Thursday, January 18, 2007

Modified Slacking

And I'm not talking about the pokémon... LOL, man that was so lame...

But yeah. I'm in the middle of my 4.5 hr break. I've spent an hour of it walking to and from McMillan (sp?) to get food from my sister, and subsequently eating this food in the commerce lounge. I then went into the library, in which I was to

An hour later, I've parused my hockey pool, watched a few youtube vids, and read some blogs.

I've got an assignment due in, like 2.5 hours.

...make that 2 hours. Yeah.

The thing is, it's one of those "looks so easy I could do it in 5 mins" kind of assignments, so I don't feel the pressure to start it. I'm sure it's going to take me at least 45mins to do, but, yeah... just not feelin' it.

It seems like I've got back into the habit of completely wasting my spare time. I mean, take this blogpost. It's, like, LONG. Relatively speaking. Or take this break, I've wasted like an hour and a half already. Or even take last night, where I went back to the apartment right after my class ended (i.e. 7pm), cooked dinner, and had about 3 hours in which I would finish my easy assignment so I wouldn't have to worry about it today. Instead, I spent this time going through a whole bunch of songs I'm able to play for the guitar for cafe night. I narrowed it down to 5 BNL songs, and about half a dozen others. Yeah, me no good with decisions...

But yeah. Hence the slacking part of the title. But, modified, how? Well, take yesterday for example. I had a 1.5hr break, and during this time, I actually STUDIED. And, it was like, a relatively short break! And I had like 6 hrs of class afterwards to boot! Goodness... I'm so on/off these days, like I'm just about to be the studious keener I should be, but then BOOM I'm back to checking my hockey pool for an hour... yeah...


Gots me work tonight, 6-12. Or, rather, it's more like 6:30-12, as I've got class until 5:30. Plus I'd like to, you know, food myself and what not. I told Tom this, and he said 'twas alright... I think they might be hurtin' for produce guys...

But yeah, as with monday, I was thinking I shouldn't work, 'cause of the whole ultra-contageous facial sores and what not. But, I'm guessing it shouldn't be a big deal, it's not like I pick at it or anything fairly disgusting like that. But on the flip side, smiling HURTS... and, you know, Safeway = service, soo... yeah. Semi-conundrum here. Just hope it heals sufficiently for cafe night... I'm gonna feel incredibly, INCREDIBLY self conscious if it lingers... and cosidering I'm like half of the acts scheduled to play, I'm kinda needed there... but, Self-Conscious Justin = Lacking Self-Esteem Justin = Nervous Justin = Not-Sounding-Good Justin, and that's not good for anyone...

And I do believe that I've rambled for far FAR too long.


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