Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's 2am

I've got 2 assignments due tomorrow, and I haven't done 'em yet.

I even went home to be able to allnighter w/ internet connection. And here I go squandering the night away.

I've got an accounting assignment, probably take a couple hours, worth 2%, as well as a MIS (i.e. business computers) assignment, which'll probably take about the same amount of time, and worth 10%. Funny thing is, the MIS isn't due until 5:20pm, while the acct is due at 10am. Meaning, I'll probably spend more time being more alert w/ acct than MIS. Which doesn't make sense, marks wise.

But no matter. Technically, I guess I DO have all afternoon to finish the damn thing. Hopefully I'll get more than a few hours of sleep.

There goes my "doing something on tuesday" plan. Crap dammit...

On the plus side, I picked up another shift on wed night. Although, considering I have classes 'til 7pm, and work from 8 to midnight, might not really be a plus after all... but, whatever, I needs to pay the rent.

Lol. I type that on my family computer in richmond. How ironic.

Anyways, before I start rambling any further, I'm just gonna post a youtube vid. A hilarious, hilarious youtube vid.

Yeah, a couple weeks old, but who cares. Bryzgalov is HILARIOUS. LOL, take that Edmonton!


Man, it feels so, I don't know... nostalgic? Except without the awesome connotations.



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