOL.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


This guy gots guts.

But before you judge, take a look at this, and then his youtube profile. Yeah. Craziness.

As I said before, this guy gots guts. Good for him.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

C) Subect is... INSANE!

We'll follow the path where the cariboo walk.
Our cariboo headgear is off.


I'm just gonna hand in a crappy 60% paper. I just don't care anymore. I need SLEEP.

...although I'm sure I'll end up watching the 3 episodes of ugly betty I downloaded once I get back to my place. Heheh.


Heheh, so which do you guys prefer, 15-edit Justin or 15-postings Justin?

Just wonderin'...

No sleep

Unless you count the few minutes in the car. And the few seconds of nodding off in class. But, I think I blew by what seems to be my 4th wall, heheh. Not bad.

I've still got my project to do, now with only 3 hrs until the deadline. Alls I've got is an outline. An outline with, like, one word per point. Needless to say, not going very well.

Also, I'm hungry and kinda have to go to the bathroom, but that requires getting up, which means losing my seat, most likely. And that's discouraging. ...then again, alls I'm doing now is blogging. Heheh. Lack of sleep...

Glad I don't have tax though. That's quite the bonus.

Plan: Get up at 2. Finish at least part of the case. Then eat/etc. Then, at 2:30 (which'll really be like 3), GET CRACKIN'. Then, finish by 4:30, get frustrated w/ the school printers for half an hour, then hand it in. Yup. ...hmm, nope. I'm getting off now. And gonna shut down the web browser of all non-work tabs. So far, I've got 3 youtube, 2 blogs, one email, and one lyric/tab page open. That's grammatically incorrect, heheh.

I stop now.

Allnighter Complete

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing for my 10% assignment. But no matter, I still gots almost 6 hours between the time class ends and the time it's due.

I'm in that wired-but-ready-to-topple state at the moment. At least I've got songs stuck in my head. That's usually a good sign for staying up.

Oop. Nevermind... my head is blank...

Coffee I shall do. Oooo, I can bring my mug from home... heheh...

Edit - I'm afraid this got lost amidst the numerous postings. So I put here also:


A Word

I never checked my e-mail until 5am. That is the TRUTH.

If I had, it'd kinda changes the meaning of the posts down there...

Just thought I'd make that clear.

[p.s. - this post is just gibberish to others. So others, please disregard]

Startling Revelations!

Babyface is as old as Michael Jackson!

Man, the things you learn while procrastinating at 4am...

Edit --> Babyface did NOT sing "Nobody Knows It But Me"! My goodness! It's the Tony Rich Project! Daaaang... although, Babyface DID produce it...

Oh, youtube and wikipedia...

Edit 2 --> WHOA, I don't know if it's just because it's so late, or because it's like WAAAY nostalgic, but MAN I FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL OF CHILDHOOD AWESOMENESS.


Man, I remember singing this in, like grade 2! To, like, the prettiest girl in class... lol... man, those were the days...

It's 2am

I've got 2 assignments due tomorrow, and I haven't done 'em yet.

I even went home to be able to allnighter w/ internet connection. And here I go squandering the night away.

I've got an accounting assignment, probably take a couple hours, worth 2%, as well as a MIS (i.e. business computers) assignment, which'll probably take about the same amount of time, and worth 10%. Funny thing is, the MIS isn't due until 5:20pm, while the acct is due at 10am. Meaning, I'll probably spend more time being more alert w/ acct than MIS. Which doesn't make sense, marks wise.

But no matter. Technically, I guess I DO have all afternoon to finish the damn thing. Hopefully I'll get more than a few hours of sleep.

There goes my "doing something on tuesday" plan. Crap dammit...

On the plus side, I picked up another shift on wed night. Although, considering I have classes 'til 7pm, and work from 8 to midnight, might not really be a plus after all... but, whatever, I needs to pay the rent.

Lol. I type that on my family computer in richmond. How ironic.

Anyways, before I start rambling any further, I'm just gonna post a youtube vid. A hilarious, hilarious youtube vid.

