Sunday, January 21, 2007


My fingers are practically DESTROYED. I mean, what with the cold/dryness, and the too-much-practicing, and the application of medicines... but yeah, annoying not only 'cause I can't really play guitar for a while, but annoying 'cause I'm finding it hard to write/type. I mean, I'm bearing through the slight pain (as you can tell by the blogging), but it is rather annoying.

Here's a pic of my worst finger (my right index, a.k.a. the pick substitute). Try to guess where I took it:

Yeah, it looks like a snakebite or something. Lacerations SUCK.

Anyways, it's Sunday afternoon, and I haven't been able to get a hold of ANYBODY. I phoned like 5 people and nobody responded. I guess it's for the best, what with my two assignments due tomorrow. But still...

If you weren't one of the 5 I phoned, and would have wanted to do something today, my bad. Maybe next time.

But yeah. Sitting here, where I took that picture up above. Kinda relaxing, kinda sleep-inducing. I'm gonna get up soon enough, actually go study.

...WAIT, one assignment's due on TUESDAY! Niiiiice... but, arrrgh, I SHOULD get it done tonight, what with the classes ending at 7pm monday, and the possibility of getting called in for monday night... but yeah. Not so much crazy pressure. That's pretty cool.

But dang... not having tax next week is gonna be AWESOME. My 4.5 hr breaks have suddenly turned into finishing class by 11:30. COOOL. But yeah, if anyone wants to do something tuesday, I'm open. Thursday I'm working at 7, so, something to keep in mind also.

I'm rambling. This place is making me sleepy. Time to leave.


Anonymous valen said...

sorry, i was taking a test when you called. my class was rather annoyed with me. hahaha.

6:46 p.m.  
Blogger bj_nitsuj said...

You're in class now?? I didn't know that... whoops, sorry Valen!

10:28 a.m.  

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