Sunday, February 11, 2007

Learning to Breathe

Hey you guys, I need to ask you all a favour. Vote for Learning To Breathe!!! Just go to the Vancouver show, Feb. 19 Croatian Cultural Centre, click "click to vote", select Learning to Breathe, and hit enter! It's just that simple!

Basically, Switchfoot is having fans vote in a song to play in their show, and Learning to Breathe is practically my favourite Switchfoot song, and they never played it last time, so please vote for my sake so they can play it this time! [At least, I don't think they played it last time... heh...]

Learning to Breathe was the song that made the band go from "alright" to "frickin' awesome!" Plus, it came out before their breakout cd (i.e., the one with Dare You To Move et al), so that's another reason for the awesomeness.

Anyways, that's about all I've gotta say for the Switchfoot stuff.


I wore a suit on friday. And saturday. I like wearing suits, because, well, I look good in a suit. DAMN good. Heheh. [Or, to put it more homosexually, "it makes me feel pretty!" Haha...]

The only problem is, the shirt/tie kinda squooshes up my neck fat (i.e., in Nonisian fashion), and considering that my face is already fairly chubby to begin with... yeah. Kind of exacerbates the issue. But no matter. Chin up, stiff upper lip, and it's all good. Heheh.

Friday was 'cause of the Video Practice Interview thing for Co-op. Basically, some co-op person gives a mock interview, it's taped, and we watch the tape afterwards to see how I can improve. Basically, I learned that I am the shiz-nat at taking interviews. The only thing I really need to improve on is that I have to elaborate more. I'm far too succinct in my answers I guess, heheh. But yeah, overall, I'm just awesome. Sweeeet.

Saturday was church, and as I went to church friday night w/ my suit (i.e., to have praise band practice, elec. guitar was I!), and as I got several compliments as well as recommendations to wear it for church, which I guess what my point in this mini-ramble. But yeah, I'm gonna enjoy wearing a suit for most of my adult life...


So, I decided to put up a little youtube preview. I'm wearing a suit. Heheh.

A little Sister Hazel - Out There. For now. One day it shall be fleshed out into a full cover.


I've pretty much wasted the past 4 hrs doing whatever on my laptop. I blame it on Mohsin. Stupid friendship... heheh...


Blogger Rohbit said...

Weird, looks like my comment got delted.

You should sing "All For You" that song's awesome.

10:38 a.m.  
Blogger bj_nitsuj said...

Don't worry, I'll end up doing All For You someday. I mean, it was the first song I kinda learned on the guitar... stll don't know how to do the solo though.

Also, by delted, I assume you mean deleted? Are you sure you didn't just forget to press send or whatever?

11:56 a.m.  

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