Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The Tax exam wasn't as difficult as I thought. I'm guessing I'm only 65-70% screwed this time. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if I actually completely bombed it, a la last semester's finance midterm. I mean, the exam is out of 35 marks, and is worth 35% overall. One mc question is worth 1 mark. One wrong circling of the exam and POOF, one percent of my final grade down the drain. That's unnerving to say the least... plus, it's not like I aced the written part...

WHOA, I'm looking across from Koerner, and they're actually starting to put up windows and junk on the other half of Ikbar! Man, at this rate, it'll be done just in time for a bunch of my friends to graduate! Haha...

I still need to study, nay, CRAM LIKE HELL for my Accounting exam on friday. It's going to SUCK. But mostly because I haven't really been doing any work at all, as per the usual. And again, here I am blogging. Oh, and btw, this be post #699. That's CRAZY.

What's also crazy? It was SNOWING. At least out here it was. Like, overnight mostly. But yeah, it started snowing again like right when I walked out the door, but a couple paces later, it completely stopped and the sun started to shine. Ahh, Vancouver weather...

In youtube news, RE me of course, it seems that my Justin Timberlake cover will soon overtake my Tonic covers vid in terms of total views. I can't say I'm terribly surprised, what with popular music and all, but I'm still disappointed that my Tonic one isn't over 1k views yet, as I'm most proud of that vid. Also, kinda funny that my semi- spur-of-the-moment 3eb Jumper vid has, like, almost 3x more views than my next highest vid. Heh, iznotbad.

I can't remember if I'm working this sunday or not. I might, but I can't quite remember. Although I would kinda like the money (as Sundays aren't half as bad as everyone else says, plus I'm not closing which is nice as I don't have to worry about everything like I do when I close), I wouldn't mind not working this week as I have a CRAPLOAD of studying to do. Or, rather, I need to do my Access tutorials and junk for my "quiz" on thursday. "Quiz", because it's worth as much as the midterm. GOODNESS. Heheh. Oh, and the Law midterm on Wed night. CRAZINESS IS THAT ONE.

Speaking of Law class, I need to figure out just how the hell I'm gonna be able to go to the courts AND have enough time to write up my report. Plus there's the debate, and my like 14 other little assignments, and I have to make a website... yadda yadda...




I seem to have written more in this post than in the last, like, half dozen posts combined. Maybe it's 'cause the sun came out. Or maybe it's cause I don't wanna start studying for Friday Acct midterm quite yet...


I need to exercise more. I'm worried that the 5lbs I lost in the past, oh, month was muscle mass. I'm feeling kinda weaker now for some reason.

On a similar note, I haven't been on the drums in, like, two months now. My shoulders feel soft. Well, soft-ER, anyways.


I want to watch more canuck games, but the only one I MIGHT be able to see is the detroit game, IF I'M NOT WORKING. Aww man I hope I'm not friggin working...

I'm starting to feel that I should stop being so into hockey. Kinda the same way that I'm no longer into videogames as much as I've been in the past. i.e., I haven't really played a game since before this semester. Yeah, youtube blog etc is now taking up that time, but w/e...


LOL, Wikimisleadia... was on some guy's msn screenname.

MAN, I got like 500 people on that thing, but I only really know / talk to like 10% of that...

...okay, more like 350. But same difference...


I'm gonna quit blogging before my face falls off. Wait, that doesn't make sense... fingers fall off? ...whatever.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I need to really learn to just study BEFORE it's gone over in class.

I miss those early days of January, when my focus was strong...



Monday, February 26, 2007

What a day

Morning, early waking, hardly studied, class, supercram for an hour or so, do the midterm and FORGET HOW TO DO A FREAKING COURNOT EQUILIBRIUM!! Holy crap that psyched me out for like 75% of the entire test... eventually got back SOMETHING, but I'm to worried to check if I'm wrong. I'm most likely wrong. Stupid kinked demand curve...

If I studied for, like, an hour or two more I would've been fine, but as it sits, I think I might have failed my midterm. That's fucking SCARY.

