Thursday, February 01, 2007


The past few weeks, I've been working wed/thurs night, for 4-5 hr shifts ending at midnight. I've gotta say, pretty relaxing after a full day of school, actually. Last night, though, was kinda hectic.

But, I guess to really get the full extent of it, I'll have to describe how I usually spend my week.

Monday/Wednesday: Class from 10am - 7pm, for a total of 7.5hrs of class.
Tuesday/Thursday: Class from 10am - 6pm, for a total of 3 hrs of class (stupid 4.5hr break...)
Friday: No class, Church at 7pm-ish.
Saturday: Church in morning, then usually something planned at night. Barring that, HNIC.
Sunday: Free day, usually completely wasted. Then my uncle phones me up and I have fancy dinner and/or movie watching. (Last Sunday I was sick)

Now lets get back to my point. As you can tell, my week is pretty much concentrated from Mon-Thurs. By the time my 3-day weekend comes along, I'm pretty much drained. And/or too lazy to do things.

But yeah, the past few weeks, I've been working Wed/Thurs nights also. It's not a particularly hard job, being a produce clerk, but as I usually start an hour after my classes end, there's not much time for anything else. Meaning, food/change/relax-after-class/etc.

Last night, my class kinda ended later than I expected, plus I decided to eat my packed dinner before I bussed home. So, it was about 7:10 when I went out to the busstop, awaiting the 84 (which comes at 7:15). IT NEVER CAME. So, the next 84 came around at 7:30, all the while I'm freaking out that I wont be able to get to my place in time, as I still had to change. But yeah, got to my place at about 7:48, changed, left my place at 7:55, and got to work with, like, a minute to spare. But then I forgot to bring a pen, and I had to write in my punchcard for this week, and that took another few minutes (HECTIC). So yeah. After that it was smooth sailing at work. Fairly relaxing, actually. It's nice working when it's not busy.

But yeah, all that hectic-ness I think kinda got to me, 'cause I wasn't able to sleep 'til past 2am. Kind of annoying, but when you're able to sleep in 'til 9 (with classes at 10), ain't too terrible.

Well that was a terribly long-winded explanation of what I wanted to say (i.e., yesterday was hectic). But yeah. I guess I just didn't want to start my tax.

I'm feelin' a little nostalgic: TIME FOR SOME YOUTUBE AWESOME!!

Best 2nd-wave ska song EVER. imo. Props to Reuben for reminding me of this awesomeness. Although he still thinks "Our House" is better... heheh...


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