Tuesday, November 01, 2005


The last few days've been a blur.

Sunday, finally got CivIV installed, played that for hours. Monday as well. Also today. Yes, instead of much homework.

Right, monday was halloween, wasn't it? Well, I decided to skip Hapkido practice because the kimchee bowl I ate for lunch wasn't sitting well, plus I don't think too many people'd be there halloween night, plus I wanted to play more CivIV. Walked home around 6ish though, after a crazy long busride passing firetrucks and bangs and what not. Walking home I didn't see all that many trick or treaters, although there were groups. I'm assuming the rush came around 5.

Sooo...what else did I do....besides CivIV, nothing much. Except I did have the realization that I've got tons and tons of homework/studying to do and that I can't slack off after my midterms, which was kind of a letdown. Ironically, this letdown made me wanna play CivIV even more, which is what I did. Today, I played for over 3 hours instead of homework.

Oh, and I watched some of this season's Smallville on my sister's comp (downloaded). Quite awesome, except for the halloween episode (last thursday), it was about "vampires", with the lead vamp being Buffy Saunders *cough*, not to mention they have James Marsders as a Professor now *cough*SPIKE*cough*, and they did unabashedly used the phrase "slayed Buffy the vampire", which I found quite annoying, heheh...

Oh, but the Aquaman episode was awesome:

Aquaman - "Yeah Clark, we should make a Junior Lifeguard Association or something."
Superman - "I don't know, I don't think I'm quite ready for the JLA just yet."


Anyways, point is, CivIV is a crazy awesome game. No, CRAZY AWESOME!!! This this is just as addicting, if not moreso, then the previous games. Plus, since it runs relatively slow on my sister's comp, thus loading games takes quite a long time, I rarely use my "save then reload" uber-cheapo tactics anymore, and MAN I'm loving it!

Although, I'm still rather sucking at the game at the moment. Playing at the "AI slightly stupid" setting, right below normal AI, and yet it seems like I'm not doing as well as I thought I should be doing...and this is after getting 2 free settlers in the first 2 turns! Gah...I swear, I completely neglect my military/unit building and focus entirely on infrastructure...not the smartest thing to do in this game, oh no...

My goodness, you guys must think I'm a dork right now. Well, except for all yous Civ fanboys out there, heh...

But yeah, time for me to get some actual work done. For once.

OH, before I go, I got another midterm back; it was my Econ test. And, all things considered, I actually did remarkably well! I ended up w/ 76.5% (w/o scaling), which is completely more awesome than what I thought I'd get. Funny thing is, I rocked the long-answer questions, but in the T/F section, I got lower than average. And NO, this isn't some chincy t/f thing, there were like calculations and theories and junk. But whatever, I'm not complaining, heheh...

[edit - Oh right, I forgot to mention something awesome...guess who's #1 in my hockey pool? ME!!! Also, guess who's #2? MY KID SISTER!!! Heheh, I guess awesomeness runs in the family or something, heheh...]

Until next time, I guess...


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