Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Yesterday the sickness returned. Went to bed at 8. And 9. And 11. And 2. And 3:30. And woke up at 7:30. Strange thing is, like yesterday, I'm feeling completely okay again. How odd.

I need to catch up on my studies. So far, I haven't read ANYTHING in both MIS and Law classes. MIS is a joke, but Law... you can't just not read the book. That's dangerous. Oh, plus I have to study like mad for Tax, which is my next class coming up in 2 hours, of which I have yet to study for. That is not the class to get behind on...

But enough about schoolings.

I think I enjoy playing the guitar too much. I mean, I'm not even very good at it, nor am I doing anything to really improve my abilities. It's just, find tabs, play song, learn song, repeat. If it sounds good enough, it's good enough. And then I play for hours. Complete and utter waste of time.

On the plus side, I haven't played videogames since the break. And I'm not missing it at all. Although, I would eventually like to finish the campaigns for Heroes V. And, perhaps buy the expansion pack. Eventually.

This has got to be one of the funniest "Word" segments I've seen.


It seems that I forgot to publish the post. It's, like, an hour since I stopped typing. Whoops...

...goodness. And another half an hour goes by.

It's pretty much time for class, and I have yet to open my books. WHY DO I NEVER STUDY?!?!


Forgot to mention, bought subway today, and actually got something different for once. I got turkey breast, with like actual vegetables, and honey mustard / sweet onion sauce. I daresay that it's even MORE delicious than my usual meatball. And I'm sure like 10x healthier to boot. Heheh.

I'm starting to spend too much money eating out. I needs to start cooking my meals!


I wasted too much time on hockey pool again.

Nearly as much as this stupid blog.

I stop now.


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