Then slothed my way through the rest of the day. Actually, my 3hr simple science lab was nice. As per the usual. And then I get on the comp, and BOOM, we got back Sopel! CRAZINESS. Oh, and Smolinski to boot. Heheh, it was so obvious that my initial WHOA factor lasted all of, like, 2 minutes. Heh. But yeah, payoff contenders we so are! As long as we stop taking friggin' lame-ass penalties.

I've got a midterm tomorrow, but it's at 7. And review session from 5-6. And no classes from 11:30 onwards. Plus getting 3 hrs for a 1.5 hr exam. Supposedly. So yeah, technically, I'm not very worried. But then I remember it's TAX. And that it's like 35% (more than all of my other midterms).And that I haven't even tabbed my book yet, let alone begin to start to study. Or anything of that sort. So basically, I'm still gonna be fairly screwed. But at least it'll be a 70% kind of screwed instead of a 40% kind of screwed.

Stupid everything...



... but we got Sopes back! WOO!

[...ahh, distractions.]



**EDIT 2**

I sad, but this make me happy. Interview of Sopel, summmary at bottom of page. Getting all teary-eyed!

I'm getting too sensitive. I got teary-eyed listening to "Tears in Heaven." I was really feeling his pain, man...

I need to study for midterm. But now I sleep.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Make or Break Time

Last time I felt like this was in September.

Start of September sucked, and succeeding events made it suck all the much harder. And thus my complete lapse academically, among other things.

I can’t afford to have this happen again now. I fear it’s too late.

3 midterms, 2 projects, 1 debate, and 0 hrs of study. Every time I try, I get uber-depressed.

No, not depressed. Despondent.

I’m living my life through the guise of many distractions.

I now have 4 subscribers to my youtube account. That’s fairly awesome.
--> Distraction #1

I worked a total of 12 hrs over the past 2 days.
--> Distraction #2

Other distractions, but it's midnight, and I've got an exam in 13 hrs.

Unfortunately, school has not been a distraction this time, as it was back in BCIT.

I have no shoulder to lean on. No-one really leans on my shoulder anymore either. Oddly enough, the latter is much more sorrowsome to me.

I need to sleep, and yet I blog.

My focus is gone.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


After returning to my apartment after church, I put my head down and slept for 4.5 hours. Thats NUTS.

I'm also starting to think something's wrong with me. The length of these past few posts (or lack thereof) seems to be a good indication.


Sometimes I get moody for no reason.

Today was one of those times.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Mini Conundrum

Apparently, I look better now that I'm lighter, but I feel psychologically inadequate because I'm like crazy light now. What to do...

...screw it, I'm eating that bag of chips.


Don Taylor (?): "Goals, fights, shootout... what more could you ask for!"

Shaylene: "They're playing Toronto vs. Philadelphia instead of Ottawa vs. Buffalo on HNIC? Sheesh..."

Justin: "What?? That's just not right! That game had EVERYTHING!"

Shaylene: "Well, it didn't have a shutout!"

Justin: "So?? You have to have goals! That's like having your cake and eating it too... while ROLLERBLADING!"

Shaylene: "..."

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What Goes Around

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Sunday, work 8 hrs, drove into Richmond, Pool + T-Hos w/ the guys at night. Good times.

Stayed up for no good reason. Woke up at 2pm today.

Ate, figured a song to play for next day, went to viewing, ate some food, left for Switchfoot. Learned I'm going to be a pallbearer. That was surprising. Plus, avg. height of other pallbearers is like 5'10". Don't know how that's gonna work.

Then Switchfoot concert. The crowd wasn't into Copeland, that kinda sucked. Although I did get a drumstick smashed in my mouth when the drummer threw it in the audience. So now I have Copeland's drumstick. Nice. Musically speaking, they were better than decent, and I would've been way more into it had the crowd been the same.

