Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Conundrum...

Remember a few days ago, when I said that I have a subscriber / fan of my youtube videos? Well, this girl sent me a message, compliments me, now asking me for messenger contact. Soo... should I give her my e-mail?

I mean, part of me is like, yeah sure what the hell, no big deal... but there's that other part of me that's, like, HOLY CRAP DON'T GIVE YOUR E-MAIL TO CRAZY STALKER INTERNET LADY!!! know?

Plus there's always the outside chance that it's actually some fat 67 yr old naked man. That wouldn't be cool, haha...

So... what do you say guys? To give or not to give? That IS the question...

[edit - Alright, well, the "what the hell" side won, I sent her my contact. Hopefully I won't end up regretting it, haha... but yeah, if you see any future deletions of this post (and perhaps that section of that earlier post as well), it'd be 'cause she found my blog. It kinda feels like I'm talking behind her back, and that just feels kinda iffy, you know?

Although, I'm not quite certain that it was actually sent, 'cause that "message sent" thing never showed up, even though I pressed the button twice... but, no matter, if I don't hear reply by friday, I'll just send another one. Or, you know, freak out and forget about it. Her. Whatever... heheh...]


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