Yeah, a couple weeks old, but who cares. Bryzgalov is HILARIOUS. LOL, take that Edmonton!


Man, it feels so, I don't know... nostalgic? Except without the awesome connotations.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Justin 0, Distractions 7

...okay, well I don't know the exact number, but 7 sounds nice and round.

Yesterday, after not doing anything at all, got a call from my Uncle around 3:30, met up at 4:30, ate at Some Kinda Pasta (ahhh, so nostalgic, and now I actually know where it is! Right across from Burgoo!). Then some timekilling at book warehouse. Then watched a couple movies at Hollywood! How nostalgic was that... goodness...

The Prestige (w/ Christian Bale/Hugh Jackman etc; the magician movie), was FRIGGIN' AWESOME. Highly recommended. Then watched The Guardian (the coast guard ashton kutcher / kevin cosner movie), and it was also fairly good too. Kinda hokey, but nice. One problem though, for me, is that for half of the movie, all I could think of was... it's gotta be a montage... MONTAGE! Heheh...

Got back past midnight, slept 'til about 9, nearly missed the bus, and I'm now in Law class. I should really just pay attention... but, no... I gotta stop opening my laptop in classes where I don't actually take notes on the laptop... i.e., LAW...

Still have 2 assignments to do. Turns out that both were due tuesday. Which is tomorrow. Which I haven't done yet. Which I have to start after classes finish. Which is at 7pm. ... seems like I might go home for some good ol' fashioned allnighter-ing.

I'm already afraid...

Seems like I've already fallen back to lethargy... and it's only the 3rd week of classes! Goodness...

At least I haven't played videogames since the break...

And I'm rambling. If ever so slightly.

[Edit, 1:30pm] - Yeah, I decided to skip my Government & Business class. At first, I thought it was b/c of that "gotta finish my assignments NOW!" mode of thinking, but after half an hour, it doesn't look like I'll be doing 'em anytime soon. So, yeah. I've definitely lost my focus... this SUCKS... I need to get my priorities straight.

Perhaps I'll take a nap for an hour. Clear my head.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


My fingers are practically DESTROYED. I mean, what with the cold/dryness, and the too-much-practicing, and the application of medicines... but yeah, annoying not only 'cause I can't really play guitar for a while, but annoying 'cause I'm finding it hard to write/type. I mean, I'm bearing through the slight pain (as you can tell by the blogging), but it is rather annoying.

Here's a pic of my worst finger (my right index, a.k.a. the pick substitute). Try to guess where I took it:

Yeah, it looks like a snakebite or something. Lacerations SUCK.

Anyways, it's Sunday afternoon, and I haven't been able to get a hold of ANYBODY. I phoned like 5 people and nobody responded. I guess it's for the best, what with my two assignments due tomorrow. But still...

If you weren't one of the 5 I phoned, and would have wanted to do something today, my bad. Maybe next time.

But yeah. Sitting here, where I took that picture up above. Kinda relaxing, kinda sleep-inducing. I'm gonna get up soon enough, actually go study.

...WAIT, one assignment's due on TUESDAY! Niiiiice... but, arrrgh, I SHOULD get it done tonight, what with the classes ending at 7pm monday, and the possibility of getting called in for monday night... but yeah. Not so much crazy pressure. That's pretty cool.

But dang... not having tax next week is gonna be AWESOME. My 4.5 hr breaks have suddenly turned into finishing class by 11:30. COOOL. But yeah, if anyone wants to do something tuesday, I'm open. Thursday I'm working at 7, so, something to keep in mind also.

I'm rambling. This place is making me sleepy. Time to leave.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Café Night

WAY better than I expected - I mean, it was PACKED! That's cool.

Food etc was good. But, never had any 'til right at the end, you know, 'cause of the nervousness and what not.

Music was AWESOME! Sooo many people were up there doing their thing, very nice. I did mine, but MAN, I was first, and my goodness I was so nervous. Shaking, wavering voice, flubbing up key sections, etc etc... but, all in all, not bad for first song (BNL - Brian Wilson, btw). Anyways, I was also second to last, playing BNL - Intermittently. That went much better than first song, although it's kinda weird playing the song for someone who I haven't talked to in the past, oh, four years or so... WOW, it's been that long ... but yeah, I still need to watch the vids myself. Then, assuming decency was met, it shall be up on youtube. Heheh.

