Friday, January 05, 2007

Not bad for 8:30am

I do believe that this has been the most productive morning in quite some time.

Dropped off my resume at Safeway at quarter after 8, and I have an interview at 11:30. NIIIIICE.

Although that means that I'll miss at least the 2nd period of the game, and most likely the entire end of the game. But, you know, WHATEVER. Sooo glad that I stopped putting it off.


Had a dream last night. Actually, I had several (as I woke up at 3:45, 5:30, and 7:30). But there's one dream that kinda weirded me out. Here's what I remember:

Something something, then climbing up stairs to go down a waterslide (which was weird because it wasn't a swimming pool, and I was in normal clothes), then at the top it turned into a community centre, so I took off my jacket and sat on a sofa w/ others, then Jason Powar came in and started talking to everyone, then I walked around and saw the room with the waterslide, but it was actually just a hallway, and I went back and put on my jacket, but it wasn't my jacket as I lost it, so I was looking for my real jacket, then Jason gave it to me, but then my jacket had these weird things attached on the inside, all lined up in a row, and like locked in, so I started picking it out w/ another, but then I realized that this ALSO wasn't my jacket, so I searched for it again, and this time I actually found it... then something something.

Then I woke up. And THEN I realized, Jason is DEAD. ...freaked the hell outta me you guys. He died in a motorcycle accident a month or two ago. That's just SAD... of all the people to go... goodness... and why I dream I don't know.

This was my wake-up-at-5:30 dream. My next dream was just weird, with Kris buying seafood at Safeway, which I brought him to. Very odd. I guess I had "must give resume to Safeway" on my mind.


Snow is awesome. No, more like... AWWWEEESSOOOMMEEE!!!

Yeah that's alls I've got. For now.

p.s. - that "good if not blogging" from last post comment doesn't apply to this, as it's not midnight, and I'm just passing the time until the Canada game starts. Heheh.


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