Switchfoot was NICE. Highlight of the night definitely being Learning to Breathe. THEY ACTUALLY PLAYED IT!!! I was soo bummed when the fans picked that other song instead. But they played it, and I cried I was so happy. Or something to that effect.

Also, there was ..."moshing", lol. More like a little pit in the middle of the crowd with guys banging into each other. Also funny was how Charissa was all, "why'd you get involved in that thing?! They were all hurting each other and stuff, that was too much!" Haha... I don't believe she's ever really seen moshing before. But anyways, yeah, was well worth losing my nearly-in-the-front spot.

Other songs were good too, many many numerous ones. 24, the 1st encore song, definitely one of the tops after Learning to Breathe.

Oh, and went backstage and saw the Switchfoot guys again, so that was cool. Jerome is a cool guy. Funny too, 'cause Joey/Esther took him out to sushi/Kor.bbq all you can eat, and apparently he was all full and junk for the concert, and was slow or something. It was funny him giving a demonstration of how he was during the concert. Heheh.

It's 2:19am. Funeral in less than 8 hrs, and I still need to practice the song a bit more before then. I wake up nearly 9am, shower etc, then practice. Above All be the song I play. I'm still kinda sad about everything. But distractions, esp. the distractions of the past few nights, very awesome.

Very awesome, indeed.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Blessed Be

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Distractions GALORE

Today was a LONG day. But in a good way.

Church was nice, playing bass again was nice, afternoon of relaxation was nice.

I was supposed to work tonight, but at times being alone at work, esp. after finding out on thursday, I don't know if I really wanted to close by myself. So yeah, didn't work.

Instead, I went out w/ Krystle and Valen. Or rather, to krystle's place to eat pizza and watch movies. But that entailed me picking up Krystle to pick up Valen in Burnaby, then get bubble tea from bubbleworld (FINALLY I didn't pass the place!), then back to fraser blockbuster to rent a movie, then to Krystle's place to watch the movie.

We ended up renting The Night Listener, w/ Robin Williams. Lemme tell you, you guys, that movie is GAY. As in, very homosexual. I didn't enjoy that movie very much at all.

...GOOD WILL HUNTING. Now it comes to me... heheh...

Anyways, then we watched tv, hockey, etc, for about an hour until Alan arrived, and we watched the Illusionist. That movie's pretty good, although I do think the prestige is better. But yeah, that was nice.

Then it was SNL, with Justin Timberlake. BEST HOST EVER. Soo funny. And yes, it was the dick in a box episode, lol. After that, it was random tv shows and music videos. Then we left.

And by left, I mean drive Valen back home in Burnaby. And then drive Alan and myself back home. ..."lets go on an adventure!" I exclaimed, in jest... goodness...

So yeah, I decided the fastest way back was to get on the highway, as it turns into 12th. ...I think we got on the wrong highway. I was like, yup, any minute now... nope, don't exit on 1st ave... nope, don't exit on hastings... nope, don't exit on, ...OKAY, NOW I'M GETTING PARANOID... THIS LOOKS LIKE THE WAY TO THE... FERRIES!! HOLYCRAPHOLYCRAP... and then we were in North Van.