Next time, comings along with everyone perhaps?

Right, the next time... don't know when that'll be... most likely gonna be a couple months from now... but yeah, gotta bone up on some songs everyone actually knows... I'm thinking, Greenday - Good Riddance, or perhaps something different like Gnarles Barkley - Crazy, or something along that sort. Then again, it's kind of a mellow atmosphere, so perhaps something slow-ish would suffice... ahhhh, I got it: Mariah Carey - Hero. It's friggin' PERFECT! And yes, I thought of that from the Gr.7 assembly connection of Greenday, lol... so very nostalgically awesome...

Anyways, it's 11pm on a Saturday night. I feel like turning in. G'nite everyone.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Lacking Connection

I'm lacking a solid connection, not sure if it'll go through tonight. But no matter, I type anyhow.

Seems like I've got a nasty habit of leaving a sentence in the middle of typing. I don't know why I do it, but man, when I look back and read it again, sooo embarrassing to read... I mean, it's like

I cooked food today. No recipe, no idea what to do, and then BAM I made salmon cakes. [Emeril pun unintended]. But yeah, my goodness was that ever enjoyable... I was just looking around, seeing what food I have, and then I noticed 4 OLD potatoes (and I mean, like, had stuff growing out of it old), figured I might as well cook 'em. So I stuck them in the oven. But, I didn't just wanna have 4 huge baked potatoes, so I started looking around to see what else I could find. So, I saw some onions and carrots, figured I'd chop 'em up and throw 'em in some oil. And also some garlic for good measure. So, as those cooked away, I found a bunch of herb/spice things, so I chucked 'em in too. And then I thought, DANG, I know what I could make! Fish cakes! So I opened up a can of salmon and chucked that in w/ the veggies. Then I realized I forgot to make breadcrumbs... WHOOPS... so I grabbed a couple buns and stuck 'em in the oven. At this point I took out the potatoes, used one to make garlic smashed potatoes (didn't work out quite as well as I hoped, garlic was too raw tasting), and the rest I smushed up and mixed it with the salmon/veggie mix. Then, formed 'em into cakes. All the while, I sequentially squished the bread into breadcrumbs, stuck the still soft parts back into the oven, then out again, then in again, etc etc... plus, I had no mortar & pestle, so I improvised and used the bottom of a cup and a little bowl (actually working quite well). Making breadcrumbs is ANNOYING and time consuming. But I didn't really mind it as much as that last sentence makes it sound (I always seem to exaggerate on my blogs). Anyways, yeah, eggwash, breadcrumbs, fried it up. Then, DELICIOUS. Those breadcrumbs were actually worth it, they tasted so good, heheh... but yeah, fried things are best eaten right away. I ate one, and saved the other 8 for later. I had half of one when I got home from church, and lemme tell you, not the same as just fried. But, nevertheless, DELICIOUS. Sometimes I even amaze myself... what with no recipe and coming out with kickass deliciousness... heheh...

That was WAY longer than I expected. Sorry guys.

Tomorrow at 7 is the cafe night. If you like free food/entertainment, come along. I'll be doing something. It be fun.

And I sleep now.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Modified Slacking

And I'm not talking about the pokémon... LOL, man that was so lame...

But yeah. I'm in the middle of my 4.5 hr break. I've spent an hour of it walking to and from McMillan (sp?) to get food from my sister, and subsequently eating this food in the commerce lounge. I then went into the library, in which I was to

An hour later, I've parused my hockey pool, watched a few youtube vids, and read some blogs.

I've got an assignment due in, like 2.5 hours.

...make that 2 hours. Yeah.

The thing is, it's one of those "looks so easy I could do it in 5 mins" kind of assignments, so I don't feel the pressure to start it. I'm sure it's going to take me at least 45mins to do, but, yeah... just not feelin' it.

