Monday, November 21, 2005

Holy Doodle!

My goodness, it turns out that last year's econ assignment's online, and that assignment's practically exactly the same! I mean, they're just about exactly the same questions, except the numbers are different.

Hurrah! I'm saved!!! SAVED!!!

Oh well...this realization has made me feel somewhat lethargic, especially here at school. It's not like I can print stuff out or whatever...I'm thinking I'll just go home soon.


The fog at UBC is quite a sight. It's also slightly creepy, especially in underlit areas, like the pathway between Main Library and Buchanan. But awesome nonetheless. Yeah, I know many others have blogged about the fog, but meh...


Hockey pool is going rather nicely. I ended up losing last week, but I brought myself up to a 4-5 loss, so I'm still 2nd in the pool. Recent transactions as of late are dropping Kobasew for Zednik (somebody dropped Zednik?? Heheh...), as well as dropping Erik Cole (whose DTD) for Justin Williams. This is actually kinda funny, since I already have Jason Williams in my pool. So, basically, I have two J. Williams in my pool, LOL.


I ended up watching two episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond in the CG Lounge in Angus while eating my lunch/dinner. I'm surprised how incredibly awesome that show it is, for I never really watched it all that much. First episode is where the wife gets a DUI and goes to jail because she took a nap in her car since she drank too much because of her mother in law and was waiting for Ray to pick her up. Quite hilarious, esp. when the mother in law came to the hearing to reinstate her license. Second episode even more funny, it was about a luggage that nobody wanted to move.

I haven't sufficiently captured the awesomeness of those episodes. Oh well.


Here I am, wasting my time once again, instead of doing some much-needed horribly long homework. Just 'cause I have last years, it doesn't mean it's gonna be a walk in the park. I seriously gotta get started on this. Therefore, time to go home!

Until next time, I guess...


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