Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Too much heroes... I finished nearly 3 campaigns in about 2 days... considering each campaign is AT LEAST 5 hours long... goodness... and considering that this was during CHRISTMAS?! That's just not right... I spend way too much time on this stupid game... but, soo goooood...

But anyways...

Went out w/ my uncle this boxing day, watched Curse of the Golden Flower. Pretty good movie, in the cinematic, chinese period piece, crouching tiger hidden dragon kinda way. Not too much action, but pretty good overall. Plot was convoluted, but I guess I like all that political intrigue stuff. Definately interesting. Although, some parts, somewhat disturbing...

Then went to Correli's in Steveston. Not bad, smoked salmon was DELICIOUS. If ever you wanna drop 6.50 on an appetizer, that's a pretty good one.

This post is boring.

I've got to print out a stupid resume and start freaking working soon, lest I get kicked out of the apartment. Of which I have yet to return to.

It's 5am. If I sleep now, it'd be the earliest I've slept all week. Stupid addicting but incredibly awesome Heroes... just one more turn...

I stop now.


In my state of despondency, I forgot to mention the friggin game! Victory is ours!


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