Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I don't know what to blog about.

I miss my guitar. It's at the apartment. I haven't been there since, like, Sunday.

I should get out more. Especially before school starts on *COUGH* Monday.......

I feel odd how all the songs I've covered on youtube, and are thinking of covering in the future, is kinda related to that girl that used to be in my life, in some form or another. It's kinda disconcerting, 'cause that's not really my intention. I don't know. Maybe I just find it weird that the same music I listened to four years ago is the kinda music I'm listening/playing to now also.

Holy crap, it's been four years... DANG... hmmm, maybe this whole wanting to cover those songs is some sort of psychological longing for closure. Or maybe in my boredom I'm making up nonsensical ideas to ramble about.

While we're on the topic of covering songs, I'm wondering which songs I should do next. Here's a shortlist of what I'm thinking of:

Fastball - Out of My Head
Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want
Nine Days - Absolutely
Savage Garden - To The Moon & Back
Jimmy Eat World - Kill
Moist - Leave It Alone
OLP - Clumsy/Thief/Is Anybody Home/other?
M2M - Don't Say You Love Me (as in, an actual version)
Death Cab for Cutie - Into The Dark (see above)
Gnarles Barkley - Crazy (haha, it's been done, kinda interested...)
Nelly - Ride Wit Me (now THAT would be cool... and challenging...)
BTNH - Change the World (...heheh, okay, just kidding)
soulDecision - Gravity (...heheh, NOT kidding)
TV Themes (Everything from turtles, to samurai pizza cats, to teddy ruxpin, to reading rainbow. lol)


Okay, so this "shortlist" kinda became a "I'm bored so I went through some of my musical library seeing what I'm interested in covering" list... haha... needless to say, putting junky covers on youtube is friggin FUN. Makes me happy. And apparently makes at least one other person happy too, so that's cool. Haha...

Until next time, I guess...


Edit - I realize now that there's like at least a dozen more songs I should've put on that list, but... meh. This blog is boring enough as it is.


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