Monday, November 21, 2005

SCREWED!!! (sounds eerily familiar...)

Well, as I expected, I haven't gotten started on my assignment tonight, and it's already 11:30pm. The whole "last years is online" has lulled me into a false sense of security. I don't believe I'll be sleeping tonight...SUCKS.

You know what also sucks? Realizing that your friend wasn't really a friend at all. More like an acquaintance. As in, has another crowd to hang out with, doesn't talk much to me anymore. You know what sucks even worse? I believe I've done that to another. Now, I'm a bastard, it's true, if the things he did to me was what I did to you. I'm a bastard it's true...yeah, and I guess it's true. "Sucks to be you." I know, I know..."Sucks to be you." I know it's true...

Heheh, that's enough prozzak for one night...arrrrgh, esp. on a night like tonight...

I know I really gotta step it up and get started on my homework. And yet, I feel horribly unwilling to start on my homework. Even though I know that I need every single minute that I can to finish this incredibly long and arduous assignment. So, since I feel the need to blog, while knowing that I must do homework, I shall now try to kill two birds with one stone.

Considering that I finished roughly 4 (well,, 2.5) questions, and there are quite a few left, I'd say that at least 5 hours are needed to complete them all. Last years assignment already taken into consideration. Therefore, I should be done the questions by 5am. Now, this assignment also forces me to type up all of my work, so I'm assuming that that'll take at least another 2 hrs, therefore I should be done and printed by 7am. Thus leaving me with a good 45 mins of sleep. Hurrah.

Well, stupid's not midnight yet, thus I don't feel like I'm obligated to start for another 10 minutes. Therefore, time for another rant...

My goodness, whenever I'm at home I feel so completely unmotivated. I ended up watching tv when I got home. Well, not exactly true. I waited for about 15 mins for dinner to be ready, while in the meantime watching tv. Then, I continued to watch tv while eating. And you know, I just had to finish the show, even if it was 7th Heaven (my goodness Ruthie's a cutie now; still too young, but a cutie nonetheless).

At this point it was 9pm. And lo and behold, the freakin' episode of Smallville that I missed last thursday was on! I couldn't freakin' NOT watch this, I'd be WAY too distracted if I tried to study! So yeah, I watched that for an hour, although I realized that I much preferred downloading the new episodes, with no commercials, and the ability to ff/rew, and the lack of everyone around me talking loudly on irrelevant matters. But yeah, it was already 10pm by then.

So after that, I decided to go have a shower. 30 mins later, I finished cleaning up. Then, I wanted to go straight onto the comp, by Shaylene was using it for her own homework. So I decided to watch some more tv: a news item on internet pedophiles luring canadian girls since the legal age of consent is 14 in Canada. Now, that's just icky. Also, I don't believe that this was good for my "every girl is a Potential" mind of mine, 'cause I didn't need to know that it's legal to be with 14 yr olds. I seriously don't need to have the idea that it could potentially work out if I started liking a 14 year old. That's just not right. In a split second, I had a "I could date a 14 yr old, be a good bf for 4 years, then get married, and have kids, etc etc" fantasy, and then I felt incredibly dirty.

Also, it turns out that the norm around the world for legal age of consent is 16. I also agree with this norm, hence my "as long as they're 16, then it's okay to like." Honestly, there is a HUGE difference in maturity from 14 to 16. Emotional maturity is where it's at.

Now, just to clear something up, I still don't think it's right to have premarital sex. For a number of reasons. Number one, however, would probably be the fact that it'll take away from the joy of marriage. I want to have the most fulfilling marriage possible, with 2.5 kids running around, supportive wife that loves and cares etc...the whole white picket fence experience. The simple fact that people who have premarital sex are more likely to have an unfulfilling sex life in marriage, and thus reducing the joy of marriage, is enough to deter me from any random meanderings. In theory. I also believe that this is directly responsible for the rise in divorces. Anyone notice the exponential rise in divorce rates after the so-called sexual revolution??

Man, I think I could go on about this, but I do gotta get my freakin' work done....and holy crap, it's already 12:30. I'm a horrible time manager. I'm (here it comes) SCREWED!!!

Until next time, I guess...

[Edit, 4am - Well, I've been making some headway. Still gots tons ahead of me to do. Oh well. Anyways, I've just made a keen observation of myself: when I'm half asleep, nostalgia brings about a feeling of euphoria. I was kinda down while doing the assignment, so I started listening to old cartoon themes, especially the mellower ones like Teddy Ruxpin, and that perked me right up. Hehe.]

[Edit, 5:15am - SWEET NOOKIE!!! The questions aren't weighted the same, so that means the 3 questions I have left are shorter and should be finished relatively quickly! Yeah, I might actually be able to get some sleep! HURRAH!!! -->(perhaps I should've used a less sexually connotative word than "nookie" to express my elation...oh well)]

[Edit, 8am - Disregard previous statement. I'm still all scrambly, and I gotta leave in like an hour...SUCKS.]

[Edit, 8:30am - Holy crap, I just got some other peoples answers, and they're different...freakin' different...I'm time to change them now though...oh well, I'll get what I deserve I guess...]

[Edit, 8:45am - Well, I'm finished. And yes, the "more than one meaning" is intentional. I can't seem to be word gooding right now. I are not a english majoring.]


Blogger Gautam said...

From reading a lot of your recent posts, I've deciphered that you are a bigger procastinator that me. I too have an assignment due for today (yes it's nearly 1, now) and haven't started yet because I have most of the answers for it. I could have done it over the weekend, but didn't. I could be doing it right now, but I am not. I'll be awake during the night anyways; atleast I'll have something to do now.

WVOTD: pgzetre

12:54 a.m.  
Blogger andrew said...

correlation != causation

2:27 a.m.  

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