Monday, December 18, 2006

Post #19, and One Final To Go!

I've gots me a final in, oh, about four hours, and I have yet to really hunker down and study for it. Then again, it's not really the kind of test you can study all that much for; I mean, you can study the 4-5 "tools" that were taught, but it's all about your wits and understanding the question correctly on the final. i.e., using those tools properly. And I pretty much know my stuff...

And if I don't know my stuff, I'll just do what I always do and rely on my intelligence... although, I'm not really trusting my intelligence as of late... I guess it's not what it used to be...

As an aside, I LOVE the new dotted-line automatic spellcheck for blogger... I mean, I never knew it was definItely... I always thought it was definAtely... I guess it's just an awkward pronunciation on my part... LOL, spelling awkward properly is awkward...

Anyways, I've got another lip-sync in mind. Should be short but sweet. Plus, it'll bring back shades of gr. 9, lol... then again, how can I beat my gr. 9 lip sync... I mean, it's Rob, in DRAG... hahaha...

Damn, I can't wait 'til 6pm... it'll be frickin' FREEDOM! Sweet, sweet, temporary freedom...

[oh, and I was gonna write "Hot DAMN I can't wait!" etc etc, but after that Rob in drag comment... NOOO... heheh...]


Noo, no NOOOO! You can't haa-ee-andle thi-is... do do doot, do do doot, doot dooo...


Onomatopoeia --> "On.. oh, Matt, oh, poo? Eee!... eye, eh??" Haha...


C, that's the way it begins, and
H, that's the next letter i-in,
I, you're in the middle of the word, and
C, you've already heard, and
K, now you're nearing the end, and
E, now you're rounding the bend,
C-H-I-C-K-E-N, oh,
That's the way you spell *clap clap* CHICKEN!!


Linear programming is a useful tool to find the optimal use under capacity constraints.
Regression is a good way to estimate costs from historical data.
Activity Based Costing is useful to learning the actual costs of a production run, for example.

And that's pretty much my final.
Now it's just a couple more hours of practice...


Oh MAN!! The security guy just came by and started tucking in all the chairs... that's just COOL!
--> Or maybe this is the beginning of my hyper-adrenaline test


"I'm cold..."
(I mean, what with the freaky ghost guy etc...)
[[Ohhh, the episode's called "the jacket", or something to that effect... it's on youtube, heheh...]]


Amanda Hugginkiss? Amanda Hugginkiss? Ohhhh, why can't I find Amanda Hugginkiss!!

Hahaha... man, quotes are just popping into my head...


And now time for some uber-90's nostalgia...
(Goes to retrojunk for an hour)

Well that was a delightfully huge waste of time...

Also, is it bad for me to actually enjoy "girly" cartoons? I mean, the popples were frickin' AWESOME...



Now THAT'S nostalgia... we borrowed Scamper the Penguin like at least three dozen times from apple video, until we just ended up buying it, haha... Shaylene freakin' LOVED that movie... and so did we all...


Man, keeping this blog open and unposted is really making me waste my time... funny how that string of nostalgia started from me thinking, "I'm cold", as my fingers are kinda beginning to feel numb... you know? Heheh.


Would it be strange if I asked someone on a date, got rejected, feel horrible about it, and then not blog about it anywhere? If not, well then, that's good... heh...

{edit - NO MAN, the cobbler isn't yet spiced. And you're WAY off... think meringue... Haha...}


Do you ever think sometimes that the world could suddenly just, explode, or something? Like, look around, then all of a sudden NUCLEAR EXPLOSION!!! And nothing's there anymore. That's frickin' scary you guys... and to think that this is an actual possibility in lots of places in the world... WOW...


It's 11:30am. I've got an exam at 3:30pm. I've still gotta go eat lunch, but I'm just not hungry at the moment... that sucks, 'cause I don't really wanna eat right before my exam, only bad experiences from that...


You know how when you're not hungry, but then you talk about how you're not hungry, and then you suddenly feel kinda hungry? Yeah. I'm gonna go have lunch now. Heheh.

Or, to be more specific, "soon"...


Minced extra-firm tofu is practically the same as using ground beef in spaghetti sauce. Texturally speaking, I mean. "It's delicious AND nutritious!" haha...

You'll have to douse your sauce in veggie oil (i.e., EVOO/Canola/etc), but still better than cow fat. And, like, a boatload of spices to make up for the lack of flavour, but I enjoy heavily-spiced sauce as it is, so in that respect I'm not missing much w/o the beef.

On that note, it's incredibly easy to be vegetarian. How so?? STOP BUYING MEAT. You'll figure something out eventually once there's no meat in the house. Heheh.

(Sorry Andrew, what w/ the tofu talk and all... I guess this stuff doesn't really apply to you then...)


Crap, I'm sleepy now... plus, after eating the pasta I made for lunch, + the bread... carbcity = sleepyville... but, oh well. My adrenaline rush'll come back by exam time. Heheh.


Plan of action:
11:35am - Stop blogging, go to Commerce lounge, eat lunch.
12:00pm - Nap for an hour.
1:00pm - Supercrammingtimeisnow!!!
3:15pm - Pack up supercramsession, get to classroom, chat w/ others, see what I missed, etc.
3:30pm - EXAM!!!
6:00pm - Finished last exam!!!
6:30pm - Back in apartment, perhaps go out w/ Alan, others?
Night - sleep
Morning - Wake up
Morningtime - FIND A JOB TO KEEP APARTMENT!!! I don't care if I have to work nights at Mc-Freakin-Dicks... although, I could always dishwash as a last resort somewhere, perhaps? Heh...


What a load of BS I just wrote. Man, making me consider just "save as draft" ing this...
Oh, and for those who don't know, that's pretty much like a private blog feature for blogspot. I didn't know you could search for only drafts when editing... that's pretty cool...

But enough of this, I'm already behind schedule. It's 11:40am. Heheh.



And I'm so tired... but, perhaps if I type in all caps, I'LL FEEL MORE AWAKE!!! YEEAAAAHHH!!!

Or, not...

It's 12:40pm, less than three hours until my finals, and I've gotta tell you guys, I'm kinda feeling iffy about this. I mean, I'm like completely relaxed and not worried at all, but this lack of feeling is kinda weirding me out. I mean, by this time, I'm usually all HOLYCRAPCRAMLIKEFRICKINCRAZYAHHHHH!!! But, this exam period, it's more like, I don't give a flying cluck... and yes, I did edit that...

Numbness... is not a phish that you can swallow.

"You've got spunk! I like you!"
-->LOL, oh man, that cheese commercial.... GOODNESS, there's like, a mind-in-the-gutter type meaning from that phrase, hahaha...

It seems that I am no longer using asterix's... or, asterixes? Whatever.

After checking out this blogpost, it's way too long. Whoops. Sorry guys.


Blogger andrew said...

I don't take offense. I have no desire to be vegetarian. I like steak, and pork chops.

10:01 p.m.  
Blogger mai said...

I used to spell it 'definately' too, so I have to remind myself that it has the word "finite" in it.

7:26 a.m.  

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