Monday, January 30, 2006

Sickness ramblings

Oh Weight, oh Weight, oh Weight, Doug Weight
Oh Weight, oh Weight, oh Weight, Doug Weight
Oh Weight, oh Weight, you were tra-aaa-ded,
To Car-o-lii-iii-naaaa....

Official anthem of Carolina?? Hehehe...

[btw, as a hint, think OLP...]

Anyways, I'm still sick. I went to school, thinking I could make it, but nay, I had to return home around noon. Although today I did meet up with (Foosball) Ali on the 480 to school, and did pass by Andrew leaving the math building. Heheh.

But yeah, still generally week, and I was hacking up a lung during the classes. Not a fun time. So I left after Psyc, which I have an exam in a week. Probably my only reason for attending class today. Two other classes have notes on the net, and I got a friend to get my 4 o'clock class notes. Although, I probably should've gone to 299, since my last assignment of that class is due on friday, and today is the only class we have all week. Unless, of course, I attend another class w/ someone else...heheh, like that'll ever happen...

So yeah, I'm hoping to be well enough to be able to finish (i.e. start), my 20% assignment due friday, jam w/ the band on thursday, go to Jake's superbowl party, and study for my midterm on monday. Yipes...

Random note: Doing a cover of BSB - The Call would be HILARIOUS!!!

Oh, and one more thing:

Hoooooray for cancer-ridding surgery!

Grandpa's recovering extremely well, which is good. It was one of those curable cancers, which was sweeet. Now, what kinda worried me was that I found myself doing what I normally do in tense situations like this one: completely separate myself from the entire event. I'm not a fan of that coping mechanism of myself. I fear that I'm growing more and more indifferent about everything, really, in that I just go with the flow most of the time, doing what I should be doing, going through the motions, etc etc. Which is probably why I enjoy videogames so much; I have a much easier time

Even that previous paragraph helped separate myself from reality. Which is probably a good definition of why I do a lot of things, especially blogging - to try to separate myself from reality. Easier that way perhaps. Although I know that this is a bad thing, and that I feel bad when I do it, but then that bad feeling makes me sad, which makes me want to separate once again, so I watch tv/play computer/etc etc.

I grew up in a noisy family. I wanted a family of peace and quiet. I see now that I could've had that, but due to certain variables I didn't. Hence, I want my future family to be one of peace and quiet. That would be quite nice.

My goodness, here I go parading about myself, when there are much more pressing issues to rant about. Like my grandpa. Or my friend who moved to kamloops who got banned from the only nightclub in town because her and 2 of her friends beat up a group of girls who kept eyeing them down and shoving them around so they got kicked out of the club but the fight continued on and the girl they beat up got pissed and called her brown buddies to go after this girl and now my friend has to watch her back because my friend's friend got jumped and they busted her knee so they went to the cops but the cops pretty much told them it was a "brown" thing and that brown crime should deal with themselves and not involve police, which I think is total crap, and apparently brown gangs from vancouver and surrey are now involved, and those guys who got my friend's friend are from vancouver, and my friend's friend got her people to get back at those people since the coquihala was closed and they'd still be in town, and now it's become this crazy gigantic mess that keeps building up...much like this sentence, heheh...and now my friend'll probably come home this weekend so hopefully all this will cool off.

Girls are so violent nowadays. My goodness...

But enough of this gloom and doom ramblings, Heroes V is now postponed! Hurray! No more junky, broken releases like Heroes IV. And possibly enough time so that when I finally buy my laptop it would minimize the agonization of the time between the game comes out and my ability to play said game.

Then again, I'd just be perpetuating separations from reality. Therefore...


Until next time, I guess...

[p.s. - wow, illness ramblings, indeed...]

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Overkill, much??

As of today, the HOMM Fansites signed a News Supression Pact, saying that until Heroes V is officially delayed (i.e. to polish the game, etc), they will not post information on their sites. As well as blocking any previous info.

Overkill, much?

I mean, they already had many unofficial info that said the game's delayed. Basically, that it was already delayed (althought there's evidence that this wasn't true), and that it wasn't listed in their quarterly games report.

All this came after the open beta started, when a bunch of testers, who're active in the HOMM community, make a petition to delay the game, which lead to a website with the same message. I say it's getting out of control. However, I do encourage everyone to sign it, 'cause everyone wants a good Heroes game...not like the last one, which was just BAD. Especially when first released.

Anyways, so that's pretty much what I wanted to say. As per my illness, I feel 10x better today, although not well enough to watch superbowl (DAG NABBIT!), and definately not enough to play hockey. Funny thing, I woke up at around 8, after sleeping past midnight. I mean, I wanted to sleep for like 12 hrs, but I couldn't fall back asleep...wide awake, watched a bunch of cartoons, and blogged. And now it's time for comping.

Until next time, I guess...

