Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Man, the past few days... it's been quite the rollercoaster.

First off, after I finished my exam, I felt AMAZING! I mean, like, in such a good mood knowing that horrible semester was over. And when I get this way, everything is just AWESOME. I was all gung-ho about everything, supermotivated to wanna do better next semester, go out and get a job (i.e., frickin safeway that's 2min walk from my place!), etc etc.

Then I get a call from my sister, saying they're decorating the christmas tree that night, so I'm like, should I go home for the christmas stuff, even though I know that going home will completely ruin things?? Tough decision, but eventually I thought I might as well go.

Monday night, christmas tree stuff was good, my mom made awesome curry (which she never makes! So, special!). And then the stresses started up again, driving me nuts, making me sit in front of the tv until 1am, then on the comp etc 'til superlate, once again. Making me sleep superlate, once again. Just like I thought would happen. That sucked ass...

Ended up waking up at noonish, and as usual when I wake up that late, I'm completely unmotivated to do anything at all. So, after lounging around for a few hours, I thought, hey, I might as well try to see if Heroes V works on my laptop... and what do you know, IT FREAKING WORKS!!! Holy crap, was so not expecting that!!! Now that was awesome... of course, I then spent the next 4 hours playingthe beginning campaigns, heheh... such fun, that game is...

Oh, and while playing Heroes V, I listened to the canucks game. Horrible, horrible canucks game. Although when Linden scored, I was like, SWEEEEEET!!! But, alas, the canucks sucked. That was kind of a downer... made me wanna stop playing Heroes V, heheh...

Anyways, by this time it was already quarter past 7, meaning it was almost time for Clinton's b-day dinner! So, I go there, Fogg n' Suds, and meet up w/ Clinton et al. Actually, mostly w/ a whole bunch of Clinton's friends that I don't really know very well, or at all really. So, getting to know them, talking w/ new people (as people I knew were down the table from me), surprisingly awesome actually! I really liked talking to new people, it was pretty cool. I was actually kinda worried I'd be all supershy, and not really talk much, but nope, those guys are cool. I'd like to hang out w/ them again sometime.

After fogg n suds, a bunch of us went to Clinton's to play videogames. Or, more specifically, the Wii that Mike brought. And DAAMMMNNN, the Wii is NIIIIICE! Played bowling, that was quite fun. Boxing looked nice. Oh, and that Rayman game with the weird bunnies? HILARIOUSLY AWESOME!!! So yeah, that was fun.

Then, trouble getting a ride home, as Charissa had the car, so that was a bit of a fiasco (as everyone left like half an hour before we got picked up). But yeah, she picked me up, we dropped Rob off, and after worrying if we'd be able to make it home (as we were running on empty at 1am), we pulled into the driveway.

And then I watched Borat that my dad downloaded. Eh, not as hilarious as everyone made it sound. I mean, I laughed, but just not to the extent that Reuben's review made me believe I would. So, a slight disappointment.

And then I checked my hockey pool, and kicked myself that I never checked it earlier in the day, as I ended up benching Hossa in my non-ChillSpot pool! That friggin sucked you guys, he had 2 freaking goals. But no matter, I'd probably lose this week anyways. Still annoyed though.

And THEN I checked my e-mail, and realized that I completely forgot about the christmas carol on friday night! HOLY CRAP!!! I mean, we still haven't practiced for the christmas thing on Saturday! I mean, that freaking SUCKS!!! Plus I got an e-mail on Joey, saying how he's so glad everyone is so committed, and how his many allnighters seem worth it knowing we're helping out etc etc... MAN, that makes me feel horrible... I mean, I can't really leave him hanging, but then again, I can't really tell Agatha that I can't make it anymore, as it's like superlate notice... plus, I DO still wanna go... .... ...ARGH.

Then again, I'm just playing the drums, and I usually just able to wing it anyways... it wouldn't be toooo terrible... but dang, it's the christmas sabbath... that's, like, important... dag nabbit... but I'll figure something out.

Oh yeah. And my ex's brother contacted me tonight, says he wants his stuff I borrowed (from like, 4-5 years ago) back. So, I've gotta get him that stuff tomorrow. Hope it won't be too weird... I doubt it will, but still...

Haha, oh yeah, that's right, he works at London Drugs, i.e. the warehouse where a bunch of yous work. Although, I think he's weekday afternoon shift mainly, although he does work sundays too aparently. Ryan Dubnov, if you guys know him. Heh, small world. Or, rather, small richmond...

Anyways, it's quarter past 3 now. My past week I feel like I've crammed way too much into my days, even though I know that's probably not really the case. Maybe I'm still drained from exams. I don't know.

But what I do know is that my blog is making TONS more sense than it did in the past few posts. That's gotta be a plus, heheh.

Until next time, I guess... [yeah, force of habit, what can I say...]


[Edit, 4:40am]

I just spent the past hour e-mailing Joey and Agatha. I don't know why it took that long... I guess I didn't wanna sound too much like someone half-freaking out after a long day, scribbling things down at 4 in the morning. Seriously guys, proofreading is the key to good e-mail writing... haha...

Oh, and I just checked my marks on SSC. So far, I've got a 70 and a 73. One I'm okay with (as it's only dinky marketing), the other I'm completely horrified by (as it's my Financial Accounting class, arguably the most important class I took this semester). Here's the irony: I am an accounting co-op major, who despises marketing -- guess which mark corresponded to the courses I described. Yup, you guessed it. FRICKIN HELL, I ENDED UP WITH A BETTER GRADE IN MARKETING THAN IN ACCOUNTING?!?! What the f*ck?!?! Now that's messed up...

I find myself swearing much more than usual nowadays. It makes me feel kinda bad, as I only really swore when profanity was truly the only way to describe the suckiness of a situation; most of the time, the situation is hardly sucky enough to require profanity. That way, when I swear, you KNOW I'm pissed off. But yeah, my point is that lately this hasn't been the case, and it's kinda bugging me.

I blame school. Heh.

I'm starting to rant, and it's nearly 5am.

G'nite everybody [MOON!] Haha...


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...and MY bad influence (re: my last swear filled post). :D


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