It seems like I've got back into the habit of completely wasting my spare time. I mean, take this blogpost. It's, like, LONG. Relatively speaking. Or take this break, I've wasted like an hour and a half already. Or even take last night, where I went back to the apartment right after my class ended (i.e. 7pm), cooked dinner, and had about 3 hours in which I would finish my easy assignment so I wouldn't have to worry about it today. Instead, I spent this time going through a whole bunch of songs I'm able to play for the guitar for cafe night. I narrowed it down to 5 BNL songs, and about half a dozen others. Yeah, me no good with decisions...

But yeah. Hence the slacking part of the title. But, modified, how? Well, take yesterday for example. I had a 1.5hr break, and during this time, I actually STUDIED. And, it was like, a relatively short break! And I had like 6 hrs of class afterwards to boot! Goodness... I'm so on/off these days, like I'm just about to be the studious keener I should be, but then BOOM I'm back to checking my hockey pool for an hour... yeah...


Gots me work tonight, 6-12. Or, rather, it's more like 6:30-12, as I've got class until 5:30. Plus I'd like to, you know, food myself and what not. I told Tom this, and he said 'twas alright... I think they might be hurtin' for produce guys...

But yeah, as with monday, I was thinking I shouldn't work, 'cause of the whole ultra-contageous facial sores and what not. But, I'm guessing it shouldn't be a big deal, it's not like I pick at it or anything fairly disgusting like that. But on the flip side, smiling HURTS... and, you know, Safeway = service, soo... yeah. Semi-conundrum here. Just hope it heals sufficiently for cafe night... I'm gonna feel incredibly, INCREDIBLY self conscious if it lingers... and cosidering I'm like half of the acts scheduled to play, I'm kinda needed there... but, Self-Conscious Justin = Lacking Self-Esteem Justin = Nervous Justin = Not-Sounding-Good Justin, and that's not good for anyone...

And I do believe that I've rambled for far FAR too long.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


You know what sucks? Writing an e-mail on your laptop, then forgetting to press send before you close your laptop, then upon opening the laptop seeing this unsent e-mail staring you in the face. Especially annoying when the topic of the e-mail is of something that has already passed, and is no longer of any consequence.

Also sucking is the lack of internet in my apartment... actually, if there was absolutely no internet, that'd be fine, but having enough to realize that you have 15 new e-mails but are unable to load the page... ANNOYING.

In other news, becoming a mediator sounds incredibly intriguing... (I'm typing this as I'm in class, listening about mediation. Heheh.)


You know what's BEYOND annoying? Realizing that Five Alive doesn't freaking have any Vitamin C, when you're relying on drinking a can a day as your main source of Vitamin C!

Don't believe me?? WIKI.

...stupid lowered immune system.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Once again I'm enamoured by my own visage.

Co-op meeting in 2 hrs, and I still need to eat and finish homework.

Yeah... I'm gonna go play my video again... you know, to help improve myself... yeah, self-improvement...


p.s. - I'm starting to feel the pressure for this Cafe night thing... I mean, people are actually LOOKING FORWARD to watching me play... I mean, my goodness...

p.p.s. - It's feed a fever, starve a cold, right? So yeah, I skipped breakfast today (wasn't hungry). But then I realized that it's ALSO called fever blisters... ...


Monday, January 15, 2007

Café Night Practicing

Was thinkin' I'd do something like this for the Café Night.

Read the info box for more info. Duh...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Café Night

Basically, it's free food and free entertainment!

Also, if you wanna do some open-mic stuff yourself, let us know! Just, try to keep it kosher, eh?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

4.5 hr break

I just spent my 4.5 hr break actually being PRODUCTIVE.



My tax class was AMAZING. I've never actually read/done questions before I went to a class before, and lemme tell you, it's SOOO different from just coming in cold.

Disclaimer: I've already taken tax before at BCIT.

Counter-to-Disclaimer: It was by far my worst class at BCIT.

But yeah, the point is, GOTTA KEEP IT UP.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Distractions SUCK. And are rather annoying.

Gotta rid myself of distractions.

School/Co-op/Work/Church, and NOTHING MORE.