[edit - my goodness, I forgot to mention my pissed-off-iness at HNIC yesterday! I mean, it was one of the best canucks game I've watched in quite some time, and right in the last 5 minutes of the game, it gets freaking cut off! Stupid tv-station power outtage! Then, after what seemed like forever, I flip it back only to hear "and we're off to overtime!" WTF?? Canucks were leading 3-2!!! And I didn't get to see how they sucked!!! Stupid everything...but hey, shootout was cool, Ruutu did the same move as before, AWESOME. All around, pretty cool game. Gave up a point to colorado, but hey a win is a win.]

Saturday, January 28, 2006


I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat. I thought nothing of it. Little did I know that it would get progressively worse over the span of a few hours.

Today I went to church, and for the first time ever I was singing while playing the congas. Previously, it was tough to coordinate both, as I'd focus on congas and forget to sing, or vice versa. However, since I'm in the band now, I decided I needed some practice, so last night I tried doing both, and it went spectacularly. Today, however, I was a little worried w/ my scratchy throat. And, by the time I've gone up front, I was already starting to hack away. In front of the entire church, that's rather embarassing. But I stuck with it. Couldn't harmonize properly, couldn't sing out, etc etc. But, I'm sure it wasn't as bad nor as noticeable as I'm letting on.

Whoa, deja vu. For some odd reason. Anyways....

After church we had the youth potluck thing, along with the "ordinary day" lesson thing, #3 I think. With the pastor. By this point, I was starting to get kinda out of it. But, I managed to keep up. Not feeling TOO too bad, just kinda tired.

So, since my mom drove home, we had to wait for a ride for what seemed like an hour. So I put my head down. And my illness got worse. So then I decided to go home, have a nice hot shower, put on 3 layers of pajamas, and tuck myself into the couch to watch hockey night in Canada.

I got home, and proceeded to do the above. Then I fell asleep halfway through the 1st. Or, rather, I fell off into half-sleep hallucination-y consciousness. I woke up, tried watching more of the game, but I realized that I just wasn't up for it. So I got up and blogged. Blogging. Whatever.

Headache, hoarse/sore throat, coughing, chest pains, general weakness...all in all, not too bad. At least I'm semi-coherent, and not leaking from both ends at once. Blecht...

...Yeah. I think I was a little misleading at the top there, hinting at crazy hijinks and whatnot. But hey, gimme a break, I'm sick...

Until next time, I guess...

[p.s. - I really wanna go to Jake's superbowl party. Hopefully I'm feeling better tomorrow. Oh, and also tomorrow, is hockey in burnaby, but I ain't going, for obvious reasons. Dang, maybe I should call them...]

Friday, January 27, 2006

Within Two Hours

So my uncle decided to take me out for lunch today, so I met him on broadway and alma at 1. We decided to go to Naam, this old hippie vegetarian restaurant that's apparently really good (and open 24 hrs!), located on 4th and Macdonald.

We get to the place, were seated, and were given menus. So there I was, looking over the menu, and I realized something: I was freaking allergic to about 3/4 of the food! GAH!! And it all looked delicious too...but everywhere I looked, it was sesame this, cachew that, peanut sauce this, pine nuts that...and the only foods that were left was mexican, and I REALLY didn't feel like mexican. But perhaps you need to know the background as to why I felt this way...

You see, yesterday my mom made enchiladas. Now, my mom's cooking is delicious, and this meal was no different. It was awesome, in fact. Until I realized about halfway through that there were a bunch of chick peas inside, which I weren't particularly fond of, but it was so good I finished the entire thing. Now, I thought I was having an epiphany, perhaps I actually enjoyed chick peas...until I started feeling sick. And then I realized something:

I'm allergic to chick peas.

Frickin' food allergies! Now, I'm not deathly allergic like Andrew or Nate, and usually my allergies is nothing more than a little discomfort, itchy throat etc, so I thought nothing of it. But this time was different. I was actually getting physically ill. My throat started to swell, my stomach was churning, and I felt like throwing up. I mean, I felt HORRIBLE! And the worst part was, I had practice with the band in like 3 hours! So I took it easy, rested up and what not, and by the time I got to Reuben's place I was sufficiently recovered. But man, what an ordeal, I felt so sick from my mom's enchiladas.

So, needless to say, I didn't feel like eating mexican at Naam. Especially when the mexican food on the menu was surrounded by allergy foods. So, I was feeling pretty bummed out, 'cause there was all this delicious food that I couldn't eat, plus I didn't feel like any of the food I could eat. This, along with the recent memory of my allergy woes, made me feel horrible. I didn't want to eat anything. So I started to get verbally upset by the fact that I couldn't eat anything, and my Uncle realized this and said that we were going to leave. So, we ended up leaving the restaurant. Which sucked, because my uncle already ordered a tea, and considering that I HATE leaving restaurants while already seated, I felt especially horrible after I left Naam.

