Monday, January 08, 2007

So Far So Good

I do believe that this has been the best first day of school I've ever had!
...well, BCIT first day was pretty cool, and highschool first days were usually alright too.

Whatever. My point is, today went GREAT. Woke up early, bought some books, went to class, bought some more books, had lunch, went to class, went to class, went to class. And now I'm online outside of DLam. WOO!

Four classes today, and 6 hours straight from 1 to 7. Although, the last three hours is my science lab course thing, and lemme tell you guys, it's frickin' AWESOME. It's like, physics by inquiry, and we're not even like learning anything we don't already know, but HOW we figure that stuff out is just COOL. Like, all sciency and stuff. And best of all, NO EXAMS, NO HOMEWORK. Like 60% of the marks is what you do in class, and DANG so far I'm acing it. Even if my writing is mostly messy and illegible. Heheh. But yeah, SO not dropping that course anymore!

Although, I've gotta say, it's making me reconsider why I left science in the first place. I mean, this lab stuff is, like, FUN... but then again, we're mostly just playing with magnets, answering ridiculously easy questions (so easy it messes you up sometimes, lol), without any memorization AT ALL, and no homework 'til one assignment at the end (which is making a 1 hr elementary-school lesson plan for everything that we learned in the course). Sweeeeet... and so not as demanding as other science courses.

And no, science-y people can't take it for credit. Hehehe...

Other than that, I've got my 2nd training day thing on Friday at 10am, which so kicks ass. I hope. Oh, and I'm a produce guy now. Heheh, not bad at all. I always did wanna learn how to pick the best produce...

I can't believe it, but it actually feels like I'm... oh, what's the word... TRYING.


Anyways, it's not like I've finished everything, so here's a list of things I should remember to do. It might expand or not, depending if I've already forgotten stuff. Heheh.

Things to do:
--> Talk to co-op people about what I'm gonna do.
--> Buy textbooks for other four courses.
- - - - -> Find money to buy textbooks...
--> Talk to people. Interact and such.

I've forgotten others, I'm sure. But no matter. I go home now.

Edit - Right! Also the following

--> Find picture for handing in.
--> ...

Crap no I forgot again... stupid spending 15mins trying to get internet, only to forget the reason why I went on the net in the first place... d'oh...


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