This semester I NEED to keep trying...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Quick Summary

Blogspot's messed up... I mean, jeez, took me forever just to login... but anyways...

Here's a quick summary of the things I have to worry about this semester:
  • Six Courses, ESPECIALLY C450 and C355
  • CO-OP!!! FIND A JOB!!
  • Safeway Work / Money
  • Church Stuff

Yeah, that's all I can think of at the moment, but those are definately the most important things. Some things that I apparently deemed worthy last semester are noticeably missing. Such things include Hockey (incl. Pool), Youtube (incl. postings), and TV (incl. UB & SV), to name a few. Oh yes, and don't forget about BLOGGING. Must limit this. Length included. No more ramblings on this site. Or otherwise...

I just spent a crapload of time surfing the net, doing hockey pool, etc etc. I have planned this time for studying C450. I fear that I am already starting to lose my focus.

Lunchtime is now... Stupid rain...

Monday, January 08, 2007

So Far So Good

I do believe that this has been the best first day of school I've ever had!
...well, BCIT first day was pretty cool, and highschool first days were usually alright too.

Whatever. My point is, today went GREAT. Woke up early, bought some books, went to class, bought some more books, had lunch, went to class, went to class, went to class. And now I'm online outside of DLam. WOO!

Four classes today, and 6 hours straight from 1 to 7. Although, the last three hours is my science lab course thing, and lemme tell you guys, it's frickin' AWESOME. It's like, physics by inquiry, and we're not even like learning anything we don't already know, but HOW we figure that stuff out is just COOL. Like, all sciency and stuff. And best of all, NO EXAMS, NO HOMEWORK. Like 60% of the marks is what you do in class, and DANG so far I'm acing it. Even if my writing is mostly messy and illegible. Heheh. But yeah, SO not dropping that course anymore!

Although, I've gotta say, it's making me reconsider why I left science in the first place. I mean, this lab stuff is, like, FUN... but then again, we're mostly just playing with magnets, answering ridiculously easy questions (so easy it messes you up sometimes, lol), without any memorization AT ALL, and no homework 'til one assignment at the end (which is making a 1 hr elementary-school lesson plan for everything that we learned in the course). Sweeeeet... and so not as demanding as other science courses.

And no, science-y people can't take it for credit. Hehehe...

Other than that, I've got my 2nd training day thing on Friday at 10am, which so kicks ass. I hope. Oh, and I'm a produce guy now. Heheh, not bad at all. I always did wanna learn how to pick the best produce...

I can't believe it, but it actually feels like I'm... oh, what's the word... TRYING.


Anyways, it's not like I've finished everything, so here's a list of things I should remember to do. It might expand or not, depending if I've already forgotten stuff. Heheh.

Things to do:
--> Talk to co-op people about what I'm gonna do.
--> Buy textbooks for other four courses.
- - - - -> Find money to buy textbooks...
--> Talk to people. Interact and such.

I've forgotten others, I'm sure. But no matter. I go home now.

Edit - Right! Also the following

--> Find picture for handing in.
--> ...

Crap no I forgot again... stupid spending 15mins trying to get internet, only to forget the reason why I went on the net in the first place... d'oh...


Oh man, IBM has a job opening for Extreme Blue. Hahaha, so, they're marketing pancake batter and blue house paint now?? LOL...

[...clone high ring a bell for anyone?? HAHAHA...]

Sunday, January 07, 2007

What a weekend

The Outline:

-Apartment, Richmond, nap.
-Drive to Surrey for party, drive to skytrain and back.
-Ride back to apartment, sleep. Crazy dream(s).

-Woke up 8:15, shower, made an omelette.
-Work at 9. Basically 4 hrs in front of a comp, training.
-Home, rest.
-Movie w/ uncle, Children of Man.

Listening to hockey. Perhaps expand post later.

Summary: AWESOME weekend.

And now schooltime.


Friday, January 05, 2007

Stupid TSN...