I was in such a horrible mood. I mean, I haven't felt that bad in quite some time. I never thought I'd get out of it, at least not today. But I was with my uncle, and we were going to have lunch together, so we went to another restaurant. Now, at this point I've completely lost my appetite, felt horrible for leaving the other restaurant, and was just in an allaround bad mood. I didn't think anything would snap me out of it. However, there was one thing I wasn't counting on:


Oh my goodness, it was so tasty. And moist. And surrounded by perfect pomme puree (i.e. mashed potatoes). And it had delicious gravy encircling the dish. YUM. Salade de Fruits is one of the best restaurants EVER. Good food, incredibly cheap ($9 for huge lamb shank!), and very french. Including the waitress. Which, although being of the 5'7" blonde bombshell (not-my-) type, was incredibly beautiful. But I digress. Delicious food, period. That food really cheered me up. Oh, and Salade de Fruits is on Fir and 7th, for those who're interested.

So yeah, after that pick me up, my uncle dropped me off in front of Safeway and I took the 99 back to UBC. On that bus I realized something: a goth/punk girl can look incredibly older than her actual age. I mean, there was this girl, and I was like "whoa", 'cause oddly enough I like that look, so I was all "whoa" for a while, until I realized that sitting on the bus were like seven kids around 12-13 yrs old, which made me wonder if she was around the same age, and I realized that she probably was, and then I felt all gross inside. Also, on a similar note, another girl got on the bus reading a book, who was definately college-aged, and also rather cute...up until I saw this honking metal bar sticking through the bridge of her nose. GAH!

But anyways, I got back to UBC, for the sake of perhaps getting some work done, but mostly because I wanted to kill time before I go to church tonight (in vancouver, hence the not-much-point in going home). But yeah, kinda considering if I should go home anyways, as I'm bored in UBC, and I've got like 4 hrs to kill, which means I can get home and play CivIV for a bit... or, there's always forestry... decisions, decisions...

Until next time, I guess...

Loss of Nostalgia

Screw nostalgia, I'm getting a freakin' haircut!

Through recent events, it has come to my attention that I look MUCH better with short hair than with long hair. Also, through other recent events, I've found that this semester I have more reason to look better than last. These coinciding facts have made me realize that I must revert back to my previous hairstyle. And I know this for certain now, no more flirting with the possibility.

Now, I kinda figured this out a while ago, but I was going to wait 'til midterm break for my haircut. One, because I got a haircut in December and wanted to wait at least a month, and two, because I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't regret cutting my hair.

Both hesitations have now passed. Therefore, snip snip snip away...

Until next time, I guess...

Thursday, January 26, 2006


I just felt like blogging.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Stupid canucks couldn't get it done, AGAIN.

That being said, I can't stay mad when the game was so much fun to watch, especially in the third. Burrows is crazy awesome. Junky defence is fun to watch.

Although, in the first period I was seriously considering not watching. I mean, down 2-0 in the first, and after last night's crappiness...but oh well. With a bowl of mac'n'cheese and a glassful of sparkling grapejuice, I kept watching the game.

This post is starting to get random again. Time to procrastinate properly; CivIV...ho!

Until next time, I guess...


Got to school pretty early today, since my mom's work starts at 7 and UBC's relatively close. Read a bit, took a nap. Then, I went outside...

And my goodness, UBC is BEAUTIFUL in the morning sunshine. Everything was so clear...big snowcapped mountains in view, etc etc...

Yeah. I'm gonna go outside again. Enough of this comp-ing.

Until next time, I guess...

Monday, January 23, 2006


Wow, I can never hope to be as great a bass player as this guy, and he's only playing with ONE FREAKING HAND!!!


Okay. So in my hockey pool, I have three goalies: Curtis Sanford, Jose Theodore, and Manny Legace. GUESS WHO I FREAKIN' DECIDED TO BENCH?? That's right, the guy with the freaking shutout. NOT the one who was pulled w/ five goals, NOT the one with a .800 save %. DAMMIT!!!

This, compounded with the realization that conservatives are gonna win a minority gov't, I feel pretty bummed right now.

Although, if Harper can prove to me that he is actually "right of centre", and not as far right as he seems to be, then I'll be okay w/ him. Hooray for fence-sitting!

Now, let the slippery slope begin! Gay marriage anulments for all! ...gays! ...who got married! etc etc...

Until next time, I guess...


Walking between classes, there was a wonderful mist coming down in UBC. Very nice.

Also, I realized that game starts at 5, and I've got school 'til 5, so I'm gonna watch the game at school. Unfortunately, this means no hapkido again tonight. Oh well. Wednesday is a MUST.

One more thing. About Marcella. It's looking a lot like the Patricia debacle of a year ago. Very attractive, get along well, and yet I don't see myself asking anything. Oh well...

I'm hungry. It's noon. SUB's probably super busy. Only have an hour 'til class. Don't wanna rush. I've got an unfinished not-for-marks homework due. I've got class from 1-5.

Yikes, what a dilemma...whatever, food wins out over lateness / homework. But SUB's too far, even if cheap burger today....screw it, burger wins!

I'm starting to change my hypergrammacia, now I'm ranting in short little bursts. Heheh. And I don't believe hyperrammacia is a word...

Until next time, I guess...

[Edit - Yeah, ended up getting subway, meatball sub again...footlong, therefore I was able to save some for later, i.e. when I watch the game. I'm a freakin' genious! Also, incredibly nostalgic, heheh...still think Mr. Sub's better though.]


