Monday, January 09, 2006


Just watched Chronicles of Narnia w/ Robert tonight. And it was a surprisingly good movie. And it's actually much better than the book, oddly enough. The book isn't as detailed, nor is it as expressive during scenes which requires expression. I mean, it's only like friggin' 80 pages long! And childrens style, etc...but yeah. Very impressed with the movie.

And also what I've noticed in the Chronicles I've read so far (i.e. the first two books), it pretty much goes as follows:

1) Reality
2) Crazy Fantasy
3) Reality Again
4) Another Crazy Fantasy
5) Christian Allegory
6) Happy Ending

Once I've read the other five books, I'll comment some more on how correct this theory of mine really is. When this "finished reading" business comes about, I have no idea. Remind me in the summer, heheh.

On a completely separate note, I still have to memorize a freakin' 5min thing for wednesday. That's gonna be freakin' TOUGH. Even if I am doing it about Snoflake Day from Clone High. And yes, I purposely left out the "w" because that's how I always seem to be typing it (rather annoying really).

Another junky note is that I'll probably miss half of the debate because I'm in stupid class. Stupid class, making me miss half of the debate. And it's not like you can tape it and watch it later, 'cause it's like taping sports. It's just not the same. I'm still gonna vote liberal again though. Hurray for my perennial fence-sitting.

It's actually incredibly late right now. As in, 3:30am incredibly late. And to think that I was gonna wake up early to make sure I'll catch an early bus to make sure I'll get to class early to make sure that I'll have time to talk to Marcella. Yeah. Ramble ramble, I'm a dork.

My grandpa's still here. He's going back to Gibsons for a bit, then coming back here for a while. I hope everything'll go as planned. I still wanna watch a Canadiens game with him, that'll be cool.

Until next time, I guess...


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