Monday, February 26, 2007

What a day

Morning, early waking, hardly studied, class, supercram for an hour or so, do the midterm and FORGET HOW TO DO A FREAKING COURNOT EQUILIBRIUM!! Holy crap that psyched me out for like 75% of the entire test... eventually got back SOMETHING, but I'm to worried to check if I'm wrong. I'm most likely wrong. Stupid kinked demand curve...

If I studied for, like, an hour or two more I would've been fine, but as it sits, I think I might have failed my midterm. That's fucking SCARY.

Then slothed my way through the rest of the day. Actually, my 3hr simple science lab was nice. As per the usual. And then I get on the comp, and BOOM, we got back Sopel! CRAZINESS. Oh, and Smolinski to boot. Heheh, it was so obvious that my initial WHOA factor lasted all of, like, 2 minutes. Heh. But yeah, payoff contenders we so are! As long as we stop taking friggin' lame-ass penalties.

I've got a midterm tomorrow, but it's at 7. And review session from 5-6. And no classes from 11:30 onwards. Plus getting 3 hrs for a 1.5 hr exam. Supposedly. So yeah, technically, I'm not very worried. But then I remember it's TAX. And that it's like 35% (more than all of my other midterms).And that I haven't even tabbed my book yet, let alone begin to start to study. Or anything of that sort. So basically, I'm still gonna be fairly screwed. But at least it'll be a 70% kind of screwed instead of a 40% kind of screwed.

Stupid everything...



... but we got Sopes back! WOO!

[...ahh, distractions.]



**EDIT 2**

I sad, but this make me happy. Interview of Sopel, summmary at bottom of page. Getting all teary-eyed!

I'm getting too sensitive. I got teary-eyed listening to "Tears in Heaven." I was really feeling his pain, man...

I need to study for midterm. But now I sleep.


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