Now, I got lost before with Alan, in Surrey it was. But lemme tell you, Surrey in the afternoon, as junky as it is, is NOTHING compared to creepy dark North Vancouver at 2am. So, we were like, okaaayyy, just turn around and go back on the bridge... so I turn off, and turn again... and keep going... and turn... and... OKAY, this doesn't look right, let's go this way... OKAY, it seems that we're going up the mountain, lets turn around... no exit, no exit, blinky green light, let's turn on the solid green light... OKAY, a bunch of residential neighbourhoods... GREAT... okay, we'll just keep going until we hit HOLY CRAP LYNN VALLEY?!?! Now that's not good... OH HEY, it's a bus stop to Vancouver, lets follow those! Okay, just keep going... oooh, nice view... okay, this seems right... wait, is that a vancouver busstop? Yup, okay keep going... keep going... turn... OKAY WE'RE RIGHT BACK TO WHERE WE WERE! Stupid compete circle making I did! Maybe I'll turn right instead of left this time... OKAY, DEAD END. Let's go the only other direction now... this can't be right... ...okay, maybe it IS right, just follow the bus stops... and, were back on the bridge! YAY! Smooth sailing from here, let's get off on 1st ave... okay, I know where we are... Rupert, Victoria (hey it's Joey's place!), Clark... CLARK?? OH CRAP, not again... don't wanna go downtown! Let's turn here... and turn again... and, turn... ahh, dead end... CRAP. Enough of this, I'm turning around... okay, no entry, let's follow the signs... OKAY DEAD END AGAIN. Screw this, I'm gonna be a REBEL!! Woooo, I'm breaking the law! No entry my butt! Ha ha... ahh, back on Clark, smooth sailing... let's just go down Broadway, don't take chances... hey now it's 4th... hey, now we're HOME. Oh MAN, now THAT'S what I call an adventure... goodness...

Needless to say, I shouldn't be driving past 1am when I only got 3 hrs of sleep the night before. Heheh.

Also needless to say, tonight there was distractions GALORE. That was nice. Even the "adventure." Heheh. Happy am I. Thanks you guys.

Tomorrow I work from 12-8:30. Then my sisters and I have to pick a song for us to sing at the funeral. ...I had to bring it up. Let's not. Tonight was AMAZING. So very much worth not receiving the rent-money tonight. Heh, Tim won't mind a couple days in late pmts again, right?

...I seem to be ending this on a sour note again. Let's not do that.


Saturday, February 17, 2007


I feel guilty for not being home.

I feel like I'm going to fall back into what I did after summer. Although I'm hoping I'm stronger than that this time.

When I talk to people I sound alright. And, when I'm distracted like that, I am. Which is why, I guess, I never really told anyone personally yet. Like what I did last time.

I feel like I need as much distractions as I can get. But I also feel like that band-aid solution's not going to work this time. Although I am easily distracted.

Viewing is on Monday. And then I gots me a switchfoot concert. WTF. How can I even begin to enjoy the concerrt atfter that...

It's 4:30am. I'm playing bass in about, oh, 6.5 hrs. I'm waking up at 9am.

I'm going to bed.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Porcupine Tree

I just learned of this band. Sounds like a mix of Rush and Death Cab for Cutie. They started up in the late 80's, from england. Very good band, of what I heard so far.

Also, I came across this song, "Piano Lessons." Doesn't it remind you of anything?? [bear in mind this came out in '99]

Yup. Not only did they rip off Sweet Home Alabama, but also Piano Lessons. Haha...


IBTF = In Before The Feature


How could the barenaked ladies get any cooler?!?! Hahaha...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007



I just barely, BARELY made the deadline to hand in my job application. Deadline was at NOON, I submitted it at NOON.


I guess that's what I get for not starting my cover letter etc. until today. BUT MAN THIS WAS INSANE.

So far, it's been too stressful to really think about Valentines and any implications thereof, esp. the fiascos of past v-days. That's good.

Considering I have a midterm at 7, of which I have yet to study for, as well as rushing after this midterm to go to work, which I'm SUPPOSED to start at 8, but will probably have to start sometime after 9 and work 'til 1am... wait, what's my point? Oh yeah, I'M SUPER BUSY.

So yeah, WAY too busy to think about Valentines Day. Perhaps that's a reasonable balance to how rEdiculously stressed I am right now. Perhaps.

-->"So, if you're so busy, why are you blogging?"


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

You Can't Handle The Truth!

A humourous variation on the early 90's classic.

Blogoogle / Exams / HP

So they finally forced me to switch over to the new things. Now everything's messed up. I'm not particularly one for change, at least in this case...

But no matter, this be not my point.

Basically, I'm looking at the SSC, and the final exam times are out. Now, I don't know if this is a blessing or a curse, but all my exams are in the final week. Including one crappy-ass final on the last freaking day! Monday April 30th... can't get any later than that... but yeah, I'm worried that I'll have to go from final exams to co-op job workings in, like, less than 24 hrs. That'd SUCK.

