Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year and Such!

Woot to 2007. Hoopla to 2006. Yup yup.

Looking back on my resolutions from last year, turns out that I was to 1) Increase motivation and 2) Increase willpower. Overall, mostly unsuccessful. Oh wells. Ohhh, and as per the specific resolution, to learn the bassline to YYZ, unfortunately also unsuccessful. I was actually considering if I should just blast through and learn it in the past week, but Heroes V sucked up most of my "free" time. Plus, this "free" time was at like 2am anyways, hard to play bass then. Heheh. [yeah yeah, sleep first then morning playing, but w/e...]

Anyways, this year, my resolution(s) are short and sweet.
[ me!! Ohohoho, oh yeah I said it... man, sooo gay...]

But anyways, this is my resolution. More of this:

And less of this:

Yup yup. Heheh....

[And if you haven't yet realized, it's called METAPHORS. You figure it out. Heheh.]

[p.s. - A hint: It's not about the songs, nor the music.]


[Edit - What the heck, new comment! Not only that, new subscriber to my youtube account! Holy crap, I'm FAMOUS!! WOO!!! Here's what it says:

"Lol you're adorable, very cute voice, and you have guts to post this up :P, I like it :D"

COOL. I've got a fan!!!

Wait a sec... this IS a girl, isn't it?? **awk-warrrdd...** Heheh...]


[Edit 2 - Holy crap, that's a HORRIBLE pic for my Tonic video! Then again, all the pics for my videos are fairly junky... I mean, if it wasn't for that big play button on my Frustrations vid, it'd be just as horrible... I gotta start thinkin' ahead when I edit my videos... haha...]


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