Monday, April 21, 2008

Procrastinationatoriosity, HO!

Me again.

Not studying. Again.

The class average going into the exam is about 90%. This tells you how FRICKIN' SCARY this exam is. Esp. since the teacher doesn't know how to teach... NEVER TAKE WILLIAM TAN.

Scary final. 180 marks. I'm coming in w/ a 95% avg though, so alls I need is 10% on the final, i.e. 18 marks, to pass the course. This should be a breeze.

To get 70%, my minimum sucks-but-okay threshhold nowadays, alls I need is to pass the final, i.e. get 90 marks. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

To get 80%, alls I need is about 67%, i.e. 120 marks. There is laughter in my veins how ridiculous this will be to attain.


I don't know why I spend waste my time doing those above calculations. I guess it calms me, knowing I'll be alright if I fail my final. Ruana gets kinda pissed off though that I don't just hunker down and study study study, lol... Robert also finds it kinda weird...

But really, is it THAT weird??

doi... o.O


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