Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Promising Beginnings

Wow, first day of classes is going by spectacularly! And it's only NOON! Not due to any academic achievements, oh no, but of something so rediculously awesome that it seems like God is shining down on me. Yes, THAT awesome! And, the funny thing is, it happened at my History of the Christian Church class! What a co-winkydink!

But, what could have happened that was so wonderfully unexpected? Why, I introduced myself to the girl who I've been sitting behind for the past 4 months, who I find to be one of, if not THE most attractive girl at UBC. Her name is Marcella. Or Marsella, don't know how it's spelled. Heheh. And it seems like we get along alright, hopefully the beginnings of an amazing friendship. Once friends, I'll play it by ear...

But the most amazing thing about this is how we actually started talking. You see, our class is now in the Math building behind Koerner, and we were both hopelessly lost. So, after noticing me, she asked if I knew where it was, so I said I had no idea, then we introduced ourselves, then went off to find our class. We wandered the halls a bit, trying to find room 104, conversing in the meantime. Then, in class, we continued the conversation while our midterms were being handed out. I mean, I couldn't have scripted it any better in my own head! Absolutely everything went awesomely, and amazingly I was able to talk with her with no hesitations at all! Man, I love it when talking to a girl feels natural. Although, at one point I realized I could've been dragging the conversation by focusing on myself, but that was readily compensated. BOO-YAH!

Here's to hoping that this isn't some freak occurence, and that I'll be able to speak to her friday with the same fluency and fluidity as I did today. And, perhaps, with unshaggier hair, heheh. Also, perhaps this means I shall now try to take pride in my appearance much more than last semester, meaning more exercise, and a possible return to a previous hairstyle. Heheh.

Oh, and before I forget, this awesome morning was also accentuated by the fact that I got an A- on my midterm. Sweeeeet...

Until next time, I guess...


Blogger Jamieson said...

Dude, good job.

But don't get in her friend zone! That's the worst place to be! Give it a couple classes maybe, then go for the digits!

10:29 p.m.  
Anonymous valen said...

*thumbs up*

11:27 p.m.  

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