But anyways, my schedule is as follows:

MIS - Saturday, Apr. 21, Noon [[will have to change]]
LAW - Monday, Apr. 23, 7:00pm
ACCT - Tuesday, Apr. 24, 7:00pm
TAX - Wednesday, Apr. 25, 7:00pm
GOVT - Monday, Apr. 30, 8:30am [a.k.a. GBIZ]

So basically, I'm kinda screwed. My accounting 450 exam, which will be my hardest exam, is sandwiched between Tax and Law, which are probably my next two hardest exams. I'll have a bunch of days between my Monday exam, which'll be so crappy horrible that it's not even funny. Saturday exam is going to be changed to God knows when (heheh...); hopefully something earlier, but knowing my luck, I highly doubt it.

But yeah, I learned that having a week or two before my exams, not a very good thing for me. Theoretically, craploads of time to study. In actuality, this couldn't have been further from the truth. But let's just hope that I was uber-depressed at these times, and that I'll be uber-undepressed by April.

Anyways, now that I've thoroughly wasted about half the time I alloted to work on an assignment due in a few hours... ... ...yeah. Hockey pool.

Oh, and speaking of hockey pool, Jamieson/Kyle, looking at the next 4 weeks (i.e., until hockey pool playoffs begin), it's not really that unfair to keep you guys benched. Unfair to others, I mean. The people you're facing are either bottom-feeders, people already in the top 6 (who won't likely drop out), each other, and Reuben. Reuben twice. But I can't forseeably see him going in as anything other than #1, so I'm not worried about giving him 9-0 all the time.

So basically, you guys are benched until futher notice. Too much work for me to do any switching around. If you two still want to participate in the hockey pool, and seriously this time, then e-mail me. Or whatever. But yeah, don't be such assholes. That really pissed me off.

Anyways, that's about all the ranting I should do for today, I'm HELLA busy.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Learning to Breathe

Hey you guys, I need to ask you all a favour. Vote for Learning To Breathe!!! Just go to the Vancouver show, Feb. 19 Croatian Cultural Centre, click "click to vote", select Learning to Breathe, and hit enter! It's just that simple!

Basically, Switchfoot is having fans vote in a song to play in their show, and Learning to Breathe is practically my favourite Switchfoot song, and they never played it last time, so please vote for my sake so they can play it this time! [At least, I don't think they played it last time... heh...]

Learning to Breathe was the song that made the band go from "alright" to "frickin' awesome!" Plus, it came out before their breakout cd (i.e., the one with Dare You To Move et al), so that's another reason for the awesomeness.

Anyways, that's about all I've gotta say for the Switchfoot stuff.


I wore a suit on friday. And saturday. I like wearing suits, because, well, I look good in a suit. DAMN good. Heheh. [Or, to put it more homosexually, "it makes me feel pretty!" Haha...]

The only problem is, the shirt/tie kinda squooshes up my neck fat (i.e., in Nonisian fashion), and considering that my face is already fairly chubby to begin with... yeah. Kind of exacerbates the issue. But no matter. Chin up, stiff upper lip, and it's all good. Heheh.

Friday was 'cause of the Video Practice Interview thing for Co-op. Basically, some co-op person gives a mock interview, it's taped, and we watch the tape afterwards to see how I can improve. Basically, I learned that I am the shiz-nat at taking interviews. The only thing I really need to improve on is that I have to elaborate more. I'm far too succinct in my answers I guess, heheh. But yeah, overall, I'm just awesome. Sweeeet.

Saturday was church, and as I went to church friday night w/ my suit (i.e., to have praise band practice, elec. guitar was I!), and as I got several compliments as well as recommendations to wear it for church, which I guess what my point in this mini-ramble. But yeah, I'm gonna enjoy wearing a suit for most of my adult life...


So, I decided to put up a little youtube preview. I'm wearing a suit. Heheh.

