Thursday, November 03, 2005


Holy freakin' crap, my family's here...

As in, from my dad's side...

Lets just say that it usually isn't a good thing. Like, the fact that certain specific beverages are now in in the household, for example.

However, this time doesn't seem too bad. No extenutating circumstances (if that's the right phrase) which would make it bad. Like, money or [blankety blank] trouble. Plus, they're leaving in the morning, so we know it's a short term thing.

My family, they're uber-canadians right there; grew up in Gibsons, a logging town up in the sunshine coast, gots thick Canadian accents (if there is such a thing). My grandma's here, along with my Uncle Dean (who I've never EVER seen/talked too before tonight...more of a recluse that man), as well as my Uncle Bernie. Yeah...

Well now, my Uncle Bernie's playing my guitar. My goodness, he's remarkably good. He's been playing for 15 yrs, he says, but haven't gotten anywhere record deal wise. Talked w/ him for a bit, and even though he seemed slightly [blankety blank], he seemed good this time. Happy mood. I guess that's what travelling through the american northlands etc does to ya. Also talked about other things, made me realize that he could've really been something. For example, he was a green belt in Karate? Never knew...seems amazingly similar, actually...

It just makes me realize where I came from, how different everything is for me compared to how it could've been. I mean, for all my father's qualms, at least he was smart enough to settle down w/ a good wife. Well, there's much more to it than that, apparently, but why explain the details. I'm not sure if I know all the details myself...

Also, reaffirmed my own convictions, why I choose to do (or not do) what I do. If that made any sense at all.

Man, listening to my uncle's song. As in, the one he wrote. Holy crap, am I ever liking it. I just gained a newfound appreciation for my uncle. I mean, like RIGHT THIS SECOND. Awesome.

Makes me feel like I can try to do it myself. Actually, hearing my uncle, I could hear myself singing the same thing, except w/ my voice and my own "style" (if I even have one yet). My goodness, I'm having a real hankering to get back into this music business.

But enough ramblings, I've still gots work to do. And sleep.

Oh gawd, right when I was gonna post, my uncle bernie comes in and talked again, rambling on about was quite unnerving when he tried to tape an american dollar to a can, a special american can, then wrapped it up in a paper so nobody would find out...and people wonder why I never [blankety blank]. Talked about how he used to babysit me when he was 19...

But I'm so freakin' tired now. Somehow, all of this is kinda draining.


Holy crap, my family talks forever...I see where my dad gets it from...

But man, my grandma started talkin' to me, got all morbid and junk, kept repeating again and again to go see my grandpa, "curtains are coming" and stuff..."my ex-husband, took care of me" etc etc...he can't even play pool now, apparently...snooker champ in his day.

Also kept saying how good lookin etc I am, all that other grandmothery stuff (I guess). Although, I don't believe I've ever heard her speak without a slur.

Then my uncle came back in and talked up a storm again, left, gradma talked again, and again, then uncle came back, again and's nearly 2am right now. Holy crap.

But man, talkin' w/ my grandma...I think this is the longest I've ever spoken w/ her. EVER. And she kept talking about how we should visit my grandpa...I should go over one weekend, watch Montreal on HNIC or something, talk to him and stuff...

But yeah, my family, that's who they are....again, a main reason why I do (or not do) the things I do. I think I've said that already. I must be tired or something.

Kinda depressing, as a whole...turns out my uncle wasn't the best of sorts...then he kept going on about how nurturing family this, arguing family that, could've been somebody, all that schpiel or what not...

And grandma, kept talking about stuff, how my grandpa keeps talking about us like we're his life's achievement or, I'm really feeling the need to go talk w/ my grandpa. I love my grandpa. Before, because he seemed much more like my personality, kinda diminuitive, doesn't talk all too much, at least b/c my dad keeps talkin', but whatever. Point is, he apparently talks about us all the time or something. I wanna have a chance to go talk to him, and I mean actually go and talk w/o my dad hovering over engulfing the entire conversation.

Although, he always seems to not know what to say, and akward silences are ample, but that just makes me realize that I'm a lot like him. And stuff.

But yeah, my family. Whenever they come over, they always seem to work things around. Esp. with the [blankety blank]. I don't even know why I do that [blankety blank] stuff, I'm pretty sure everyone knows what that means by now.

And wow, I've been rambling on and on. Except, it doesn't feel like that to me, because to me it's just been listening to family, then typing a bit, then another hour talking, then typing a bit, etc etc...but now I'm just rambling on. They were being loud, keeping up my sister (who has an 8 o'clock class tomorrow, btw), so my dad basically kicked them outta the comp room,

Just another reason for me to try and succeed. Kareshi Kanojo, no kidding...


Yet another talking w/ my uncle. It's not like I'd ask him to stop, although I probably should. Talked about my uncle dean for a bit, how he doesn't drink/smoke, really quiet, collects old coins, heheh...he seems to be the most normal guy of 'em all, if it weren't for the reclusiveness (among other things). I think I'd've liked him the most outta my uncles/aunt. I see where I get my "introvert"edness from, 'cause everyone else seems to demonstrate my extroversional heritage.

Although I could've probably lived without the "hide the [blankety blank] from grandma" fiasco.

Crap. It has fallen back to what it always falls back on. I'm surprised my sister hasn't woken up yet. Quite loud right now, quarter after 2am...This is why my mom doesn't like it when they come over to visit. Same here, most of the time. I'm glad my mom's working right now, or I think it'd probably be an ever bigger fiasco.

But why am I telling you guys all this junk anyways. This stuff is kinda personal, I guess. But, my typing seems to realize my surreality at the moment. I don't know, I guess I've always tried to hide (or whatever) this side of everything. I could write some examples, i.e. azn pride phase in gr. 10, but I'm too tired to think of any at the moment.

Yelling isn't good, no matter where it is. Inside, everyone wakes up. Outside, neighbors get to hear. Lose/lose situation.

Okay, holy freakin' crap, this has been the complete dissolusion of everything I have previously said about my family way up there. It has fallen completely back to the ways of old. Except, it seems somehow worse right now. Perhaps because I'm awake to hear everything. Or perhaps everything really IS worse. All a matter of perspective I guess.

Nope, I'm guessing really is worse. My sister woke up. We never woke up before.

But enough of this rambling on about whatever. Time to get off the comp. What happens next, I don't know. Hopefully, sleep. Probably, Ima gonna hafta fix everything. Heheh, wishful thinking of the tired man.

HOLY FREAKIN CRAP. My sister's in everything now. I'm getting off the comp.


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