Sunday, February 25, 2007

Make or Break Time

Last time I felt like this was in September.

Start of September sucked, and succeeding events made it suck all the much harder. And thus my complete lapse academically, among other things.

I can’t afford to have this happen again now. I fear it’s too late.

3 midterms, 2 projects, 1 debate, and 0 hrs of study. Every time I try, I get uber-depressed.

No, not depressed. Despondent.

I’m living my life through the guise of many distractions.

I now have 4 subscribers to my youtube account. That’s fairly awesome.
--> Distraction #1

I worked a total of 12 hrs over the past 2 days.
--> Distraction #2

Other distractions, but it's midnight, and I've got an exam in 13 hrs.

Unfortunately, school has not been a distraction this time, as it was back in BCIT.

I have no shoulder to lean on. No-one really leans on my shoulder anymore either. Oddly enough, the latter is much more sorrowsome to me.

I need to sleep, and yet I blog.

My focus is gone.


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