A little Sister Hazel - Out There. For now. One day it shall be fleshed out into a full cover.


I've pretty much wasted the past 4 hrs doing whatever on my laptop. I blame it on Mohsin. Stupid friendship... heheh...

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Hey. I haven't been studying. Or anything semi-productive like that.

Instead, I found myself looking up a song from Undergrads that was stuck in my head. It ended up being "Relive the Magic... Bring the Magic Home" by Reggie and the Full Effect. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a copy of the song, either through youtube or limewire or otherwise. Closest I got was a preview on But oh well.

[Edit - HOLY CRAP I FOUND IT!!! ...aww, not as awesome as I expected. Only the completely awesome chorus was on Undergrads... but whatever. "All I have to say is..." ...nice.]

I decided to then find some other songs from this band, and DANG they are hilarious! They're like a cross between a comedy/joke band and pop-punk/new-wave band. Here are a couple examples from youtube.

Now, is it me, or does the singer (the guy at the end) kinda look like Kyle?? Haha...

This next song is HILARIOUS.

"I want to get inside you... and DIE!"



Went to crane library with Mohsin and Rob, haven't seen them in like forever. Thought it'd get me into study mode... NOPE. Heheh. But good to see 'em again.

Anyways, that was a complete and utter waste of time. Now I gots to finish updating my resume for co-op... goodness, I'm horrible...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Another Café Night Cover

Yeah. Just thought I'd pass this along:

Barenaked Ladies. Brian Wilson. Played by me.


Is it weird to find Alex Borstein attractive?

Some say yes, some say no.

What say you?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Stupid Charissa

Charissa made me late for class. And, as such, I didn't feel like going anymore. I figured I might as well get a head start on the tax hw that's due tomorrow. Or, at least, that was the plan. Here's what actually happened.

Youtube, my_videos --> Jurassic Park Re-enactment --> Rainy Day Matinee: Jurassic Park --> Rainy Day Man:

And such are the ways of youtube. Or, at least the reason why I always get sucked in.

But yeah. It's now half an hour until my next class, and the prospect of me opening my textbook does not look very good. I should've known better than to open up my laptop... oh well...

Varied Taste

My taste in music has always, how should I put this... been in question. To say the least. But one thing about my musical tastes, is that it's kind of unpredictable.

For example, I'm pretty much a fan of the mid-90's alt-rock genre. Like Tonic, or 3eb. But what's completely odd is that I NEVER liked the Matthew Good Band. And I have no idea why, as it seems to be exactly the kind of music I WOULD like. How odd.

Another aspect of my musical favourites is the sheer variety of the kind of music I like. I mean, honestly, I like just about every single genre of music imaginable. It really just depends on the song. A good example of this is Destiny's Child. Overall, not really a fan of their music (although the older ones were okay, back when I listened to Z religiously). But I REALLY like "Brown Eyes." I guess a more recent example would be Beyonce's to-the-left song (whatever it's called). I don't enjoy Beyonce's music at all, but that one's pretty good.

Anyways, I'm kinda deviating from the point I kinda wanted to get across.

You see, I was watching the countdown w/ Shaylene today, and I saw a music video of Akon and Snoop Dogg. And, to be honest, it kinda sucked ass (sorry to those who actually like that song). But yeah, I was never really a fan of Snoop Dogg nor his style to begin with. And after remembering that dumb Akon-Eminem song, I got kinda biased against Akon also.

Later on, as in like a few minutes ago, I was searching for Brown Eyes (because of the whole nostalgic kick), I stumbled upon this little ditty:

Now, this song took me by complete surprise, cause it's kinda freakin' awesome! How strange, tossing aside this Akon-bias... so, I searched around for some other Akon songs, and lo and behold, HE'S THE FREAKING MR. LONELY GUY!!! I loved that song man...

But yeah, this made me realize something. I actually like Akon's style. It's just that some of his songs are crap. Heheh.

