Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Oh Burrows...

Man, what a game. More specifically, damn, that Burrows... haha...

First off, he falls on his ass for absolutely no reason (as usual), looking like a fool. And THEN, on the same shift, he steals the puck, blows by 2-on-1, does a CRAZY move to deke out Kipprusoff and scores from behind the net! First goal in 47 games, and it was quite the doozy!

And then he takes an unnecessary tripping penalty in the final 20 seconds... man, that Burrows... I just don't know about that kid...

But whateva... Canucks won, and that's the point! Woo!!


On another note, stupid staying up 'til 9am for no reason and waking up past 3pm once again... gotta sleep early tonight, must watch Canada vs. USA tomorrow morning at 7!


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