After riding the 480 to school today, I realized - nay, CONFIRMED - something I already held to be true. I am attracted to shorter women.

On the bus I had to stand by a girl of 4'10", tops, on practically the whole way to UBC. It was a rather refreshing change of pace for me. Although, throughout the trip, I wasn't thinking about her, per se, but rather what she represented. And hence my immediate blog. About shortness.

Now, I don't know what it is exactly...maybe they make me feel...normal, perhaps? Manly?? Heheh, possibly both? I don't know...but hey, all I know is this:

Short = Attractive, in my books, at least.

Until next time, I guess...

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Big, long, unexpected day.

Woke up at noon, uncle came by, asked if I wanted to go out for lunch, so I went out for lunch.

Ended up going to Stella (as in, Stella Artois), a Belgian restaurant on trendy Commercial. Had jerk chicken wrap (which was surprisingly good), along with delicious belgium-style french fries, complete with citrus mayo. Yummy.

Then we decided to go watch a movie at tinseltown, watched Munich. Gautam was right, good movie.

By this time, it had been a while since we ate, so we decided to go out for sushi. Oh, but not just any sushi; we ended up going to Zest, this fancy upscale fusion-esque japanese restaurant on 16th and MacDonald. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, was incredible! Everything from the 3-dressing daikon salad, to the multitude of fish, to the crazy delicious sushi (both roll and nigiri), and even the awesome desert. DELICIOUS. Also, it was the first time I had cheese in Japanese food, which surprisingly complemented the food it was with. Non-traditional, sure, but yummy nonetheless. DEFINATELY wanna go again. Somewhat pricy, since each item was like $5 (at least), but mmmmmmmmm...

Anyways, that was my day. Completely unexpected, but awesomely fulfilling.

[Heheh, full-filling, dinner joke, heheh...yeah, nevermind...]

Until next time, I guess...

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Heheh, sleep

I fell asleep during the hockey game, once again. I always seem to nod off during the last period. But, canucks friggin' scored 6 in the 1st, so whatever! Heheheh...

...yeah, not much else to say really. I'm gonna go play some CivIV now.

Until next time, I guess...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Best Plan EVER!

Man, deciding to go to Kwantlen was the best plan EVER!

As it turns out, everyone still goes there! It's just that they weren't there the few times I did end up going, heheh...

So yeah, I got to Kwantlen about 20 after 7, apparently just missed a bunch of people, but Reuben was still there, along w/ Mohsin for a bit. Ended up not going to Hapkido, 2nd best idea ever! Heheh...yeah, ended up just listening to music on Reuben's comp, as well as (for the first time EVER) actually doing some freakin' work! I got half my homework done there, at the chill spot! AMAZING!!!

And also awesome, while waiting for my ride, I saw Dianne again! That was quite nice...still incredibly cute and beautiful and easy to talk to. I really should've bit the bullet and asked for at least her info back when I was in Kwantlen. But, whatcha gonna do.

Well, one thing I could do is keep going to Kwantlen, possibly seeing her again. But yeah, considering I actually got some work done there, that might not be a bad idea. ESPECIALLY if I get to hang out w/ the guys again. No more freakin' loner Justin anymore! Heheheh...

Until next time, I guess...


I skipped out on watching the prospects game and went to the library, thinking I could get some work done. An hour and a half later, I'm still stuck on the comp doing nothing.

Now I'm debating staying at school to finish my hw due tomorrow (apparently it's pretty hard), or to go to Hapkido and do my hw at home.

Although, I am kinda hungry right now...I wonder what's open in UBC at quarter after 6...


After some thoughtful consideration of 3 minutes, I realized that I'm incredibly tired right now, and I've got an early class tomorrow. So, the hapkido/hw@11 option might not be viable...then again, I really don't feel like doing work right now, and after hapkido I'm usually pumped. So, I'm thinking, food then nap then hapkido. Then shower. THEN homework.

Again, if I just went and started my hw instead of moping around on the comp for an hour and a half, I would've probably been done by now. Damn you David Lam, and your junky yet addictive computers! I should've gone to Koerner...

Or better yet, I should've gone to Kwantlen...seems like nobody's there anymore, I'd actually get some work done, heheh...end of an era, perhaps...

Hmmmm....I'm hungry, tired, and wanna go to hapkido...mmmmTacoLuis, anyone?? I mean, I'll sleep on the bus, eat at lansdowne, and be just on time for hapkido! PERFECT!!! Except, eating + hapkido = uncomfortable me. Oh well; Kwantlen, ho!

Until next time, I guess...

--> From the procrastinatory mind of an introverted extrovert.


I was going to go to bed early today. But then, I figured I might as well print out my notes now rather than waking up an extra 15 mins. That's 'cause I realized I was watching t.v. 'til 1am. Dag nabbit...

Stupid habitually messed up internal rhythms...

[Aside: Is it just me, or are my posts actually getting shorter?]

