Thursday, February 08, 2007


Hey. I haven't been studying. Or anything semi-productive like that.

Instead, I found myself looking up a song from Undergrads that was stuck in my head. It ended up being "Relive the Magic... Bring the Magic Home" by Reggie and the Full Effect. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a copy of the song, either through youtube or limewire or otherwise. Closest I got was a preview on But oh well.

[Edit - HOLY CRAP I FOUND IT!!! ...aww, not as awesome as I expected. Only the completely awesome chorus was on Undergrads... but whatever. "All I have to say is..." ...nice.]

I decided to then find some other songs from this band, and DANG they are hilarious! They're like a cross between a comedy/joke band and pop-punk/new-wave band. Here are a couple examples from youtube.

Now, is it me, or does the singer (the guy at the end) kinda look like Kyle?? Haha...

This next song is HILARIOUS.

"I want to get inside you... and DIE!"



Went to crane library with Mohsin and Rob, haven't seen them in like forever. Thought it'd get me into study mode... NOPE. Heheh. But good to see 'em again.

Anyways, that was a complete and utter waste of time. Now I gots to finish updating my resume for co-op... goodness, I'm horrible...


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