Friday, January 06, 2006

Note to Self

Note to self: GET TO CLASS EARLY!!!

Didn't have time to ask for Marcella's info today, since when I got to class, say 2 mins early, she was reading something and I didn't want to disturb her. End of class she always leaves super quickly too, I'm assuming b/c of a class. But we did talk a bit, for example commenting on how the math building's bell sounds like a fire alarm. She seems really nice.

Also, on a similar note, I've realized that I'm not merely a [insert body part] guy. For example, a leg man, or a boob man. I tend to focus on the best features of each woman, be it hips or eyes or nape of the neck. And EVERY woman has a best feature. Wait, by focus, I don't mean stare at, I mean my tendency to notice. I mean, my physical attraction to a woman has no previous tendency towards a certain physical feature, and because of this I find most women attractive, due to my focus on their best feature. Wait, I used focus again...whatever, you get what I mean.

Moving along...

I need to buy my books / notes etc. Good thing I realized that I had about $100 more money in my bank than I previously thought! Hurray for GST credits!

Wow, I'm getting my tooth pulled in less than 4 hrs. That kinda sucks. Still don't fell like it's really gonna happen today though. Same as with last time. Chalk it up to pre-extraction denial, I guess. Oh well, another uncomfortable evening of trying to speed clotting.

Hopefully by monday I'll be relatively fine, since my big 5min completely memorized speech will occur next week. 3 days should be enough recovery time, I hope.

I get to drive home today. Hurrah. Wait, I'm gonna hafta get home rather quickly, my grandpa has a doctor's appointment at 2. Yeah, I haven't blogged about that yet, perhaps it's my denial or what not. Oh well, perhaps I shall later tonight...

Until next time, I guess...


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