Until next time, I guess...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I seem to have come across an amazing feeling here at school. I have no desire to surf the net. I have no desire to fiddle with my hockey pool. I have no desire to blog some long ranty post.

I have nothing left to do but study. AWESOME!!!

[although, I AM feeling rather peckish...heheh, oh well...]

Until next time, I guess...

[Edit, 3:15pm - Yeah, didn't end up studying. Bought me a subway sandwich, hooray for 3.75 meatball subs. I still think Mr. Sub is WAY better though. After fooding I went to a psych lab thingy for extra credit. Answered some questionnaires and stuff, etc etc. Therefore, no time for studying. And now I'm incredibly tired. And wanna go home. So, I'm going home, on the bus, and taking a nap. And I WILL have a seat on the bus, even if I have to stand in the pouring rain, cutting off the people who waited under cover. Heheh. Yeah, I guess I am starting to get rambly. So much for that feeling of wanting to study...]

Monday, January 16, 2006


Heheh, funny comic about StarForce.

Also, today's Dinosaur Comic is quite hilarious. Almost laughed out loud in the middle of the comp lab. Heheh.


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bits of Randomness

Despite the controversies, today was a good day. Drove a bunch today, from Horseshoe Bay to Burnaby to Richmond and back again. Also, there was hockey, which was nice, even if I was in net w/ less than perfect equipment etc. Fun fun fun all around.

I should start actually studying, focus on school, etc etc. I should probably start with doing the homework that's due tomorrow. Heh...

I just realized that I REALLY like The Cranberries. Enough to say that I'd buy their cd's. Or, if not buy, then receive as gifts. Heheh. Although I already have the cd with Salvation and that John Lennon song (which I enjoyed immensly, yet have conveniently forgotten about all these years). Yeah, hurray for crazy banshee lady!

I'm also finding that metal is starting to grow on me. I guess when you start playing an instrument, you appreciate incredibly difficult music more. Like Rush. Rush is awesome. Even if the lead singer sounds like a chipmunk. Heheh.

Also, a couple of great 80's songs:
--> Diodes - Tired of Waking Up Tired
--> Romantics - Talking In Your Sleep

I should really start sleeping earlier. As in, midnight. I'd be getting like 3hrs of extra sleep/night. (Yeah, do the math. I sleep LATE.)

Hockey's awesome. Still haven't seen the highlights of the canucks game, perhaps I shall go do that right now. After I check my hockey pool, of course.

Just checked my hockey pool. Turns out that I'm going back on the upturn, getting elias and ekman, while picking up staal (among others) earlier in the year. Heheh. It turns out that I've only kept 6 players out of my original 13 players. Hahaha.

I'm gonna go to sleep now, quarter after midnight.

Until next time, I guess...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wow, old Karmacanix Song

Heheh, found an old Karmacanix cover of Plush, with me on vocals. All things considered, it wasn't nearly as bad as I previously thought. I'd still rate it a 3/10, but all in all not bad.

Don't know how they'd like me posting it on the web, but meh, here's our cover of Plush.

Oh, and some excuses for my less than stellar vocals:

- Did it all in one or two takes.
- Didn't really warm up before recording.
- Had to sing with only the tracks, with like 10 people around me watching. Awkward...
- No monitor, therefore couldn't correct myself.

There's more, but I've complained enough. I actually kinda like it, heheh. Can't wait to start doing this stuff again...

Until next time, I guess...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Worry Over Nothing

You know the presentation I was stressing about the entire week?? Yeah, it went off swimmingly. 18/20. However, I'm slightly annoyed that my teacher's an easy marker, 'cause apparently nobody dropped below 17 in their presentations, even though I KNOW I was better than many. As in, practically everyone got 18/20. But meh, it's done, and I'm quite happy with my mark.

Skipped Stats today. Maybe I should print out todays notes, see what I missed, etc etc.

Was also all dressy today. Somewhat. I didn't shave, 'cause I got stressed out and splotchy, and shaving would've exacerbated the problem. Oh well.

Got Marcella's e-mail. I should've been more specific; she gave me her interchange.ubc e-mail. Was hoping for MSN. Oh well. I was too stressed out today to do my usual "does this mean she doesn't wanna give me her info, or does she just not have e-mail?" mental ramblings. Perhaps the only positive to my stressing out today.

Over the past few weeks, my ranking in my hockey pool dropped considerably. Basically, during finals, it turned to crap, and now I'm too lazy to rectify the situation. Blah. I mean, oh well...

My dad just walked in and made some incessantly annoying remarks once again. I'd get pissed off, but they were done in good I'm tired. Stupid everything. Oh well.

Right, still haven't bought my books yet, probably wont for a while longer, once again...hopefully tomorrow, but I needs some mon-ay. Or at least my mom's credit card.

I didn't go to hapkido tonight due to it not yet being a week since I pulled out my tooth. Wouldn't wanna roll awkwardly and mess up whatever healing has occurred.

Heheh, I just found out that awkward is spelt rather awkwardly. And that I've been spelling it incorrectly for quite some time. Unless it's some strange american/canadian/english spelling thing. Oh well.