WTF you guys, it's 10:20, and the freaking game hasn't even started yet! Stupid TSN with it's "oh, starts at 9:30"... I mean, what the hell, now this messes up my schedule! I was planning on leaving at 10:45, assuming that the 1st period would be done by then, get to my apartment, spruce up a bit before my interview, and then be at Safeway by 11:20. And now, I either have to stop watching the game mid-period, or I have to cut it a little closer than I'd like to and leave after the 1st...

Yeah, I'm not an idiot, I'm leaving at 10:45. The game can wait, heheh.

Edit - What really sucks is that I friggin forgot my laptop adaptor in Richmond, and so I've got like NO batteries now, which is completely horrible! I can't watch like 3/4 of the third period only to have my laptop crap out on me! This sucks....

Edit 2 - DAMN the first three minutes were awesome... and now it's 10:40... stupid everything... I should just leave now before I get completely glued... crap dammit...

Not bad for 8:30am

I do believe that this has been the most productive morning in quite some time.

Dropped off my resume at Safeway at quarter after 8, and I have an interview at 11:30. NIIIIICE.

Although that means that I'll miss at least the 2nd period of the game, and most likely the entire end of the game. But, you know, WHATEVER. Sooo glad that I stopped putting it off.


Had a dream last night. Actually, I had several (as I woke up at 3:45, 5:30, and 7:30). But there's one dream that kinda weirded me out. Here's what I remember:

Something something, then climbing up stairs to go down a waterslide (which was weird because it wasn't a swimming pool, and I was in normal clothes), then at the top it turned into a community centre, so I took off my jacket and sat on a sofa w/ others, then Jason Powar came in and started talking to everyone, then I walked around and saw the room with the waterslide, but it was actually just a hallway, and I went back and put on my jacket, but it wasn't my jacket as I lost it, so I was looking for my real jacket, then Jason gave it to me, but then my jacket had these weird things attached on the inside, all lined up in a row, and like locked in, so I started picking it out w/ another, but then I realized that this ALSO wasn't my jacket, so I searched for it again, and this time I actually found it... then something something.

Then I woke up. And THEN I realized, Jason is DEAD. ...freaked the hell outta me you guys. He died in a motorcycle accident a month or two ago. That's just SAD... of all the people to go... goodness... and why I dream I don't know.

This was my wake-up-at-5:30 dream. My next dream was just weird, with Kris buying seafood at Safeway, which I brought him to. Very odd. I guess I had "must give resume to Safeway" on my mind.


Snow is awesome. No, more like... AWWWEEESSOOOMMEEE!!!

Yeah that's alls I've got. For now.

p.s. - that "good if not blogging" from last post comment doesn't apply to this, as it's not midnight, and I'm just passing the time until the Canada game starts. Heheh.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


It's 8pm, here in Richmond, and I'm just about to leave for my apartment.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to stay there for, say, the next few weeks at least. Everytime I come back to Richmond, I always get MONDO lazy and never end up doing anything I wanna do. And I end up staying for far too long also.

Oh well. Here's a new years resolution for ya: STOP FEELING LIKE I ALWAYS HAVE TO GO ON THE INTERNET AT NIGHT.

I mean, if I'm ever not online at night, it feels like I'm missing out, or forgetting something I'm supposed to be doing. And most of the time, it's just not worth it. Hardly anybody talks on msn anymore either. Or, rather, hardly anyone talks to ME. So, yeah, no point in going on at night anymore. I can always just check my e-mail in the morning.

If I don't blog for a while, consider that a good thing.

That is all.

...heheh, MONDO.


Question for people.

If I drop a course, but have already paid for it, how would I be reimbursed?

What is Accounting?

"The learned outcome of Commerce 450 will not be immediately obvious to you because professional judgement is not something you can master in one course or within your university education. Instead, after completing Commerce 450 you will hopefully begin to realize that interesting (and financially rewarding) questions and challenges lack concrete and simple answers. Real accounting issues are complex, ambiguous, require trade-offs, involve the assimilation of large amounts of data and rarely have a right/wrong, yes/no, black/white conclusion. My objective, and hopefully your learned outcome, is that you will become more comfortable with complexity and develop a method to THINK your way through difficult financial problems."