Weird thing is, I went back and listened to that smack that song again, and found it ALRIGHT. I like that Lamborghini line. Although the chorus/hook kinda annoys the hell outta me still... actually, very much so... I skip over it for the song to be decent. Hmmm, that and I don't really like Eminem here. Heh...

That kinda reminds me of something... why do I kinda like Eminem anyways? Honestly, he was awesome ever since this:

Hoooo man, now this brings back memories... one of the first songs I ever downloaded off napster, haha...

[edit - upon further inspection, the earlier eminem songs were also awesome. I think I confused forgot about dre with guilty conscience. But yeah. Forgot about dre, SO AWESOME. Nostalgia crazed. Grade 10 was a freakin' awesome time... back when scour and napster ruled... europe trip... btnh 2000... big 2... SOooo awesome...]

But that's quite enough reminiscing for one night.

[edit 2 - well then. It's 3:40 in the morning. I just spent a crapload of time looking up dre, and eazy-e, and the whole west side feud they all had. Never knew. Craziness... and damn, the 90's were friggin' awesome musically...]

Sunday, February 04, 2007

How Informative.

Reliable Friends *** Am I Cugly?? Hahaha...

A couple weeks old, but w/e.


Not his funniest, but I liked this one.


Smallville = weird but alright. Ugly Betty = cool, but also pretty weird. Still think Betty's crazy beautiful though. In a belle-laide kinda way, I guess. Heheh. Foreign phrases...

[p.s. - "Belle-laide" = WAY more awesome than that silly "cugly" phrase... English just isn't cool that way...]

Slightly Hidden

I'm actually typing this at 3am. Gonna see if anyone notices this post that's slightly hiding here. I mean, I could just post in one of my other blogs, but meh.

Overthinking things is annoying. And I'm not talking about any stupid does-she/doesn't-she bullcrap either. I'm talking about the not-wanting-to-sound-like-I'm-saying-something-I-didn't-really-want-to-say-but-sounds-like-I'm-saying-it-anyways kinda thing. If that makes any sense. But yeah. Not wanting to sound like I'm saying something else. Because I'm not wanting to do that. And that makes things kinda weird.

Also, I find it weird that it's hard for me to look at a picture of Avril and myself after all this time. But, what's weirder is that I was MUCH more hung up over the fact that I looked SOOooo different. Sooo much chubbier than I look now (see post below). And, like, I THOUGHT I was all skinny back then too. Making me think I'm really not really as skinny as I think I am right now. But maybe it's a self-esteem thing. You know, having a gf makes the ego kinda skyrocket. If only for a little while.

But that's neither here nor there.

What IS here is that there's a superbowl party tomorrow! WOO! Hangings out w/ friends is going to be a nice change of pace. Haven't really done that in two weeks. No wait, definately longer than that. But anyways, not the point. Point IS, feels like I haven't seen you people in quite some time. I miss.

But moving right along...

I want the summer to be here. But, I kinda don't. ...hmmm, let me explain.

Summertime means co-op job (hopefully), and ultimate, and nights w/o feelings of guilt from lack of studying. And nights where I'm able to go out and do things with people. Or, you know, stay home and play videogames. I guess what I'm really talking about is freedom. Even if it's only artificial.

But, summer also means that 3rd year will be over. And that Alan might be leaving soon. And that Tim will probably do the same. And... shock... I'll be 23. TWENTY THREE. I still feel like I'm just out of highschool. I don't feel 23. I mean, I look on my youtube account, and it says Age: 22, and THAT already kinda weirds me out. Because I so don't feel 22 either.

I don't know why I'm griping about age though. I'm usually not very worried and/or bothered by it. Perhaps it's just the 3:15am ramblings talking. Or maybe it's the 500lbs of food I ingested today at my Grandma's birthday party. She's old. It's most likely going to be her last birthday. have no idea how hard it is to type that. Even at 3am.

I'm still not really over my Grandpa.

*stares at keyboard and screen for 5 minutes*

That's enough of this.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


I don't really have anything to say. Nothing terribly intriguing, at least.

