Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Went to the movies w/ my uncle again today, ended up watching Dreamgirls. And lemme tell you guys, that is one FRICKIN' AMAZING movie; more specifically, believe all the hype that Beyonce gets completely overshadowed by Jennifer Hudson, a.k.a. that girl who didn't win American Idol. But seriously, her acting, and more importantly that incredibly freakin' voice of hers, completely stole the entire show (based loosely around the Supremes of the 60's). There was one performance by Jennifer in the middle of the movie that was just PHENOMENAL. I was seriously blown away; I mean, there were people clapping in the theatre! That never happens! So yeah, if you get the chance, definitely worth watching. In my humble opinion.

The only thing I've got against this movie is that the pacing was HORRIBLE. I mean, it's like beginning, introduce characters, make them famous, good stuff good stuff, completely amazing song scenes, BOOM eight years pass everything chances, BOOM another song after eight years!


**potential spoiler alert!**

I mean, when someone sings a completely awesome breakup song, then two minutes later the person who she broke up with is married to another and singing a duet with her... it's a little jarring.

**end potential spoiler**

But yeah, overall, AMAZING MOVIE.

That being said, I realized that I missed a hockey game tonight. Apparently, an incredibly frickin' amazing hockey game. Nuts... but oh well. Dreamgirls was actually (oh, dare I say it) worth it.

Before we watched the movie, we went out for 2pm lunch/dinner with my cousins. As always, to a fancy-schmancy restaurant, this time in fancy-schmancy yaletown. I had Kobe beef burger. It was mighty delicious.

I also learned that on top of being a cook in a highclass restaurant, my cousin Tim is also a bouncer at some place downtown also. Crap, I forgot the name... hold on, it'll come to me... hmmm... ... ...well, it'll come to me eventually I guess. Perhaps if anyone can list a couple places down it'll jog my memory. Then again, I guess not many people that read my blog go clubbing, so nevermind... heheh...

Also, my uncle decided to go antique-hunting in several thrift stores around Vancouver and richmond. I ended up buying three cd's, and could've bought five if not for my uncle saying that he already owned the two Cranberries cd's himself. I ended up buying OLP's Clumsy, Nelly's Country Grammar, and an older Fall Out Boy cd from '03. Clumsy's just classic, and Country Grammar was a huge slice of my highschool social life (i.e., supernostalgia). And I'm interested to hear earlier Fall Out Boy (and for $3 and late for the movie, I impulse-bought it. Heheh.).

I was about to by some super-crappy exercise machines for like $5 each, but decided against that. Was also looking at some old-school microwaves for my place, but also decided against buying. In hindsight, I should've got 'em. Oh well, you live you learn.

I was about to ramble but decided against it.

Holy crap you guys, this is my 2nd to last post of the new year. But yeah, Dreamgirls is GREAT. Oscar definitely goes to Jennifer Hudson. Heheh.

[In hindsight, that whole "limit posts" thing was kinda retarded to begin with. Limited posts means super-lengthy boring posts. I shall now instead try to limit length. Hmmm. Perhaps I'll start AFTER this post, heh...]


Blogger mai said...

nelly's country grammer = awesome!

7:58 p.m.  
Blogger mai said...

uhmmmm by grammer i meant grammar.

8:00 p.m.  

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