Heh. I think I'm kinda depressed. But not sad depressed, more like an "I give up" depressed. Oh well.

Gah. Things I have to still do:

1) Clean out my e-mail -- I'm incredibly lazy. Unopened mail = 195. Total mail in inbox = 451. Holy crap.

2) Sign up for Co-op. Man, I just know I'm gonna leave it for last minute.

3) Start studying instead of going home super early and doing nothing but watch tv and play CivIV. This is what happens every year; I never recover from the winter break. And yet I end up with better marks in 2nd semester. Funny how that works.

I know there's tons more, but I just got lazy again.

It's past midnight. I've got an 8:30am class tomorrow. I think I'll watch a few episodes of clone high. Hopefully that'll cheer me up, for a while at least.

Until next time, I guess...

[Edit - Oh what a fool I was. I've completely forgotten how much I hated the last few episodes of clone high. They're just horrible. And now I feel even worse than before. Oh well. This officially ends my mini-obsession over Clone High. Dreidelstein sorry...Gimel...]

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Comedy of Errors

I skipped my Finance class this morning. But not on purpose.

Because of my inability to manage my time properly, I ended up going to bed around 3:40 (I was on a roll making my speech). However, I couldn't seem to fall asleep 'til an hour later. Since I needed to get up at 6:30, I'd've only gotten 2hrs of sleep. That'd be enough sleep, considering bus napping and 4-hr-break napping. However, I seemed to have kept my phone on vibrate, and hence I didn't hear the alarm.

I woke up at 7:30 to the sound of my mom in the other room saying "isn't Justin supposed to be on the 7:30 bus?" I was like "whaaa.....CRAP. It's 7:30. Screw it, I'm going back to bed."

I got up an hour later.

But oh, by the time I ate, showered, etc etc, it was already past 9, and I had to catch the 9:10 bus! So there I was, driving like a maniac to the park and ride, doing 90 down Garden City. But I got there, parked, and started walking towards the bus stop, thinking I got there right on time. However, before I crossed the road, I see the 480 stopping on the other side. I start freaking out, 'cause it's still a red freakin' light! GAH! But, thankfully, the light turns green just as the bus stopped, and I start sprinting like I've never sprinted before, dropping and consequently catching my bag in midair. But I ended up on the bus, and everything worked out. I took a nap.

But oh, when I got to UBC, it was already 9:53! GAH, STUPID EVERYTHING! So I end up power walking like crazy getting to Angus; 9:58, I should have enough time. But oh, my class is on the 4th floor! So I try to fly up the stairs getting to class...but again, another obstacle, as the stairs are being renovated, and only one side is open for the hordes and hordes of students going up and down the stairs. GAH. So I had to sit and wait behind the train of people going up the stairs. Highly highly annoying.

Okay, being late for class isn't the end of the world, but after all that happened today, incredibly annoying.

Funny thing is, I've only got this one class today, and I realize that I've done this junk before. Stupid cost accounting, how I despise thee. Not too fond of the instructor either. But meh, I got through the class well enough.

So, after this whole catastrophe, it was time to finally go and buy my books. I then realized that I left my mom's credit card at home, and am now unable to buy my books. Stupid everything, indeed.

So here I am, 4 hrs away from my group meeting, which will only be about 10 mins long, with nothing to do but blog and possibly sleep (since I've got no books). And I gotta get home by 6:30pm, so I'll be able to drive my mom to work. Oh, and I still need to memorize my stupid stupid speech. It's only my 1 credit course, but it's not like I can just forget about it though, because of my stupid "I didn't feel like pulling an allnighter for my paper" thing last semester.

All in all, a pretty crummy morning so far.

[Edit - When it rains, it pours. I finally got my mark back for OB, and it's about 2 letter grades below what I hoped it would be. That sucks. Also, my tuition money still hasn't gone through, even though it's already deducted from my mom's account. Now that's not right. I'm gonna hafta deal with this now. This sucks.]

Until next time, I guess...

Inability to Manage Time

Tomorrow I'm waking up at 6:30 to get to my 8:30 class, plus I gotta at least create my outline of my speech before I get to bed, plus I have to print out not only tomorrows notes but todays notes that I seemed to have forgotten to print out.

It's 12:30am.

I've spent the past 2 hrs playing Civ. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!

I mean, my goodness. This is not boding well. I've seemed to have become more and more procrastinatory over the past few months. Instead of doing a simple, 30min task and going right to bed, I instead procrastinate my butt off. I mean just yesterday I watched the entire Russel Peters thing again, just 'cause I started it.

The day before that, I found out that The Internet Is For Porn. LOL. Finally posted it somewhere, ended up being Reuben's blog. Might as well have the hilarity here as well, heheh.

But yeah, point is, I waste my time so completely that it's troublesome. I mean just now I've wasted about 15 mins typing up this blog instead of doing my speech. And it's not like it's too difficult either; in fact, it should be rather fun, watching the snowflake day episode again and again finding facts on snowflake day and what not, heheh. Hurray for clone high, I guess.