I mean, yeah, I kinda understood that accounting wasn't number-crunching, but when it's all spelled out like that... DAMN, not the kind of job I really wanted to end up doing. I was always hoping for the highest-paying job with the least amount of difficulty. And now I have to THINK? Nuts...

Telling my mom that I now have no goal and don't really think I want to be an accountant anymore, might not have been the greatest idea. Now she's all worried about me and stuff. Whoops...

Anyways, hopefully this'll be the end of my post spamming for tonight. I need sleep. But alas, I also need to print out all my notes for school before I leave for the apartment. As well as my updated resume to hand out to employers such as Safeway in order to keep my apartment. And, you know, feed myself. But I digress. I'm taking friggin' 6 courses next semester, which means a whole bunch of paper to print out. And books to buy. And such.

And now I'm just digressing like crazy. But no matter, printing out notes is kinda making me all gung-ho about school now. Like, I can actually do well next semester, what with the apartment and the breaks and the slightly improved motivation over last semester... although, am thinking I might regret taking that "teach science to kids" course... I have to by a LAB BOOK. wtf... I HATE labs... what have I gotten myself into!!

I stop now before rambling consumes me.

Robot Chicken Calvin & Hobbes!!!


And yes this post is of no substance.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I don't know what to blog about.

I miss my guitar. It's at the apartment. I haven't been there since, like, Sunday.

I should get out more. Especially before school starts on *COUGH* Monday.......

I feel odd how all the songs I've covered on youtube, and are thinking of covering in the future, is kinda related to that girl that used to be in my life, in some form or another. It's kinda disconcerting, 'cause that's not really my intention. I don't know. Maybe I just find it weird that the same music I listened to four years ago is the kinda music I'm listening/playing to now also.

Holy crap, it's been four years... DANG... hmmm, maybe this whole wanting to cover those songs is some sort of psychological longing for closure. Or maybe in my boredom I'm making up nonsensical ideas to ramble about.

While we're on the topic of covering songs, I'm wondering which songs I should do next. Here's a shortlist of what I'm thinking of:

Fastball - Out of My Head
Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want
Nine Days - Absolutely
Savage Garden - To The Moon & Back
Jimmy Eat World - Kill
Moist - Leave It Alone
OLP - Clumsy/Thief/Is Anybody Home/other?
M2M - Don't Say You Love Me (as in, an actual version)
Death Cab for Cutie - Into The Dark (see above)
Gnarles Barkley - Crazy (haha, it's been done, kinda interested...)
Nelly - Ride Wit Me (now THAT would be cool... and challenging...)
BTNH - Change the World (...heheh, okay, just kidding)
soulDecision - Gravity (...heheh, NOT kidding)
TV Themes (Everything from turtles, to samurai pizza cats, to teddy ruxpin, to reading rainbow. lol)


Okay, so this "shortlist" kinda became a "I'm bored so I went through some of my musical library seeing what I'm interested in covering" list... haha... needless to say, putting junky covers on youtube is friggin FUN. Makes me happy. And apparently makes at least one other person happy too, so that's cool. Haha...

Until next time, I guess...


Edit - I realize now that there's like at least a dozen more songs I should've put on that list, but... meh. This blog is boring enough as it is.

A Conundrum...

Remember a few days ago, when I said that I have a subscriber / fan of my youtube videos? Well, this girl sent me a message, compliments me, now asking me for messenger contact. Soo... should I give her my e-mail?

I mean, part of me is like, yeah sure what the hell, no big deal... but there's that other part of me that's, like, HOLY CRAP DON'T GIVE YOUR E-MAIL TO CRAZY STALKER INTERNET LADY!!!

...you know?

Plus there's always the outside chance that it's actually some fat 67 yr old naked man. That wouldn't be cool, haha...

So... what do you say guys? To give or not to give? That IS the question...

[edit - Alright, well, the "what the hell" side won, I sent her my contact. Hopefully I won't end up regretting it, haha... but yeah, if you see any future deletions of this post (and perhaps that section of that earlier post as well), it'd be 'cause she found my blog. It kinda feels like I'm talking behind her back, and that just feels kinda iffy, you know?

