Tuesday, January 23, 2007

No sleep

Unless you count the few minutes in the car. And the few seconds of nodding off in class. But, I think I blew by what seems to be my 4th wall, heheh. Not bad.

I've still got my project to do, now with only 3 hrs until the deadline. Alls I've got is an outline. An outline with, like, one word per point. Needless to say, not going very well.

Also, I'm hungry and kinda have to go to the bathroom, but that requires getting up, which means losing my seat, most likely. And that's discouraging. ...then again, alls I'm doing now is blogging. Heheh. Lack of sleep...

Glad I don't have tax though. That's quite the bonus.

Plan: Get up at 2. Finish at least part of the case. Then eat/etc. Then, at 2:30 (which'll really be like 3), GET CRACKIN'. Then, finish by 4:30, get frustrated w/ the school printers for half an hour, then hand it in. Yup. ...hmm, nope. I'm getting off now. And gonna shut down the web browser of all non-work tabs. So far, I've got 3 youtube, 2 blogs, one email, and one lyric/tab page open. That's grammatically incorrect, heheh.

I stop now.


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