Tuesday, November 29, 2005


So, I got my mom to buy me boots today. Woo! They're quite awesome.

Funny thing is, there's absolutely no place in richmond centre that has normal, plain, black boots! No place, except for payless! Therefore, not only did I get the pair of boots I wanted, but I also got it for cheap! Super awesome.

Also, before I got the boots, my mom went into HMV and ended up buying an american idol best/worst/bonus dvd thing ('cause she's obsessed with Carrie Underwood). Now, at HMV, I heard this christmas cd thing playing in the background. In fact, I found that it was quite nice sounding. Then, after some closer inspection, I realized that it was the Barenaked Ladies singing those songs. So I was all, "Holy crap, BNL has a christmas cd?? That's awesome!" And, seeing that I was in a holidays-are-here type of mood because of the snow, I once again made an impulsive purchase and bought that cd, finally using my HMV gift certificate I got on my birthday. Heheheh...

And let me tell you, that is an AWESOME cd! I'm quite fond of the "Do they know it's christmas" feed-the-world song cover, as well as the Elf's lament song with Michael BĂșble, and (surprisingly enough) I'm finding that their best song is about Hannukka... Hanukka... Hann... however you spell it. Best cd I bought in a while. Well, since my last cd purchase. Which was the BNL Everything to Everyone CD. Which was also incredibly incredibly awesome.


Oh, and as per the comments in my last post, yeah dredging through the snow at UBC is quite annoying, especially since the pathways to the busses are filled with 6 inch puddles. Or, at least it seems that deep. Hence, my purchasing of boots. Still pretty to look at though...

Wooo, snow and such, in November!!! So much for global warming and the like.

Until next time, I guess...


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