Although, I'm not quite certain that it was actually sent, 'cause that "message sent" thing never showed up, even though I pressed the button twice... but, no matter, if I don't hear reply by friday, I'll just send another one. Or, you know, freak out and forget about it. Her. Whatever... heheh...]

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Oh Burrows...

Man, what a game. More specifically, damn, that Burrows... haha...

First off, he falls on his ass for absolutely no reason (as usual), looking like a fool. And THEN, on the same shift, he steals the puck, blows by 2-on-1, does a CRAZY move to deke out Kipprusoff and scores from behind the net! First goal in 47 games, and it was quite the doozy!

And then he takes an unnecessary tripping penalty in the final 20 seconds... man, that Burrows... I just don't know about that kid...

But whateva... Canucks won, and that's the point! Woo!!


On another note, stupid staying up 'til 9am for no reason and waking up past 3pm once again... gotta sleep early tonight, must watch Canada vs. USA tomorrow morning at 7!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Strange Days

New years day has been fairly odd.

Well, first off, I ended up staying up 'til 11am. I mean, I got hooked on watching Food Channel Marathon (it was Jamie Oliver's Great Italian Escape), as well as Much More Music's top 50 guilty pleasures, featuring such gems as Snow's Informer, Foreigner's I Wanna Know What Love Is, and Sisqo's Thong Song. Both show're soo awesome!

And then, when those marathons finished, I got hooked on watching the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie (like, the last 3/4). And lemme tell you, that movie is flippin' TRIPPY at 7am lacking sleep... although, I got hella pissed at the fact that the great glass elevator had friggin' rockets and junk.

And THEN, I ended up watching the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. And I've gotta say, that movie was AMAZING! I mean, it might be the whole lack-of-sleep thing, but that whole Bailey part was so touching! I mean, that whole "the pants already worked it's magic on me" line, I cried!

Oh, and you know, that whole America stripping down to her skivvies didn't hurt either... heheh... cool...

After pants movie, realized it was 11am, and went to bed. Then I woke up at 4pm, ate some leftover Sashimi, and... hmmm, what else did I do... watch tv, listen to music, surf youtube... you know, basically wasting my day again. Way to start the new year, eh guys?

Now it's midnight, after watching like 2hrs of south park and simpsons. Now I'm gonna spend the next hour or so ripping my cd's that I found at my place. And watch more cartoons. How great...

Happy New Year and Such!

Woot to 2007. Hoopla to 2006. Yup yup.

Looking back on my resolutions from last year, turns out that I was to 1) Increase motivation and 2) Increase willpower. Overall, mostly unsuccessful. Oh wells. Ohhh, and as per the specific resolution, to learn the bassline to YYZ, unfortunately also unsuccessful. I was actually considering if I should just blast through and learn it in the past week, but Heroes V sucked up most of my "free" time. Plus, this "free" time was at like 2am anyways, hard to play bass then. Heheh. [yeah yeah, sleep first then morning playing, but w/e...]

Anyways, this year, my resolution(s) are short and sweet.
[...like me!! Ohohoho, oh yeah I said it... man, sooo gay...]

But anyways, this is my resolution. More of this:

And less of this:

Yup yup. Heheh....

[And if you haven't yet realized, it's called METAPHORS. You figure it out. Heheh.]

[p.s. - A hint: It's not about the songs, nor the music.]


[Edit - What the heck, new comment! Not only that, new subscriber to my youtube account! Holy crap, I'm FAMOUS!! WOO!!! Here's what it says:

"Lol you're adorable, very cute voice, and you have guts to post this up :P, I like it :D"

COOL. I've got a fan!!!

Wait a sec... this IS a girl, isn't it?? **awk-warrrdd...** Heheh...]


[Edit 2 - Holy crap, that's a HORRIBLE pic for my Tonic video! Then again, all the pics for my videos are fairly junky... I mean, if it wasn't for that big play button on my Frustrations vid, it'd be just as horrible... I gotta start thinkin' ahead when I edit my videos... haha...]