Monday, February 05, 2007

Varied Taste

My taste in music has always, how should I put this... been in question. To say the least. But one thing about my musical tastes, is that it's kind of unpredictable.

For example, I'm pretty much a fan of the mid-90's alt-rock genre. Like Tonic, or 3eb. But what's completely odd is that I NEVER liked the Matthew Good Band. And I have no idea why, as it seems to be exactly the kind of music I WOULD like. How odd.

Another aspect of my musical favourites is the sheer variety of the kind of music I like. I mean, honestly, I like just about every single genre of music imaginable. It really just depends on the song. A good example of this is Destiny's Child. Overall, not really a fan of their music (although the older ones were okay, back when I listened to Z religiously). But I REALLY like "Brown Eyes." I guess a more recent example would be Beyonce's to-the-left song (whatever it's called). I don't enjoy Beyonce's music at all, but that one's pretty good.

Anyways, I'm kinda deviating from the point I kinda wanted to get across.

You see, I was watching the countdown w/ Shaylene today, and I saw a music video of Akon and Snoop Dogg. And, to be honest, it kinda sucked ass (sorry to those who actually like that song). But yeah, I was never really a fan of Snoop Dogg nor his style to begin with. And after remembering that dumb Akon-Eminem song, I got kinda biased against Akon also.

Later on, as in like a few minutes ago, I was searching for Brown Eyes (because of the whole nostalgic kick), I stumbled upon this little ditty:

Now, this song took me by complete surprise, cause it's kinda freakin' awesome! How strange, tossing aside this Akon-bias... so, I searched around for some other Akon songs, and lo and behold, HE'S THE FREAKING MR. LONELY GUY!!! I loved that song man...

But yeah, this made me realize something. I actually like Akon's style. It's just that some of his songs are crap. Heheh.

Weird thing is, I went back and listened to that smack that song again, and found it ALRIGHT. I like that Lamborghini line. Although the chorus/hook kinda annoys the hell outta me still... actually, very much so... I skip over it for the song to be decent. Hmmm, that and I don't really like Eminem here. Heh...

That kinda reminds me of something... why do I kinda like Eminem anyways? Honestly, he was awesome ever since this:

Hoooo man, now this brings back memories... one of the first songs I ever downloaded off napster, haha...

[edit - upon further inspection, the earlier eminem songs were also awesome. I think I confused forgot about dre with guilty conscience. But yeah. Forgot about dre, SO AWESOME. Nostalgia crazed. Grade 10 was a freakin' awesome time... back when scour and napster ruled... europe trip... btnh 2000... big 2... SOooo awesome...]

But that's quite enough reminiscing for one night.

[edit 2 - well then. It's 3:40 in the morning. I just spent a crapload of time looking up dre, and eazy-e, and the whole west side feud they all had. Never knew. Craziness... and damn, the 90's were friggin' awesome musically...]


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