Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Sunday, work 8 hrs, drove into Richmond, Pool + T-Hos w/ the guys at night. Good times.

Stayed up for no good reason. Woke up at 2pm today.

Ate, figured a song to play for next day, went to viewing, ate some food, left for Switchfoot. Learned I'm going to be a pallbearer. That was surprising. Plus, avg. height of other pallbearers is like 5'10". Don't know how that's gonna work.

Then Switchfoot concert. The crowd wasn't into Copeland, that kinda sucked. Although I did get a drumstick smashed in my mouth when the drummer threw it in the audience. So now I have Copeland's drumstick. Nice. Musically speaking, they were better than decent, and I would've been way more into it had the crowd been the same.

Switchfoot was NICE. Highlight of the night definitely being Learning to Breathe. THEY ACTUALLY PLAYED IT!!! I was soo bummed when the fans picked that other song instead. But they played it, and I cried I was so happy. Or something to that effect.

Also, there was ..."moshing", lol. More like a little pit in the middle of the crowd with guys banging into each other. Also funny was how Charissa was all, "why'd you get involved in that thing?! They were all hurting each other and stuff, that was too much!" Haha... I don't believe she's ever really seen moshing before. But anyways, yeah, was well worth losing my nearly-in-the-front spot.

Other songs were good too, many many numerous ones. 24, the 1st encore song, definitely one of the tops after Learning to Breathe.

Oh, and went backstage and saw the Switchfoot guys again, so that was cool. Jerome is a cool guy. Funny too, 'cause Joey/Esther took him out to sushi/Kor.bbq all you can eat, and apparently he was all full and junk for the concert, and was slow or something. It was funny him giving a demonstration of how he was during the concert. Heheh.

It's 2:19am. Funeral in less than 8 hrs, and I still need to practice the song a bit more before then. I wake up nearly 9am, shower etc, then practice. Above All be the song I play. I'm still kinda sad about everything. But distractions, esp. the distractions of the past few nights, very awesome.

Very awesome, indeed.


Blogger The Good Guy said...

I never considered that that the height of pallbearers should all be within one standard distribution of the mean for level-casketness....

(interesting word verification:
godwprs [godwhoppers])

8:40 a.m.  
Anonymous valen said...

i loved "that other song." hehe. it was Love, Life, and Why. =)

9:37 a.m.  
Blogger bj_nitsuj said...

Mark: I thought I had to carry over-the-shoulder, but it ended up being hold-on-the-side, so height didn't really matter.

Valen: Yeah, it's a pretty good song, but I was too bummed to fully enjoy it. BUT THEN THEY PLAYED MY SONG ANYWAYS!!! Soooo awesome...

9:41 p.m.  

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