Friday, September 28, 2007


I finally completed and submitted my CACEE forms!!! WOOHOO!!!

Sure, they suck like crap, but hopefully the "Diploma of Technology in Financial Management, Professional Accounting Option, with Honours" along with "Appeals Officer at Canada Revenue Agency" catches their collective eyes enough to get me shortlisted for an interview.

To be completely honest, I'm not expecting much.

To those who are utterly confused, I have just applied to several accounting firms. A CACEE Form is a standardized 5-page resume template thing. I pretty much started and finished this within the past 24 hours. HOLYCRAPMYGOODNESS it's over!!!

Time to PAR-TEYYYY!!!

...or, you know, go to work in about an hour. Either/or.

Stupid Rockstar drink making me superincredihypermaligisticly insane...

...I do believe I shall use that word more often in every language. HAHAHA!!!

Unnecessary use of whatever that hahaha thing is called, much?? ...doesn't have quite the ring that it had in my mind. But oh well. I'M DONE MY CACEES!!!


...hypomanic, more likely? Nah, just plain old manic, I believe.

Time for sleep. But I'm superincredihypermaligisticly insane still... perhaps I shall stay up all night and just go straight to work. Perhaps I have to. Haha.

No more blogging.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Deadline Crunchtime

I haven't been blogging properly all month.

I've only now received a hard deadline to finish my CACEE form (i.e., specialized resume) for the Chartered Accounting firms, deadline 9am friday morning.

My lack of blogging seems to be related to my lack of writing ability. I can't seem to just spew forth crap onto a page like I used to.

I'm sure none of you know what I'm talking about. Let me summarize. Things are due, I haven't done 'em, I've gotta supercram. Except now I've also got a job to go to in the morning. Can't really skip that.

So, basically, same ol' same ol', with DIRE consequences.


My blogging kinda sucks now. Life has been, well, ups and downs. That's about enough.

Yup. Can't take anymore from you. Just about enough. me over the edge!

heheh. stupid catchy crappy songs. time for work.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Extra Jimmy Ticket

Does ANYONE wanna go to Jimmy Eat World?? I gotta get rid of this extra ticket! Help me out!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yeah yeah...

So I've been procrastinating again. Let's just say it's catching up with me.

Or at least it was. First day back from the weekend always seems to be my most productive, apparently. Even if it was suicide prevention day, or whatever it was called.

In other news, I need to learn how to network. I think I'm lacking that other friend, needed to tag-team the CA reps. I'm a little (actually, VERY) shy without, I think.

There's always tomorrow, I guess.

But yeah. In the immortal words of Sam Wong (yes, a guy you've never seen/heard of):

"Whoever hires me, WINS."


[p.s. - Oh the irony. Once again, I'm blogging to procrastinate from all the other things I need to be doing. Namely, finishing up my co-op report (due last friday, but I haven't heard anyone complain about my lateness yet...) and preparing for tomorrow's networking event. It feels like I'm in school again, lol.]

Monday, September 10, 2007


So apparently today was World Suicide Prevention Day.

Oh the irony.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Jimmy Eat World Concert

I'm going to watch Jimmy Eat World on Wed. Oct. 10.

Anyone wanna come with? Under $30, can't go wrong...

...unless you're under 19. In that case, sucks to be you. But yeah. 19+. Heheh.


[p.s., by under $30, I mean, pre-fees. It's like 75/2 now... you know, fyi... so you won't take my head once you purchase...]