Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Stupid non-working computer...

The stupid comp in Lam library doesn't work right, doesn't start up ppt., thus making me unable to work on my group project. That's due tomorrow. And I still have my own part to write up. And memorize. And present. TOMORROW.

I dunna like presenting w/o knowing exactly what I need to present on. Nor do I like having to write something up last minute for said presentation. Nor do I like being the last one in my group to present, and thus have the most important part of the entire group presentation. So, basically, I'm screwed, and I'm pretty much screwing everyone in my group. This not only makes me feel horrible, but also drops my mark down in the

But at least I get to wear a suit to school tomorrow. I like wearing suits. Makes me feel pretty. I mean handsome. And stuff...

But enough about my school troubles, and onto some hockey. Or, more precisely, my hockey pool. I have Gonchar, Rucinsky, and Kovalev. All are hurt. Thus, some maneuvering is to be done. Oh, I'm also wanted to trade Kariya for Ryan Smyth, as their points are relatively the same, but Kariya's a freakin' minus player, while Smyth isn't. Booo ya and stuff. Also wanted to trade Comrie for Havlat, just 'cause I got too many centres, and need wingers, as per injuries.

Anyways, my dad's picking me up, since my mom's getting off work around this time (7pm), so at least I don't have to bus it home. Hopefully, I'll be home quicker to boot.

Until next time, I guess...


Blogger Gautam said...

Keep Kovalev, he's an integral part of the Canadien's success and will be great once he gets back. Gonchar is an iffy one because it all depends on how many goals Pittsburgh scores, and they've been sucking lately. Ryan Smyth has done better than Kariya and in less number of games, so that is something to consider. No one in hell would give you havlat for comrie unless they were brain dead. Just my two cents.

8:40 p.m.  
Blogger bj_nitsuj said...

Yup to Kovalev

Already dropped Gonchar (I've tried on numerous occasions to trade, and nobody's taken, and I've dropped him before, and nobody picked him up)

As for Smyth/Kariya, hence the reason why I wanted to trade. Plus, Kariya got a goal & assist tonight, so hopefully my friend will have some recency error and trade...

Comrie/Havlat, perhaps, but Comrie's been on a tear recently (hat trick, consistent, etc), and Havlat's a loose cannon. So I thought I'd try. Plus, the guy who has Havlat has like 5 other wingers, and at most you can only use 4, so if all your wingers are playing that night, some'll be on the bench. Which I found to be incredibly annoying.

10:49 p.m.  

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