Thursday, May 24, 2007


I went home early today, left around lunchtime. Wasn't feeling too hot. Hope I don't get in trouble about it tomorrow...

I also realized that I prefer not to have responsibility. I've gotta work on this more, ESPECIALLY for this summer. I can't be afraid to call in freaking clients...

Anywhoo, I took a 3hr nap this afternoon, then my uncle came to give the table/chairs, then went out to Bistrot Bistro, near my place. GOOD FOOD, and Alan finally came along to a fancy dinner. Haha, awesomeness.


Sometimes, I can be one jealous bastard. I mean, I know how not to show it, but deep down, I'm still rather insecure. I mean, it seems like I have nothing to worry about, but still... jealous bastard.

[[other stuff edited out... sometimes things need not be said.]]


Midnight sleeping, once again, probably not a good thing... gotta be alert for the phonings tomorrow! Stupid mental hurdles...

Hey, speaking of mental hurdles... kinda seeing some parallels here... haha...


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