Anyways, I'm gonna stop now.

Until next time, I guess...

Monday, January 09, 2006

Stupid Non-Recharged Batteries...

I keep forgetting to recharge my batteries.

I was listening to my cd player today on the bus, and after about 20 seconds of song, it cut out. Alas, I had forgotten to recharge my batteries. And now I want to listen to music.

Hmm...I guess that could be metaphorical, in that my personal batteries are never recharged due to my lack of sleep, but I actually wasn't thinking about that. Kinda applies though, esp. w/ being late today for my first class. And all the accompanying non-askings and what not. Heheh.

Anyways, I got class in half an hour, from 4:30 to 5:30, hopefully it'll be short so I can go watch the debate. Then it's home to create/memorize a 5min speech. Yikes.

Until next time, I guess...


Just watched Chronicles of Narnia w/ Robert tonight. And it was a surprisingly good movie. And it's actually much better than the book, oddly enough. The book isn't as detailed, nor is it as expressive during scenes which requires expression. I mean, it's only like friggin' 80 pages long! And childrens style, etc...but yeah. Very impressed with the movie.

And also what I've noticed in the Chronicles I've read so far (i.e. the first two books), it pretty much goes as follows:

1) Reality
2) Crazy Fantasy
3) Reality Again
4) Another Crazy Fantasy
5) Christian Allegory
6) Happy Ending

Once I've read the other five books, I'll comment some more on how correct this theory of mine really is. When this "finished reading" business comes about, I have no idea. Remind me in the summer, heheh.

On a completely separate note, I still have to memorize a freakin' 5min thing for wednesday. That's gonna be freakin' TOUGH. Even if I am doing it about Snoflake Day from Clone High. And yes, I purposely left out the "w" because that's how I always seem to be typing it (rather annoying really).

Another junky note is that I'll probably miss half of the debate because I'm in stupid class. Stupid class, making me miss half of the debate. And it's not like you can tape it and watch it later, 'cause it's like taping sports. It's just not the same. I'm still gonna vote liberal again though. Hurray for my perennial fence-sitting.

It's actually incredibly late right now. As in, 3:30am incredibly late. And to think that I was gonna wake up early to make sure I'll catch an early bus to make sure I'll get to class early to make sure that I'll have time to talk to Marcella. Yeah. Ramble ramble, I'm a dork.

My grandpa's still here. He's going back to Gibsons for a bit, then coming back here for a while. I hope everything'll go as planned. I still wanna watch a Canadiens game with him, that'll be cool.

Until next time, I guess...

Friday, January 06, 2006

Still Not Painful

Got my tooth pulled about 5+ hrs ago. Still annoying as heck. Still not painful, however. Still only using Advil. I'm actually really hungry right now...but, a little starvation is in order.

Man, I really don't feel like going to church tomorrow, but it's gonna be Krystle's and Nicole's last day here before they head off to schooling. So, I'm gonna be in church in about a dozen hours or so.

Rumble rumble. That's the sound my tummy makes when it's hungry.

*rumble rumble*

My Grandpa's in from Gibsons, going to a doctor in richmond. Hopefully he'll be able to have the surgery, and hopefully it'll make him well again. That's alls I got to say about that, at least for now.

I'm also incredibly tired and woozy, possibly from the tooth extraction, although more probably it could just be psychosomatic. Heheh.

Until next time, I guess...

Note to Self

Note to self: GET TO CLASS EARLY!!!

Didn't have time to ask for Marcella's info today, since when I got to class, say 2 mins early, she was reading something and I didn't want to disturb her. End of class she always leaves super quickly too, I'm assuming b/c of a class. But we did talk a bit, for example commenting on how the math building's bell sounds like a fire alarm. She seems really nice.

Also, on a similar note, I've realized that I'm not merely a [insert body part] guy. For example, a leg man, or a boob man. I tend to focus on the best features of each woman, be it hips or eyes or nape of the neck. And EVERY woman has a best feature. Wait, by focus, I don't mean stare at, I mean my tendency to notice. I mean, my physical attraction to a woman has no previous tendency towards a certain physical feature, and because of this I find most women attractive, due to my focus on their best feature. Wait, I used focus again...whatever, you get what I mean.

Moving along...

I need to buy my books / notes etc. Good thing I realized that I had about $100 more money in my bank than I previously thought! Hurray for GST credits!

Wow, I'm getting my tooth pulled in less than 4 hrs. That kinda sucks. Still don't fell like it's really gonna happen today though. Same as with last time. Chalk it up to pre-extraction denial, I guess. Oh well, another uncomfortable evening of trying to speed clotting.

Hopefully by monday I'll be relatively fine, since my big 5min completely memorized speech will occur next week. 3 days should be enough recovery time, I hope.

I get to drive home today. Hurrah. Wait, I'm gonna hafta get home rather quickly, my grandpa has a doctor's appointment at 2. Yeah, I haven't blogged about that yet, perhaps it's my denial or what not. Oh well, perhaps I shall later tonight...

Until next time, I guess...

