Sunday, November 27, 2005

More of the Same

Woke up fairly late today, although at least I finished off my online quiz early...

I was gonna watch the grey cup game, but since there's no Lions, my heart just wasn't in it, so I decided to play CivIV again. Until six. Then I went to watch the canucks. But lo and behold, the football game wasn't over yet. So I was torn. "Grey cup, hockey, grey cup, hockey...I'll stick with hockey."

***11 seconds later***

"And it's a goal by Colorado, 11 seconds in!!!"
"Crap, I guess it's football, heheh..."

So I finished watching the football game, flipping back to hockey now and again (until I realized that everytime I flipped back, Colorado scored again. Stupid road canucks...), but yeah, that was quite a Grey Cup finish. Highly entertaining, that last little bit.

So anyways, I finished watching another disappointing Canucks road game. Then, seeing that my sis needed the family comp, I decided play more CivIV. Except my sister's comp was running incredibly slow again. So as my comp restarted, I had a shower. And now I'm blogging.

Holy crap this post is boring. I guess I blog how I feel then. Meaning: I'm bored.

I still have a bunch of little homeworks to finish up. I think I'll play some Civ.

Until next time, I guess...


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