I did see an old picture of me, and MAN I looked so chubby, relatively speaking. And, like, this was back when I was dating Avril, so it wasn't THAT long ago. Meaning, this was already past the summer when I lost like 40 pounds. So, yeah.

Actually, that "summer when I lost 40 pounds" is kinda misleading. It was more like 30, actually. From my heaviest to my lightest, I went from 172 to 132. But really, I was usually at around 167, and I ended up hovering around 135. But yeah, saying that I lost 40 pounds just makes it sound crazier. Oh, but I did end up losing 15 lbs in 2 weeks. That was pretty crazy.

Yeah, I know those numbers don't seem like very much to most guys, but remember, I'm not 6' here. Me dropping 5 lbs is like a tall guy loosing 15. [edit - not meant to be a slight against anyone! whoops!]

Anyways, yeah. After staying at my place for a while, it seems that I've dropped another 5 lbs, and I'm now hovering around 130lbs. That's pretty light. I need to start hitting the gym. Also, it's kind of annoying how if I never ballooned to 170lbs, I'd probably have abs right around now. They're there, underneath it all. Heheh.

Actually, thinking about all this made me remember something. Back when I was at Kwantlen, I ended up getting to be about 140 by december. I mean, I remember looking at pics from that time and thinking that I looked kinda chubby, but I thought that was just all it my head. Now, looking back, turns out I really WAS kinda chubby back then. Or, well, chubbiER, at least. As implied above, 10 lbs is quite a bit for me...

...But yeah. Now that was kind of a pointless ramble. Time for stopping.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


The past few weeks, I've been working wed/thurs night, for 4-5 hr shifts ending at midnight. I've gotta say, pretty relaxing after a full day of school, actually. Last night, though, was kinda hectic.

But, I guess to really get the full extent of it, I'll have to describe how I usually spend my week.

Monday/Wednesday: Class from 10am - 7pm, for a total of 7.5hrs of class.
Tuesday/Thursday: Class from 10am - 6pm, for a total of 3 hrs of class (stupid 4.5hr break...)
Friday: No class, Church at 7pm-ish.
Saturday: Church in morning, then usually something planned at night. Barring that, HNIC.
Sunday: Free day, usually completely wasted. Then my uncle phones me up and I have fancy dinner and/or movie watching. (Last Sunday I was sick)

Now lets get back to my point. As you can tell, my week is pretty much concentrated from Mon-Thurs. By the time my 3-day weekend comes along, I'm pretty much drained. And/or too lazy to do things.

But yeah, the past few weeks, I've been working Wed/Thurs nights also. It's not a particularly hard job, being a produce clerk, but as I usually start an hour after my classes end, there's not much time for anything else. Meaning, food/change/relax-after-class/etc.

Last night, my class kinda ended later than I expected, plus I decided to eat my packed dinner before I bussed home. So, it was about 7:10 when I went out to the busstop, awaiting the 84 (which comes at 7:15). IT NEVER CAME. So, the next 84 came around at 7:30, all the while I'm freaking out that I wont be able to get to my place in time, as I still had to change. But yeah, got to my place at about 7:48, changed, left my place at 7:55, and got to work with, like, a minute to spare. But then I forgot to bring a pen, and I had to write in my punchcard for this week, and that took another few minutes (HECTIC). So yeah. After that it was smooth sailing at work. Fairly relaxing, actually. It's nice working when it's not busy.

But yeah, all that hectic-ness I think kinda got to me, 'cause I wasn't able to sleep 'til past 2am. Kind of annoying, but when you're able to sleep in 'til 9 (with classes at 10), ain't too terrible.

Well that was a terribly long-winded explanation of what I wanted to say (i.e., yesterday was hectic). But yeah. I guess I just didn't want to start my tax.

I'm feelin' a little nostalgic: TIME FOR SOME YOUTUBE AWESOME!!

Best 2nd-wave ska song EVER. imo. Props to Reuben for reminding me of this awesomeness. Although he still thinks "Our House" is better... heheh...