And Now For Some Levity

Next time you're bored at a party or whatever, try this out.

Start up a conversation with somebody, then bring the conversation to travelling.
Then ask how many different continents they've been to.
Then ask, "Do you travel within continents?"
"HAHAHA!! You just said you pee your pants!!!"

LOL! Get it? Within continents? Incontinence?!? Hehehe...

Thanks goes to VG Cats for the inspiration. LOL.

Until next time, I guess...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Day #2

I had an 8:30am class today. Morning classes suck. Especially with less than 4 hrs of sleep, ESP. with only having 2 hrs the night before.

I then had another class afterwards, and my goodness, both classes combined, that must've been the longest 3 hrs EVER.

Anyways, I went straight home, got back by about quarter to 1, watched some of the bronze medal game, then fell asleep for a few hours 'til the gold game came on. And DANG did Canada ever creamed the Russians, eh? SWEET! Then, switching over to the Canucks, they finally won a game! HURRAH!!! And DANG Jarkko Ruutu's goal was pretty! Can you say, Sidney? Lol...

So, yeah. It feels like midnight, but yet it's only 8:30. That's a good sign. Perhaps I'll actually sleep at a reasonable hour tonight...heheh...

Tomorrow I'm getting another wisdom tooth removed. Which sucks. I'm hoping it'll go like last time, 'cause last time it was a freakin' breeze, uncomfortable though it was. See previous posts for details, etc etc...

I need to still buy books. I don't have any yet. And, more importantly, I need to buy those note packages, 'cause those are usually much more necessary during class. Oh, and I gotta pay for my tuition, dangit...

...yeah, I'm rambling on about nothing really. Nothing much to say. Oh, yesterday there was a power outtage, so my sisters and I did a puzzle in the candlelight while listening to the canucks game. That was fun. Oh, and I also went to Hapkido for the first time in 2+ weeks. Man, I'm so outta shape...

Lets see, what else...right, tomorrow's another class with Marcella, that should be nice. Gonna ask for her info tomorrow, definately. Although, I don't see the big deal in that, I ask for everyone's e-mail etc. I mean, it'll be written down next to everyone elses info in my agenda.

Or maybe I'm just playing this down as to not make myself feel unnecessarily flustered. Heh...

Until next time, I guess...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Promising Beginnings

Wow, first day of classes is going by spectacularly! And it's only NOON! Not due to any academic achievements, oh no, but of something so rediculously awesome that it seems like God is shining down on me. Yes, THAT awesome! And, the funny thing is, it happened at my History of the Christian Church class! What a co-winkydink!

But, what could have happened that was so wonderfully unexpected? Why, I introduced myself to the girl who I've been sitting behind for the past 4 months, who I find to be one of, if not THE most attractive girl at UBC. Her name is Marcella. Or Marsella, don't know how it's spelled. Heheh. And it seems like we get along alright, hopefully the beginnings of an amazing friendship. Once friends, I'll play it by ear...

But the most amazing thing about this is how we actually started talking. You see, our class is now in the Math building behind Koerner, and we were both hopelessly lost. So, after noticing me, she asked if I knew where it was, so I said I had no idea, then we introduced ourselves, then went off to find our class. We wandered the halls a bit, trying to find room 104, conversing in the meantime. Then, in class, we continued the conversation while our midterms were being handed out. I mean, I couldn't have scripted it any better in my own head! Absolutely everything went awesomely, and amazingly I was able to talk with her with no hesitations at all! Man, I love it when talking to a girl feels natural. Although, at one point I realized I could've been dragging the conversation by focusing on myself, but that was readily compensated. BOO-YAH!

Here's to hoping that this isn't some freak occurence, and that I'll be able to speak to her friday with the same fluency and fluidity as I did today. And, perhaps, with unshaggier hair, heheh. Also, perhaps this means I shall now try to take pride in my appearance much more than last semester, meaning more exercise, and a possible return to a previous hairstyle. Heheh.

Oh, and before I forget, this awesome morning was also accentuated by the fact that I got an A- on my midterm. Sweeeeet...

Until next time, I guess...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

...Because It's Sneaky!

Watching nearly all of Clone High on the last day of freedom was amazing. Kudos to Kieran for giving us the ability to watch such an awesome serial.

On this note, in the Pusher episode, JFK says something backwards when he fell through the roof and broke his leg. Here's what he said:

"I am talking backwards and telling watch Clone High...and for us to get an Emmy...I'm saying that backwards...because it's sneaky!"

And oh man, it's hilarious if you can find it on the net. Unfortunately, it was lost to me when my harddrive crashed a few years ago. Oh well. This page seems to be the most in depth episode guide I found on the net. Awesome.

And now, back to school...*shudder*

Until next time, I guess...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Whoa, an Actual Resolution?

Well, the public (a.k.a. Mark) wanted specifics, so here's a specific:

1) I will learn the bassline to YYZ by the end of this year. BOO-YAH!

Heheh, a goal that I KNOW is unreachable, but man it'll be hella fun trying...

Until next time, I guess...