Sunday, January 28, 2007

Better, But Worse

Better: I found that staying up 'til 4/5 am isn't the best for your mental health. Good night's rest, and things ain't half bad. But yeah, insomnia not good? Who'da thunkit...

Worse: Woke up to a bad case of... well... lets just say that I'm taking pepto bismol. That's been quite the annoyance all day. So, technically, I'm kinda sick. But, weird thing is, other than that I'm feelin' perfectly fine. Kinda sucks though, made me not wanna really go out. Still in Richmond, school tomorrow. So yeah, not the greatest way to end the weekend.

But alls in alls, not a bad day. Watched 4 episodes of Joan of Arcadia with my sisters (my GOODNESS Adam is such a DINK!), watched some eastern-time fox cartoons (i.e., familyguy etc), watched the hockey game (Luongo's a BEAST!), and a whole lot of "relaxing" afterwards. I did also end up watching a very cool episode of Mythbusters.

What I didn't do this weekend was study. Oh, how it feels like the old days... well, of like, last year. Yeah.

I'm gonna sleep now.


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