Friday, January 06, 2006

Still Not Painful

Got my tooth pulled about 5+ hrs ago. Still annoying as heck. Still not painful, however. Still only using Advil. I'm actually really hungry right now...but, a little starvation is in order.

Man, I really don't feel like going to church tomorrow, but it's gonna be Krystle's and Nicole's last day here before they head off to schooling. So, I'm gonna be in church in about a dozen hours or so.

Rumble rumble. That's the sound my tummy makes when it's hungry.

*rumble rumble*

My Grandpa's in from Gibsons, going to a doctor in richmond. Hopefully he'll be able to have the surgery, and hopefully it'll make him well again. That's alls I got to say about that, at least for now.

I'm also incredibly tired and woozy, possibly from the tooth extraction, although more probably it could just be psychosomatic. Heheh.

Until next time, I guess...


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