Saturday, February 03, 2007


I don't really have anything to say. Nothing terribly intriguing, at least.

I did see an old picture of me, and MAN I looked so chubby, relatively speaking. And, like, this was back when I was dating Avril, so it wasn't THAT long ago. Meaning, this was already past the summer when I lost like 40 pounds. So, yeah.

Actually, that "summer when I lost 40 pounds" is kinda misleading. It was more like 30, actually. From my heaviest to my lightest, I went from 172 to 132. But really, I was usually at around 167, and I ended up hovering around 135. But yeah, saying that I lost 40 pounds just makes it sound crazier. Oh, but I did end up losing 15 lbs in 2 weeks. That was pretty crazy.

Yeah, I know those numbers don't seem like very much to most guys, but remember, I'm not 6' here. Me dropping 5 lbs is like a tall guy loosing 15. [edit - not meant to be a slight against anyone! whoops!]

Anyways, yeah. After staying at my place for a while, it seems that I've dropped another 5 lbs, and I'm now hovering around 130lbs. That's pretty light. I need to start hitting the gym. Also, it's kind of annoying how if I never ballooned to 170lbs, I'd probably have abs right around now. They're there, underneath it all. Heheh.

Actually, thinking about all this made me remember something. Back when I was at Kwantlen, I ended up getting to be about 140 by december. I mean, I remember looking at pics from that time and thinking that I looked kinda chubby, but I thought that was just all it my head. Now, looking back, turns out I really WAS kinda chubby back then. Or, well, chubbiER, at least. As implied above, 10 lbs is quite a bit for me...

...But yeah. Now that was kind of a pointless ramble. Time for stopping.


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