Sunday, February 18, 2007

Distractions GALORE

Today was a LONG day. But in a good way.

Church was nice, playing bass again was nice, afternoon of relaxation was nice.

I was supposed to work tonight, but at times being alone at work, esp. after finding out on thursday, I don't know if I really wanted to close by myself. So yeah, didn't work.

Instead, I went out w/ Krystle and Valen. Or rather, to krystle's place to eat pizza and watch movies. But that entailed me picking up Krystle to pick up Valen in Burnaby, then get bubble tea from bubbleworld (FINALLY I didn't pass the place!), then back to fraser blockbuster to rent a movie, then to Krystle's place to watch the movie.

We ended up renting The Night Listener, w/ Robin Williams. Lemme tell you, you guys, that movie is GAY. As in, very homosexual. I didn't enjoy that movie very much at all.

...GOOD WILL HUNTING. Now it comes to me... heheh...

Anyways, then we watched tv, hockey, etc, for about an hour until Alan arrived, and we watched the Illusionist. That movie's pretty good, although I do think the prestige is better. But yeah, that was nice.

Then it was SNL, with Justin Timberlake. BEST HOST EVER. Soo funny. And yes, it was the dick in a box episode, lol. After that, it was random tv shows and music videos. Then we left.

And by left, I mean drive Valen back home in Burnaby. And then drive Alan and myself back home. ..."lets go on an adventure!" I exclaimed, in jest... goodness...

So yeah, I decided the fastest way back was to get on the highway, as it turns into 12th. ...I think we got on the wrong highway. I was like, yup, any minute now... nope, don't exit on 1st ave... nope, don't exit on hastings... nope, don't exit on, ...OKAY, NOW I'M GETTING PARANOID... THIS LOOKS LIKE THE WAY TO THE... FERRIES!! HOLYCRAPHOLYCRAP... and then we were in North Van.

Now, I got lost before with Alan, in Surrey it was. But lemme tell you, Surrey in the afternoon, as junky as it is, is NOTHING compared to creepy dark North Vancouver at 2am. So, we were like, okaaayyy, just turn around and go back on the bridge... so I turn off, and turn again... and keep going... and turn... and... OKAY, this doesn't look right, let's go this way... OKAY, it seems that we're going up the mountain, lets turn around... no exit, no exit, blinky green light, let's turn on the solid green light... OKAY, a bunch of residential neighbourhoods... GREAT... okay, we'll just keep going until we hit HOLY CRAP LYNN VALLEY?!?! Now that's not good... OH HEY, it's a bus stop to Vancouver, lets follow those! Okay, just keep going... oooh, nice view... okay, this seems right... wait, is that a vancouver busstop? Yup, okay keep going... keep going... turn... OKAY WE'RE RIGHT BACK TO WHERE WE WERE! Stupid compete circle making I did! Maybe I'll turn right instead of left this time... OKAY, DEAD END. Let's go the only other direction now... this can't be right... ...okay, maybe it IS right, just follow the bus stops... and, were back on the bridge! YAY! Smooth sailing from here, let's get off on 1st ave... okay, I know where we are... Rupert, Victoria (hey it's Joey's place!), Clark... CLARK?? OH CRAP, not again... don't wanna go downtown! Let's turn here... and turn again... and, turn... ahh, dead end... CRAP. Enough of this, I'm turning around... okay, no entry, let's follow the signs... OKAY DEAD END AGAIN. Screw this, I'm gonna be a REBEL!! Woooo, I'm breaking the law! No entry my butt! Ha ha... ahh, back on Clark, smooth sailing... let's just go down Broadway, don't take chances... hey now it's 4th... hey, now we're HOME. Oh MAN, now THAT'S what I call an adventure... goodness...

Needless to say, I shouldn't be driving past 1am when I only got 3 hrs of sleep the night before. Heheh.

Also needless to say, tonight there was distractions GALORE. That was nice. Even the "adventure." Heheh. Happy am I. Thanks you guys.

Tomorrow I work from 12-8:30. Then my sisters and I have to pick a song for us to sing at the funeral. ...I had to bring it up. Let's not. Tonight was AMAZING. So very much worth not receiving the rent-money tonight. Heh, Tim won't mind a couple days in late pmts again, right?

...I seem to be ending this on a sour note again. Let's not do that.



Blogger Alan said...

The morale of this story:

Driving+Alan='Getting Lost'

You don't want to keep Justin up too late and make him drive


9:51 a.m.  

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